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Hey guys! It's me, Discord!


Celebration · 10:50pm Yesterday

Jimmy Hook Turns Into... Story is finally back on my account!

"This calls for a Celebration!"

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Regarding my stand between FimFiction and DeviantArt · 6:12pm Last Monday

Remember my Jimmy Hook Turns Into... story? Some time ago, I told all of you that I would put that story on DeviantArt, as certain rule from FimFiction wouldn't allow me to post multiple chapters as separate stories, as it said.

Well, turns out I found a solution! And it is the Anthology tag!

(Technically, the tag and the rule contradict each other... A bit strange, right?)

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(Before) Hearts and Hooves Day · 10:55pm February 13th

Hey there, guys! Tomorrow is Hearts and Hooves Day!:heart:

(Or Valentine's Day, as commonly said.)

Anyways, do you have some special person for celebrating the day? If not, will you do it?:raritywink:

That same question can also go for certain Bat Pony...

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An Intricate Disguise · 8:14am January 31st

This is a Signal Boost, because this fellow writer needs help. The economic kind of help.

Here's the blog he wrote telling what the problem is:


If you are not able to donate due to limited money or something, you can at least spread the word about this.

Thank you all and hope things get better.


News! · 4:35pm January 28th

Just checked on my account after seeing some notifications, and I have reached 100 followers! That made my day.:yay:

Thanks, everyone!:twilightsmile:


Delay · 10:53pm January 25th

These days, I have been bouncing between my FimFiction account and my DeviantArt page, publishing things here and there. Tomorrow will be different, because I'll be offline for the entire day, as I'll go to another city with the music band from my town. We'll be there spending the day as we also participate on a parade.

Anyways, gotta go now. I better have some sleep for tomorrow!

Have a good time, everyone.:twilightsmile:

P.S: Let Rainbow have a peaceful sleep.:ajsmug:

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Promotion Time! · 12:01am January 16th

Hi there! If you're looking for stories where the main character transforms into someone else, take a look at this user!


He currently has a couple of stories, but they are good.

Go ahead, reader, and give Jimmy your opinion about his stories!

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Haters · 12:06am January 10th

Well, let's see: I just received a notification saying that an user called Fluffyrescent added my Terror of the Flutterbat story to one of his libraries. Now, that wouldn't be exactly bad...

Except for the fact that the library is called Nonsense... And it has an image of Pinkie Pie angry...

Let's make things clear: I don't like people who downvote stories for no reason, as I already said on another blog post.

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Not giving up · 1:34am January 5th

Hi again, everyone! I have some news.

I edited the story Jimmy Hook Turns Into... due to the things I mentioned on the last post. But then I discovered FimFiction also doesn't allow stories that have multiple chapters as separate stories, so I decided to not publish it here.

That doesn't mean I'll stop writing it! I'm gonna relocate the story to my DeviantArt page:


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About my stories · 1:06pm January 3rd

Hello, everyone. I'm gonna tell all of you what happened.

For starters, this is the first time I hear about "meta stories". Those are supposed to be stories in which FimFiction or its users are mentioned. Well, let's say that kind of stories are not allowed.

Why am I telling you this? Because of what happened to me.

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