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Manteo, North Carolina.

Jimmy Hook tries to stay alive as an earthquake attacks the town. But, for the rest of people, what is more important: the earthquake or Jimmy? Because he's acting in a strange way since he found that blue glove...

This story will serve as a warm up for tomorrow's story request from JimmyHook19. :yay:

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"Simply amazing story, darling"

(As usual, Instant thumbs up, Favorited, and added to my Library from yours truly <3 :heart:)

(Sure did X3 I'm ready for that long awaited story tomorrow <3 :heart:)

Neat story kinda wish there was more to it

Well, another first. Whatever will you do next?

Glad you like it.:twilightsmile:

You mean more things happening here?

Well, next story is coming pretty soon...


Congrats on a world first.

Sorry, I don't know what a world first is.:twilightsheepish:

"Excuse me!" Jimmy called the woman. "Have you lost a blue glove?"

"Uh, that's not mine! Why?" She replied.

"Oh, nothing! Thanks for telling me!" Jimmy said, and the woman continued walking away.

He started thinking about the possibilities: since when was that glove on the ground? Was it from anyone at the town? Was anyone going to reclaim it?

"Well, until anyone calls for it, I suppose I could... wear it?" Jimmy said, doubting about it.

Probably not a good idea:twilightoops:!!!

During the last few hours, his hair had grown longer, the brown strands of hair acquiring a moderate indigo tone.

Another unusual thing is that, as he ate the pizza, he had become extremely cautious for not getting his clothes dirty.

"Oh, dear. I cannot believe it! What is happening to me?" Jimmy said, looking at his reflection on a mirror.

Your transforming into a girl, thats what:pinkiegasp:!!! And not just any girl either:raritywink:!

"Sophie! Are you ok? Who's that girl carrying you?" A man asked.

"I think I can tell you all everything that happened." The mysterious girl replied.

Jimmy just transformed into one of the main Defenders of Harmony of the EG series:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:!!!

"Dear God, this is terrible!" Jimmy said. One second later, he covered his mouth, having realized what had just happen.

"Has my voice... Wait, it has! It changed!" Jimmy exclaimed.

Dear Faust, Jimmy's becoming more and more like Rarity by the second:pinkiegasp:!!!

"Don't you worry more, darling. I have come to rescue you!" Rarity said.

"What happened with the guy? I swear I had heard a male." The girl asked.

You don't wanna know...trust me...:twilightsheepish:.

"Oh, Twilight needs help!"

Oh I can only imagine how Twi will react when/if she finds out what's really up:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Such a nice review, friend! And thanks for adding it to your libraries.:twilightsmile:

No problem, I always enjoy stories like this:raritywink:!

That was a Rare Sight.

This is an excellent story, I myself am doing one as well.
It's for the Canterlot Adventures group, oddly enough you picked who I transform into.

An interesting idea, but a bit too short. Especially, the transformation scene could use a bit more on both graphic and mental details.

Glad you like it. Also, there are sequels just in case you want to read more than one short story.:ajsmug:

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