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This story is a sequel to A Shimmering Transformation

Like every single person in the world (or almost everyone), Jimmy has a great time when preparing or going to parties. There's that moment when people have a taste of the delicious cake. There's that other moment when people play games or tell jokes.

And there's also that moment when Jimmy notices his voice sounds different.

Another one-shot belonging to this curious universe of JimmyHook19. Hope you like it!

And don't forget to smile everyday.:pinkiesmile:

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Let me know what you think about the story.:twilightsmile:

Errr... Ah'm in here?

Well, how'd Ah escape Canterlot High?

Nobody knows, but I guess characters from a show eventually meet up with other characters from the same show, no matter the circumstances.:derpytongue2:


Only 2 more left to go X3

Glad you like it.:pinkiesmile:

Also, have you noticed the cameo?:raritywink:

And other shows.


Oh Goddamnit.

Yep =3

Yes I did X3

Btw.... mind adding the thing around the middle of Pink's outfit for me? :3

Heh, ok then.:ajsmug:

You mean the things coming from her skirt? Because I don't know how those are called.:twilightsheepish:

Heh =3

Let's go with a good guess from me: Ribbons :3

Those are indeed ribbons.

I knew I was right X3

I join the party for the first time (though headcanom is that this is DisneyBloom).

love pinkie..would love to be her.

"Apple Bloom? Funny, I don't remember inviting you to this party," Pinkie said.

Is this one the real transformation? Because this Pinkie seemed to remember who Jimmy invited to his party.

Both are transformations, because Jimmy turned into Pinkie, but there was also another character who had turned into Apple Bloom.

So far, Jimmy was transported back to his house when he was 'replaced' with one of the EqGs. This time he was transformed into Pinkie. Does this mean someone else has to be an anchor for Applejack and Rainbow Dash?

Oh, he didn't always get back home after switching to any EQG character (e.g. after turning into Fluttershy), but it's like the girls have vague memories of Jimmy's mind, only remembering 1-2 things (like Pinkie with all the people Jimmy had invited).

So, the two remaining ones will be similar, but it's the same person as the "anchor".

But this time Jimmy was transformed into Pinkie, meaning currently the person called Jimmy is vanished from the world. Therefore, there is no more 'Jimmy' to act as an anchor for the next replacement.

Trust me, you'll see it in the next two stories.:ajsmug:

Heya Greenhorn. Apple Bloom was me.

It seems to be a Sash.

With indeed a party ribbon/ streamer style.

I wear sashes all the time, mine are turquoise, pink and a black one..

Think of it as a decorative belt of sorts for women.

You wear them to add a bit of flair to an outfit that might be lacking something.

As for the story, this was absolutely adorable!

I love anything with pinkie!

It's good to know those details about the clothing.:ajsmug:

Also, glad you like the story!:pinkiesmile:

No problem, if you ever have any questions about girl's clothing.

I'm your girl to ask!

Just drop me a pm, lol I tend to love anything Pinkie!

It was another day at Manteo, North Carolina.

Wait, that feels a bit overused... I may have to change it.


It was a brilliant day for Jimmy. He was at home, acting like the day was completely normal, although he felt more excited than usual.

The reason? Well, he was about to celebrate his birthday, and everything was almost ready for the party.

"I have to make sure everything is on its bm mini, but so far it looks nice!" Jimmy thought, feeling happier every passing second.

He could even imagine the big cake, with chocolate and vanilla, and a few strawberries on top, surrounding the upper layers. The thought of that marvelous dessert made him lick his mouth a few times.


"And the guests will also get to taste the cake, of course!" he said.

After making sure the last decorating accessories were put, the place was ready, and there was just a half an hour left.

"Ok, I already sent the invites, so they will start coming anytime soon. I can wait!"

Me too:scootangel:!!!

The remaining time vanished like a puff of smoke, and Jimmy noticed the people he had invited, along with more citizens, walking towards his home. He had invited one certain number of people, but those ones spread the word. Soon, every single person in the town knew about Jimmy's birthday, so they gathered gifts and prepared some good clothes for the occasion.

The emotions were overpowering Jimmy as everyone stared at him with smiles on their faces and gifts within their hands.

"Happy Birthday!!" everyone cheered in unison, making Jimmy laugh.

"Well, come inside, everybody! It's party time!" he said.


"Girls? I think I've seen something," Sunset told the others.

"Whatever is it, Sunset? Another transformation?" Rarity asked while checking her nails.

"Well, it could be that. I mean, it looked like there was a party at someone's house. And it seemed a big party..." Sunset explained.

Twilight realized, grinning at the thought, "In that case, I think I may know who's the next one."

The others slowly processed the information, smiling when they got the answer.

"Yay!" Fluttershy cheered lowly.

