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Because the Anon-a-miss has made Sunset suffer, to lose her trust to all her friends, teachers, and the principals because with the reason, she was blamed for the Anon-a-miss. She wanted to go back home, by using the force of her magic, even without the need to activate the portal on the other side of the world, which is Equestria. But after she entered the portal, something unexpected happened. The portal has been malfunctioned and jumped through time into the year of 2508, moths prior before the events of Dead Space. Where she met Isaac Clarke and have helped her and learned to take career as a CEC engineer, since Sunset was somehow to be a fast learner in future technology. Sunset had got through a lot, from events on USG Ishimura, Titan Station, Tau Volantis, which they have a new partner of Earthgov, John Carver, until escaping from Tau Volantis and failed to warned the earth in time. Sunset, Isaac, and Carver somehow manage to teleport the part of the ship they're in and jumped back to the past for escaping the Brethren Moons in time.

It was already one year since her disappearance. Until a part of a ship fell from the sky and Applejack was the girl who found and took care of them by giving them shelter at their house. And she had told Sunset that Applejack doesn't remember her except she was a bully and blamed as the Anon-a-miss. Follow Isaac and Carver to see how they must adapt to the new surroundings they're in and help Sunset to solve her problems left in CHS about the erased memory and Anon-A-Miss. As their dementia striking at any moment of time.

And most of all. Sunset, Isaac, and Carver must make sure that The Markers are not rising at the past they're in now.

Give thumbs up if ya like this story.
Artwork by myself
Big thanks to my friend Helljumper206 for being an editor and a co-author of this story.
Knowledge about Dead Space is optional, but highly suggested.
I'm Indonesian so be tolerate, please... :applejackunsure:

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 113 )

hmm... a Dead Space cross over, seems interesting...

(notices it's an Anon-a-miss fic)

Ok confused by the summary, Sunset doesn't rememebr or Apple Jack and the others don't remember?

It seems that the lack of dead space crossovers on this site is slowly be rectified. Good job and keep up the good work.

Comment posted by Chittatos deleted Jun 17th, 2018

I'm interested to see where this goes

Two of my favorite things combined together into kickass story, and first chapter came out on my birthday. ..... EPICLY AWESOME. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile:

Just read the first chapter, and all I can say is. ...... AMAZING! KEEP IT UP. :twilightsmile:

Isaac Clark was not anything but happy right now. He currently back where he grew the northeastern sector of North America and earth again, for however long that was due to his mother.

Wouldn’t that mean he was happy and there are ALOT of grammar mistakes in this chapter

Turning to the direction of the crackling, Isaac became surprised that it was coming from the base of the statue. He briefly wondered if there was a power conduit under the old concrete that had faulty wiring. His thoughts on the matter quickly vanished when a young girl suddenly fell out of nowhere and land roughly on the pavement.

Falls should be fell

So, while crossing with Dead Space, this fanfic combines both the Holiday Special and Forgotten Friendship.....Interesting.

Fantastic beginning to an amazing idea. Very well done. I cannot wait to see where you take this! No matter what, I feel like this is going to be EPIC!!!

Have a great day!!!!!😄

The English definitely needs work.

Comment posted by Chittatos deleted Jun 21st, 2018

OOOOO This looks like fun
I'd say on the side you 'could' do a side story on how Sunset and Isaac survived the Horrors of the Ishimura, The Sprawl, and the Planetary beasts.
But i REALLY like This.

Not bad at all, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Charli13 deleted Jun 22nd, 2018

Turning around he walked over to the front of the figure and looked at the creature of mythology that stood proudly against time itself. A horse with the wings of a Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn.


the wonder colt statue has no wings or horn

I don't remember the there being a castile tower in the Canterlot city:rainbowhuh:

I thought this was gonna be completely shit, but im quite happy to be proven wrong. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

This story got my attention

Lol the carver the griffon. Who's got the swear jar XD

Thank all forms of the divine I'm not the only one who noticed!:raritystarry: Seriously! Just reading the description gave me a migraine! This author needs an editor more than a skydiver needs a parachute! Don't get me wrong, there is a cool idea for a story here, but it's written like the author only recently learned English.:facehoof: I think the writer needs to go back and fix his current chapters (and description) before he continues the story. That way he'll attract more readers as well as keep the ones he already has. :twilightsmile:

Actually already got one before I start this story.

