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This story is a sequel to To Reform a Queen

Equestria has been about to lose all its magic. However, the light wins once again, and now Twilight is thinking about what to do. The filly in front of them understands what Friendship means; it's just the way she uses it.

Maybe, with a bit of help, she can get another chance...

Idea requested by JimmyHook19.

Cover art by VectorVito (he also has a FIMFiction account, and the name is "vito"). Go check his art!

All characters belong to Hasbro.

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Same universe as To Reform a Queen, I take it?

Ah. Interesting read, and a route the show could-some argue should-have taken.

YEAH BABY! <3 :heart:

Much, MUCH better than the way Hasbro treated Cozy Glow. :ajsmug:

nice work looking forward to more

Thank you for that and for adding it to all those libraries of yours.:pinkiesmile:

I'll go add this now.

Cute little story, good to see her getting the second chance.

And the show couldn't go this route... why?

Not gonna lie- I don't know why this has a mix reception since the comments seem mostly positive. I'll give this a read later. Also, hi:heart:.

Glad to know you like the story.:twilightsmile:

That's such a good question, you know?:derpytongue2:

I guess not everyone likes everything, although it would be better if they stated what they don't like about the story. Still, it's fine.

Also, hi there.:pinkiesmile:

10266547 I know the feeling. My newer stories haven't gotten much positive or negative(witch is a good thing) so I can't tell if people like them or not.

I understand that. It usually happens with some stories.

My thoughts on this story, since you asked nicely, are mainly positive. I'm a sucker for reform stories, and Cozy has a lot of potential since a lot of her past is a question mark. That and she's adorable enough no one can stay mad at her forever.

Those are good reasons for liking my story, and I agree with you.


Sorry-not-sorry for the downvote. It just feels so, bland? and the flow— so, “weeeeeeee!”

Oh well...

I didn't plan to make this story be longer and more detailed, if that's what you were talking about. Then again, I already assumed not everyone will like my stories no matter what I write; but someday I may make a story more suitable for you.

At least you took your time to give me a reason for downvoting, unlike many people who just press the button. Thank you for that.

Of course! I try to be as polite as possible. And honestly, it was mostly perfect. Aside from the butternoodle flavor thing, I loved it

I would love to see a sequel.

This was awesome sequeal and I hope there's will be another,but how come Chrysalis still loses her throne she should still have is or be on probation from how she was reformed?

When’s the sequel?

Oh, I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it, considering that I get to try and reform Tirek, which will probably be a bit difficult.:derpytongue2:

"My relationship with... my parents hasn't been exactly good. They are... better than me. One day, I moved away... because I couldn't stand that anymore," Cozy said.

Sounds like someone has some issues with being perfect in her parents eyes:ajsleepy:.

That's one of the worst things. It can also be either due to the parents or the son/daughter, but most of the time we don't have enough information to know that.

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