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Equestrian Amphibia Season 1 · 8:35pm January 24th

After stealing a magic box, A quirky 14-year-old, Kimberly 'Kimmy' Johnson is magically transported to the world of Equestria, a wild marshland full of ponies, changelings, and many other creatures. With the help of an excitable young Pegasus. a savvy dragon, an unpredictable griffon, and an overprotective and worried Princess Twilight Sparkle. Kimmy will transform into a hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.

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Thanks for the watch.

Edit: What got them banned?

Thank you for favoriting My Little Pony: When Friendship Shimmers - Reboot.

You've faved my CMC-centric side-story; much appreciated. What drew you to it?

Thanks for favoring Spike's Omnitrix

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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