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Hey guys! It's me, Discord!


A nice walk through the forest is a good way for spending the day. Seeing the animals, moving between the trees...

On top of that, you may find anything if you look closely or if you discover it by accident.

For those reasons, maybe Jimmy should have just stayed at home.

One-shot story requested by my good friend JimmyHook19. Hope you like it!

P.S: This story is meant to celebrate September 8th, aka Rarity's Day! I was planning to publish it earlier, but I had a bit of an issue with the internet.:twilightsheepish:

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It's still the 8th where I am, so it counts in my book. And I'm sure it will for Jimmy too, as in an hour or so my messages will travel backwards through time.

Oh, good to know it.:ajsmug:

Also, thanks for adding it to your favourites.:pinkiesmile:

(Aw what the heck X3 :3)

"Brilliant Story darling" :raritystarry:

I'm talking to you from yesterday, right?

Am I speaking to you from tomorrow?

Do you exist at all points at once?

Maybe. A bit curious, but anyways.:ajsmug:

Well, Discord cannot be logically in one place at once, as he would be an Accord, not a Discord.

Thus you exist in multiple places at once.

Sorry, Marble. I have been really busy with things in real life, so I haven't had a lot of time to write more than this request for Jimmy. But I promise you'll have it.

How do you know that September 8th is Rarity's Day?

Because I looked for it? On the Internet? And people were talking about it on the Equestria Daily website?:unsuresweetie:

And that is good.

It's the date given on EqD.

Umm ...

Why do I feel like this should be part of much more than a 1k word short?

Maybe you have that feeling, but I'm already working on an Anthology request which is longer and includes a lot of short chapters with transformations. And this story with Rarity was just for celebrating Rarity's Day.

Hey Discord, I thought you'd like to know this got into the Featured Box.

Wow... It's the first time any of my stories gets featured!:derpyderp2:

Bask in that gliry.

Sorry for the misunderstanding between you two, but EM2's comment was meant for Starlight Nova, the one who asked me how I knew Rarity's Day was on September 8th.:twilightsheepish:

Yeah, those things can happen. Heh...:twilightsheepish:

"I could stay at home and watch some TV... or read a book... or maybe play some games! I think I'll do that in the afternoon."

His smile growing bigger at the idea, Jimmy finally entered inside the forest. He wasn't sure about what he would find in there, but just the thought gave him a nice feeling.

Oh he's going to have a pretty eventful day:rainbowlaugh:!!!

The day was perfect for everyone to spend time doing activities, so there weren't a lot of cars moving around. Still, it wasn't anything like the calm anyone could feel at the woods, with birds singing and flowers all over the place.

Alone as he was at the moment, Jimmy was having one of the best days in his life. He would feel marveled after seeing a few beautiful roses or any animal acting curious near him. He was even able to caress a pair of sympathetic deers on their soft snouts, waving goodbye as they left later.

"Ah... Such a nice day," he said as he continued exploring the world in front of his eyes. A world which was even bigger than the town he called "home".

Home is where the heart is:heart:.

There was a moment when Jimmy got to run, as a wild bear had appeared and was chasing him. Jimmy moved between many trees, distracting the bear, but he knew it wouldn't take it long to find him.

"What do I do!? What do I do!? I can't just stay here!!" He thought, feeling in panic.

At that point, he saw the trees beside him, and thought about something, smiling as he got an idea.

One minute later, the bear arrived, looking around as he attempted to find its prey. After some time, it finally gave up, going away.

That was close:rainbowderp:.

On top of one of the trees was Jimmy, who sighed in relief as his chaser disappeared.

"Well... Much better... Now, I just have to get down and keep walking," he said.

After getting back down, he turned his phone on to check the hour.

"Or I could just get back home. It's almost time for lunch."

Making sure to follow the opposite path to the one the bear went through, Jimmy moved away, feeling a bit hungry.

And then, walking beside a small downhill, he noticed something curious.


On the floor down from where he was, there was something shiny. Curiosity growing bigger, he carefully moved down the hill, getting beside that mysterious object. Looking closely, he noticed it was a precious tiara.

"Oh! It looks so cool! It's like t-wait a minute..." He said, his expression changing as he thought about something.

"No. No. No! NO! Every time I find any of those things, something happens, so I'm not touching that. No, thanks."

He got up, turned around and started climbing the hill.

Well, he's being smart this time thanks to all of that experience:twilightblush:.

"I have had enough of earrings; I have had enough of necklaces; I have had enough of rings; I have had enough of bracelets; and I have had enough of tiaras!"

Just then, Jimmy tripped, rolling all the way down until finally stopping. Once he recovered, he made a discovery: the tiara was on his head.

"Oh... no..."

As if on cue, a flashing light enveloped him, and a gust of wind made some trees shake a bit. When everything stopped, Jimmy managed to recover and stand up.


Except that it wasn't Jimmy anymore.

"Come on! Are you really telling me that spending two hours for getting my mane ready for the Grand Galloping Gala wasn't enough torment!? I don't even know this place! This is not the Everfree Forest!!" Rarity shouted, although nopony could hear her. She was alone at that place, "Well, at least the dress is still intact. And my mane, of course!"

Right in character:raritywink:!!!

She still didn't have any idea where she currently was, but decided to investigate on her own, "I don't have my detective clothing, but it's fine. The clues will appear, and I shall reveal the mystery!"

And with that, Rarity trotted away, being totally careful to not get any single issue with her dress or her mane.

And also being careful not to ruin her appearance:ajsmug:.

Inside a house, a man was drinking some coffee and reading the daily newspaper. The news were interesting, but his time got interrupted when he heard someone knocking on the main door. A bit serious, he stood up and walked towards it.

"Who is it?" He asked as he opened the door, not seeing anything. He was about to close it until someone talked. Looking down, the man finally saw who it was: a white pony with a dress, standing right in front of him.

"Hello there, darling. I suppose I could get some help? I got lost, so I went around and found this place, and I thought there could be any individual wanting to help a lady. Would you be so kind?" Rarity asked. She wasn't exactly sure about that bipedal creature understanding her language, but she asked anyways, just to make sure.

That poor guy is going to have the mother of all breakdowns:pinkiesad2:.

The man stood there, feeling confused for a few seconds. Why was a pony talking to him? Did the coffee had something else?
As Rarity waited for an answer, he finally reacted and called for someone else inside the house, "Honey!"

"What is it, dear?" A female voice replied from inside of one of the rooms.

"It happened again!" The man exclaimed.

"Oh, dear Lord..."

Rarity just stared at those beings. It seemed it was going to be a long and strange day.

Very long, strange, and funny:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Heya Discord. I was wanting to ask permission to write a sequel to this.

You want to write a sequel?

Well, you can send me a PM telling me what it would be about.:ajsmug:

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