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Welcome to the Group where we celebrate the stories and characters from the author who gave us great mlp stories from the oldest of G1 to the current generations of g4 with crossovers and fanmakes of Total Drama, House of Mouse, MST3K, Five Nights at Freddy's and More, don't forget about the references and songs from Winnie the Pooh, Celebrity Deathmatch, Fullmetal Alchemist, All That, Pheonix Wright, Jackie Chan Adventures, You Name It, He'll do it. This is our way of saying Thank you for making great stories, fanmakes and showing our support.

So in your words JusSonic:

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Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

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