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On a average day in Ponyville, Twilight visits a all Clown Circus that appeared, however, her visit became something stranger. When meeting the ponies who run the circus, Twilight ends up clownified. Even stranger, its permanent and her clown form along with her new personality beccome her new self. To make it more stranger, Twilight wants to clownify Equestria after her friends get clownified.

As Equestria becomes Clownified, the mane 6 start to have fun in their new nation. Nothing Bad can happen, right?

Warning: Contains Clowns, and Randomness.
This takes place After the Crystalling.
Inspired by TF-Circus's comics. Credit goes to them for allowing me to make the fic

Reminder:This is not a rip off of Technopagan9 version, he gave me the approval to make this fic since I had this planned beforehand

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Before I say my thoughts on the chapter itself I am here to fully confirm what Masked has said in the author note that he isn't stealing from my own story. It may be a little similar in someways but he made me aware he was going to do his own interpretation so don't complain about him stealing from me as he isn't. Even if I thought he was, it would silly of me to complain as I have clear stated in the 3rd chapters author's note of my own fic that I encourage others to make their own interpretation.

Now as whatt I think of this chapter. I liked it, I like the dialogue between Twilight and Spike and the transformation.

Rather nice so far! Looking forward to more parts.

There's some grammar mistakes here and there, but I can't wait for more!

I absolutely love this story! It's going into my 'backup favorites' (my actual one got deleted).

My only issue is, it's kinda freaky how the ponies are literally going insane! Then again, that's circus life....

I really don't get the point of the promise. I mean obviously Spike won't snitch when he is brainwashed like the other. :applejackconfused:

6654336 The reason of the transformations into clowns can be found in TF-Circus's DA Account in some of his characters stories. The reason can be found in his OCs "Sasha Smiles" image in the description of it. And no ponies will have fun.

6656940 I do really like Sasha's design! I find it kind of cute...

I thought Starlight Glimmer was going to be in this chapter, when I saw "Glimmers."

6666171 That is Rarity's clown name that TF Circus gave her.

Unfortunately this story resemble too much like 'Twilight the clown' for my liking. The premise of the story is nearly identical to the original as well as the development of the story, like transforming the exact same characters in the exact same order, which that last part is what really what hurt it. I am fine with the idea of using the same premise, but I would have liked it much better if it was going into a completely different direction at the very least like maybe taking place in an other location or dimension or use a completely different set of characters to be involved. There is also the issue of your spelling problems that also hurt the story and I think that the problem is that you mix-up some of the words might I suggest that you use an audio reader Like NaturalReader 12 to help out; It has been a great help for me too. I would strongly suggest that you rethink your story completely if you really want to stand out from TechnoPagan9 and not be in her shadow the hole time.

6668226 To point it out, I got permission and I had this planned a head of time. However, I have things instored after the mane 6 get clownified. I....don't want to spoil what it is, but....lets say after Pinkie Pie, I am going to do Starlight Glimmer. In my fic, thanks to help from TF-Circus, I have something big coming up *cough cough* Twi making Clown Virus *cough cough* so it will be different. I do understand that your thinking its similar, but it wont be, trust me on this, this happen before with a previous fic with a different fic, and I know better. It wont be similar. Just give the fic a try.

And, I....do have some spelling issues, and......I usually have a good friend of mine help out, but.....I totally not sure if he would be able to since...he is not into clown stories due to him telling me in the past. As for the characters, I am following the order in the comic. If it is similar to Twilight the Clown, I think Techno would say otherwise and he would PM me about the situation and asking for chapters to be revamped and revised. But, thanks for the concern and I hope you continue my fic, if that is you come back to it in the near future.

Great so far! Hope you'll write more.

i liked this story so much and i wanna to see more of this and i really want my oc as a clown as well and how are you doing

6692722 u...want your oc clownified?

Comment posted by KennySparkleDash17 deleted Dec 3rd, 2015

6692748 yes my pony oc never be a clown before and i like the mane6 as clowns kennybronygamer19971.deviantart.com/art/Kenny-Pony-Oc-557428275 here the link to my pony oc

6692943 there is a likely chance he will get clowned when I get to a chapter where Twilight creates someting that goes all over Equestria Clownifying everypony.

6695041 okay then . And. I liked these pictures and. I liked this story. And I like the idea of it

I haven't read this yet, but the idea is adorable and I shall say this quote from Aqua Teen Hunger Force's episode "The Clowning:"


It's a really good episode of ATHF with an infectious clown wig that turns anyone who wears it/touches it into a clown.

Is that student Starlight or Sunset?

7428320 Well, I hate to spoil it, but since I owe my readers, It is going to be Starlight.

When's the next chapter coming?

The book of cruelty,the book of fear,the book of evil and the book of anger are the keys to stopping this brainwashing circus.

The book of cruelty,the book of fear,the book of evil,the book of anger and the book of destruction are the keys to stopping this brainwashing circus.


That is a VanossGaming Joke!

Enough clowning around! Time to get serious!

(I came here only to make that joke)

does it have to be permanent? I did say that I was going to make a trilogy extension of this series and it involves curing ponies of the clownifacation. is that impossible then? :raritydespair:


Well, that would be interesting.

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