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Uh... Well, here I am · 1:06pm Jul 1st, 2014

Why, hello there! It's about time I did one of these blog posts. So here I am. So, not a lot to say other the time it took me to one.

I have been working on some stuff, and I mean a lot of stuff. I have been working on an outline for my fic undergoing deep criticism from myself. So, I won't be expecting anything until next week or so.

That is what I have to sat for now. Thank you for taking time to read through this.

This is Crimson, Signing off.

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How's it been?

New FFF chapter up..

Comment posted by Wish I Was There deleted Jun 9th, 2014

Thanks for the watch. Have a :moustache:


My one true paring has to be :rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

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