Wow this story is really getting good. It will be interesting to see how the tech from Dead Space will be translated and integrated with their pony biology. Aside from some errors you are doing a great job dude.

When Twilight told me of your disappearers


I met up with these two crazes recently


Are you telling me that you're then you should be

Missed older

They kept walking on until they reach the gest rooms


After they both undone their armors


because she remember's


And we didn't know you wake up this early either


The markers start off somewhat act like a unicorn's horn


It's not you can train soldiers against.

It's not something you can train soldiers against.

had each other's backs from the beginning and been strong enough to fight back

have been.

They all went a little shock to found

They were all a little shocked to find.

This such thing would have alert them

This would have normally alerted them.

They're prosthetics, Pinkie, face limbs

fake limbs.

We think you just made them had a seizure


They have told me the words


Isaac, are the thrusters powerful enough to for atmospheric flight?

Remove the to.

So do we

So are we.


Believe it or not, it's actually cantabile.

It belonged to an evil sorceress who was impractically invisible

Practically invincible.

You said the sorceress is impractically invisible right?

Practically invincible.

What if one of Sunset's friend used it to everyone?

Friends. On.

You're okay

Are you okay.

I would just like to say that I absolutely love this story. It’s fantastic! I love the Twinkle twinkle little star and promise scenes! Great job overall!

Have a great day!!!!!

This is a really good story, and I have to say I'm actually happy that the whole memory stone thing was figured out so quickly. Looking forward to the fallout of it and seeing what you have planned next.

I'm worried the marker may reappear due to the Memory Stone!

can't wait to see what happens next.

That moment when Isaac, Carver and Sunset check their nosebleeds reminds me a lot of Bioshock Infinite.

“Go back to your world Sunshit Shitter.”

Wow. Real original there, guy. Did you learn that in preschool?
The sarcasm is strong in this one.

"...Drinking at sixteen? Applebloom and her friends must not know of this."

...so many lawsuits.

9059128 ON a random note, I found out you can drink at sixteen in certain countries in Europe *coughItItalycough*

"It won't affect personality or even intelligence," Twilight answered. "The only side effect of this spell is that after this spell is given to you, we can't reverse the spell again to go back to your original age until we wait for a year. But if after a year passed, we can't revert the spell back to your original age, and it will be permanent."

Huh so they can't reverse the spell till after a year has passed? And yet after a year the affect is permanent any way?

I’m surprised Sunset didn’t snap and break Watermelody’s limbs on the spot, but I’m glad Sunset’s trying to restrain herself from hurting people outta trauma.

I'm very disappointed in this chapter. What the actual crap is this. Sunset not doing anything to defend herself, and what was with the build up?!
Apple Jack was part of the group that ambushed her right, but there no details no nothing and Sunset said she was going to pay for it along with the others right?

so she going to go thru the dam school and let herself get harassed and beaten up again?
What of Anon A Miss, is that still going around and why is this happening?

Who is responsible for this anon-is-miss thing, if sunset figured who it was who, knows what will happen

I'm not reading this, and the reason is pretty simple, I barely understand the resume what the fuck am I reading. I mean I understand the words but because of the fact that they are out of order it as become an unintelligible mess.

Edit: If you want me to read your fic edit it for Christ sake or have someone edit it for you.

Ok are the CMC Anon A Miss or did theys tart it and someone else took over it?

I bet the CmC are the ones responsible for the anon-is-miss thing, they are gonna regret that because sunny (nickname of sunset) went killing mutated monsters, insane pychopath and the cultist. Now they gonna get what's coming for them.

Dead Space is such a weird thing to crossover with.

"They're prosthetics, Pinkie, face limbs," Sunset answered. "A crazy bastard of a cult cut his front hooves off with a rusty bone saw."

Get a editor also its fake limbs noy face

There, problem solved and edited.

Soon enough,
Will notify you when it's ready.

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