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During a visit at the animal center, Jimmy experiences some incident when a rare animal bites his hand. The bite has been treated and Jimmy is resting at home.

Where that animal came from is a mystery, but there are more questions, like how all of those animals have ended up outside Jimmy's house.

It's just a bite, right?

This is a request from my friend JimmyHook19. And it's some way to celebrate April 26th, aka Arbor Day.

Hope you like the story. If there's anything you think I could improve, don't hesitate to ask.:ajsmug:

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One day, an eclipse went over the town, and Jimmy got the chance to see it. Such a wonderful sight on the sky.

But there was something else hidden within that eclipse. Something that, slowly, will make him change.


This is a story for my friend JimmyHook19. Hope you like it!:pinkiesmile:

Oh, and the cover is not mine, it's from a girl, whom is another friend of JimmyHook19. Here's her account on DeviantArt:


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Everyone has seen what happens on TV shows when a character changes their race, like the events between My Little Pony and Equestria Girls, where a portal makes the difference between ponies and humans.

But has anyone thought about the possibilities of that thing happening in real life? Because one guy experimented a transformation, followed by a series of events.

This is his story...

A request for another friend of mine, called The Blue EM2. Hope you like it.:twilightsmile:

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Hello! Yeah, you're probably asking yourself: what happens here? What's this? Who's Jimmy Hook?

In this story, follow Jimmy Hook as he transforms into so many Female Characters from MLP, be it FIM, EG, MLP Movie, IDW Comics, a few MLP books, or any other material related to G4 of MLP.

Anyways, let me know what you think about it on the comments. Hope you like it!

PS: May contain small references to certain parts from the body.

EDIT: I'm republishing this story after having made a few changes on some things which went against the rules of FimFiction. I hope nothing else happens, because I don't like having problems from this kind.

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Manteo, North Carolina.

Jimmy Hook tries to stay alive as an earthquake attacks the town. But, for the rest of people, what is more important: the earthquake or Jimmy? Because he's acting in a strange way since he found that blue glove...

This story will serve as a warm up for tomorrow's story request from JimmyHook19. :yay:

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Hi there, reader! I suppose you're wondering what this story is about, so let me explain:

In this story, JimmyHook19's Female OC Jimmy Hook (yes, she has the same name as him) is going to celebrate different holidays at Equestria.

Hurricane Day, Nightmare Night, Hearts and Hooves Day, and many more... This story will be updated every time a holiday appears.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the experience.:twilightsmile:

P.S: Just for making it clear: this is not an anthology. There will be different holidays, but it's not an anthology.

Extra Info:
When there are updates on this story, they're most likely chapters I publish and unpublish so it says it's published on the day the celebration belongs to, and also so I can work on it before definitely publishing it.

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After ensuring nobody stays at Canterlot High School for the night, Vice-Principal Luna is about to close the doors and head home. However, when she checks the labs, she finds a flask with an odd content. The curiosity makes her taste it.

She would regret doing that if she didn't like what happens next…

This is a one-shot short story requested by JimmyHook19. Hope you like it.:pinkiesmile:

Images made by goattrain on DeviantArt.

Oh, and TwiPON3 has made a short sequel for this. It's here.

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It's a beautiful day. Sun shines, birds sing and people hang out with friends. Such a normal day for everyone.

Except for Jimmy, because he's gonna hang out with Fluffle Puff. What could happen?

This is a one-shot short story dedicated to JimmyHook19. Such a good friend he is.:pinkiesmile:

Also, this is my 10th story!:yay:

Anyways, hope you like it.:twilightsmile:

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Being at home, Twilight decides to have a bit of fun as she disguises herself as one pony she met: Moondancer.

However, something happens during that time. But it's just a disguise, right?


A short story request for JimmyHook19, involving Twilight and a curious disguise. Hope you like it!

Oh, and the Cover Art comes from here:

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Starlight Glimmer is feeling worried about one thing: she remembers when she failed at making Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen, join her and the others. With that, every changeling was reformed but her, who got her chance to escape.

It's been so long since that happened. But Starlight is not going to give up.

And she will fix that issue with a scroll she used some time ago...

Short story depicting a possible way to reform Chrysalis.

UPDATE: Someone is making a comic version of my story on DeviantArt! You can see the cover art here.

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