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Why do you think Twilight's Mom and Dad have yet to been more Involved in Twilight's Life?(opinion question) · 9:53pm Nov 24th, 2014

Well as i'm sure you all have noticed on here. I often do not blog on this website because when I am on i'm usually so focused on my readings and or the critiques of other's written works. :facehoof:

Question that this blog is about? Simple :trixieshiftright:

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Opinion Time! I must get help! I must! · 3:22am Jun 2nd, 2013

So I decided to have a face-off battle between two awesome Rarity theme song music videos, that I cant seem to decide upon which one will be my featured number one song on my fimfic user-page for Rarity?

I'm indecisive, and I am calling upon the power of the mighty Brony Herd to help settle this debacle.

First off we have:

Next we have:

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New favorite shipping story reccomendations for Derpy and Doc Hooves · 2:32am Mar 14th, 2013

Does anyone know some really lovely Derpy/Doctor Whooves romance stories that they would suggest to me?

I'm at a blank recently with where or what to look for as a good solid romance, comedy, slice of life, or any combination of these three types for a particularly good Derpy and Doctor Whooves romance story.

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The Art of Effectively Stirring the Pot on MLPFIM · 6:48pm Mar 10th, 2013

Here is a picture I found online that if shared more with the communities from the vast amount of websites of the fandom, could inherently be used as a powerful visual
representation of many of the shows underlying themes that are not so "young girl" audience intended.

to put a finer point on things, I simply created this blog post to hear all of yalls important opinions on this overall concept.

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