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Zaten the Changeling

I am an aspiring writer. If you need a friend, just ask me! I love making friends! I'm a fan of many things, ask me and you'll find out! I am also interested by WWII and space.


A story about war, based around a pony equivalent of the Second World War.

The world of Equestria is at war. Germaney, led by the Neighzi Party, has allied with Yak Yakistan, and the two countries are waging war across the entirety of the planet, using recent technological innovations to make their assault unstoppable. Equestria is one of the few countries with similar technology actively battling to keep them from successfully claiming any more countries as part of their empire. Will Equestria manage to stop the Germane-Yak alliance from putting the rest of the world inside of their empire? And what are the effects of this war on the common soldier, and common citizen?

Just a note, I'm thinking about possibly continuing the story with another chapter or two, or with an epilogue of some sort. Probably the epilogue. Meh, you probably don't care either way.

Note number two: I don't actually think the profanity tag is needed, but I'm sure I put some profanity in there somewhere. So I'm keeping it just in case.

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Comments ( 23 )

Germaney isn't a thing,

Germaney is too a thing! Don’t be a denier! Aryanna and the Neighzis? C’mom, man.


In all seriousness, nice work, Zaten. Many ponies died, and the story needed to be told!

thank you Sparkle, i appreciate it c:

Quick question, what is celestia on?...
And did you dead the pic yourself?

Yes, The picture!

Good question... What is Celestia on? And I just love the picture. Tanks for that. :pinkiecrazy:

The Neighzis did nothing wrong.

9449224 9449246
Fairly certain that's a Tiger Tank. Or at least a cartoonish depiction of one.

Fun fact, the picture is of Tiger 131, the only Tiger tank in the world still fully operational (except for the gun).

... she stated factually, keeping a close eye on the blob in the distance. I estimate another ten, fifteen minutes until they get here. You better hurry up and get your shit together, everycreature, because they don't look happy."

Missing an opening quote mark here. I didn't notice any other mistakes except possibly using "Paris" by accident instead of "Pareigns" I believe it was.

Anyway, you clearly put a lot of love into this project and it shows. The bouncing between different perspectives worked out really well, especially with the Yak tank. The characters' names also all seem quite fitting, and I think you did a great job creating them.



Tiger tank, and no I didn't draw it, just click it and click "Source" and you'll get my source.

I actually meant what she was on because of her eyes, she looks stoned out of her gourd.
But thank you...

9449457 Oh... patriotism maybe? Heck if I know the answer to that question. :rainbowlaugh:

I swear, I haven't seen heresy like this in a while.

... continue...

I know the whole USSR pun was too good but I always envisioned equesteia to sit somewhere in the baltics down south through the balkans and stretch east to the urals with the crystal empire being basically siberia and yak territory being further to the pacific coast.

what north america is is beyond me, maybe a mix of griffon and pony states with a sizable amount of dragon lands in the mountains that never had the push to unify unlike the USA, and unlike north america was never permanently isolated from europe because of flying ponies griffins and other creatures being able to migrate across the atlantic more readily

africa would more likely be a mix of pony and zebra whereas I think sweden, finland and norway would be griffin territory

oh and Australia is ruled by kangaroos but even they're too silly for the princesses to deal with

its only because of the throw of the dice that russia ended up the shape it did, or that the european powers never made a serious effort to settle america as a permanent territory

I swear, I read through all of that. It's just that I only have one thing to say about one thing.

oh and Australia is ruled by kangaroos but even they're too silly for the princesses to deal with

Not only too silly, they're too dangerous. They have been the reigning kickboxing champions for more than a thousand moons.

I've been kind of writing an alt equestrian history fic set deliberately on an earth copy and so I've had to do a lot of thinking. I hope to release at least the first arc soonish

the show pun names don't make it easy though since my version of equestria's manhatten would obviously not be the same geographical area

Very interesting. I'll go ahead and hit that follow button for ya, and I hope that it's coming along well!

you have no idea how fRICKinG HAPPY I FEEL BECAUSE OF THIS


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