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I am an aspiring writer. If you need a friend, just ask me! I love making friends! I'm a fan of many things, ask me and you'll find out! I am also interested by WWII and space.

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The hated dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler is relaxing in his bunker one day in 1943, when he's inexplicably transported to Equestria, a land of colorful magic horses.

Why did this happen? What is going to happen? How will der Fuhrer and his face react? Find out in this extremely random story! Well, except for that first part. There's no answer for that.

I have no reasoning for this. I apologize if I offend anyone, and I do not support Nazism in any way. The only thing about Hitler that I support is that mustache of his, it's absolutely amazing.

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A story about war, based around a pony equivalent of the Second World War.

The world of Equestria is at war. Germaney, led by the Neighzi Party, has allied with Yak Yakistan, and the two countries are waging war across the entirety of the planet, using recent technological innovations to make their assault unstoppable. Equestria is one of the few countries with similar technology actively battling to keep them from successfully claiming any more countries as part of their empire. Will Equestria manage to stop the Germane-Yak alliance from putting the rest of the world inside of their empire? And what are the effects of this war on the common soldier, and common citizen?

Just a note, I'm thinking about possibly continuing the story with another chapter or two, or with an epilogue of some sort. Probably the epilogue. Meh, you probably don't care either way.

Note number two: I don't actually think the profanity tag is needed, but I'm sure I put some profanity in there somewhere. So I'm keeping it just in case.

Chapters (1)
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