Yay indeed:rainbowkiss:!!!

The party was a great success. Kids had fun playing different games as adults spent their time doing other activities, like talking with Jimmy or sharing fun gossips between themselves.

When Jimmy thought nothing could be better, that's when it appeared: something he had forgotten, but he enjoyed seeing it again.

The chocolate-and-vanilla cake, with the strawberries. Their parents carried it to the table as people started singing the Happy Birthday song.

"Make a wish! Make a wish!" the kids exclaimed just as the song ended. Jimmy concentrated for a few seconds, and blew out the candles as everyone gave him a nice applause.

"I just wanted to thank every single one of you. I mean, I simply planned this Birthday to have some friends, along with my family, at my side. But then, I saw every citizen coming here, and I didn't know what to say," Jimmy explained.


"That's because you're one of the happiest individuals we've ever met," one of the neighbors said, "and we're proud of having you as a friend."

The others clapped at the neighbor's words, before he joined them and clapped for Jimmy.


Some time later, the cake had almost disappeared. As the birthday boy, Jimmy had grabbed the first piece, and there were still people eating their own pieces of cake as they kept having fun.

"Well, I guess I can officially say this is the best party ever!" Jimmy said, instantly covering his mouth. He looked in all directions, but nobody seemed to have heard him.

What had exactly happened? Maybe the cake did something? Jimmy thought it was unlikable, because everyone was eating cake and that just happened to him.

What about the gifts? Ridiculous. The kids had also touched every single one of the gifts Jimmy got, but nothing else occurred.


He whispered at his parents so they didn't hear that curious voice, and went to the bathroom as they told the others.

Inside the bathroom, he looked at his reflection on the mirror, feeling nervous. A common reaction, considering he had a new high-pitched voice which had come from nowhere.

Believing it was something in his mouth, he got some water for gargling a bit. The issue came when he bent down for spitting the water and looked at the mirror once again.

"Why does my hair look pink!?" he exclaimed with that voice, as he also noticed his skin was also getting pink.

You know why...:pinkiecrazy:.

And then, there came the dreaded moment...

His masculine body went through a complete change, turning into a more feminine constitution as he lost some attributes and gained other ones.

His... HER hair grew longer as the entire skin went pink. And the clothes she was wearing broke in pieces, which reassembled back, forming a sleeveless shirt with three small balloons on its front, and a poofy skirt decorated with a few ribbons. The plain shoes also turned into stylish heeled clothes, and a pair of yellow gloves appeared covering her hands.

First the hair, then the clothes...:twilightsmile:

And finally, her ears switched to the ones of a pony while her hair grew even longer, getting two hairbands as it also inflated itself with a characteristic sound.

"Huh... This is really really odd... But also fun!" Pinkie exclaimed before running outside of the bathroom.

Then the ears, the rainbow hair:scootangel:!!!

Back in the party, Pinkie had to create a lie to explain where Jimmy was, but she made sure nobody felt worried. And later, she wandered around the party making other guests smile as she danced or just moved in a chucklesome way, until she finally spotted a familiar younger face.

"Apple Bloom? Funny, I don't remember inviting you to this party," Pinkie said.

"That's right, I wasn't invited. But I heard there was a party and decided to come here for having some fun," Apple Bloom replied.

"Well, that's a nice thing to do! I'll be around, in case you need anything." Pinkie turned to leave, but Apple Bloom grabbed her by the arm.

"Actually, Pinkie Pie, I have somethin' to tell you," she said.

"Huh? What is it?" Pinkie asked, feeling confused.

"You may not believe it, but... I'm not... the real Apple Bloom," the young girl confessed.

Wait, what:rainbowderp:???

Pinkie's eyes opened fully as she thought about it, "Odd, because I'm not even the real Pinkie!"

The two girls stared at each other's eyes as they made a sudden realization about their identities...

"Well, judging by people's reactions to a guy called Jimmy having disappeared from here, I guess I must be that one! And what about you?" Pinkie asked.

Wait, really:pinkiegasp:?!

Apple Bloom smiled, "Tom... My original name is Tom."

"Nice name for a girly guy!" Pinkie giggled, as they shook hands.

They didn't know what exactly was happening, but they would guess it anytime...


Is there a story about this Tom?

On another guy's account, but yeah.:ajsmug:

Link or embed, please?


TAn Apple a Day
Of all the people it had to happen to...
The Blue EM2 · 20k words  ·  62  19 · 1.5k views

Note: the Sex tag is there because of the "gender changing thing" and a few things about the transformation can be mentioned, but there's not any kind of sex in the story.

Late night crusaders, yay!

:ajsleepy::applejackconfused::applejackunsure: Tired. Not tired, though.

Now it really is the crusaders. Fallout dude 50 is up, too!

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