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Hey guys! It's me, Discord!


Our good friend Jimmy doesn't have a girlfriend yet, although he doesn't exactly feel bad about it, but it still is some kind of issue for him. Yet, love can emerge from everywhere at anytime. Besides, you can do many things on Valentine's Day such as giving flowers, buying chocolate or even turn into a pony!

Wait, what?

And yes, this here is another story for my good friend JimmyHook19.:ajsmug:

As always, let me know what you think about it!

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Comments ( 52 )

Well, you're the only other author I know who spells 'Cadence' correctly.

Just a shame they spelt Cadance's name wrong.

Huh? Her name is a reference to the music term, so therefore 'cadence' (ie, perfect, imperfect, interrupted, plagal).

Bruh I know what a cadence is, but even the wiki and official toys list her name as Cadance with an A. Had to look it up myself when someone corrected me because I didn't believe them lmao.

Oh. Interesting. I live in Britain, and all media relating to her spells her name with an E. Similarly, we also have 'Vapour Trail' and 'Smoulder'.

Can expand more on jimmy tg curse in a future?

Sorry, but I got used to write Cadence because I had seen a lot of videos on YouTube and her name was written like that.

Great story!

It's also the European spelling.

Awesome job as always my Spaniard Best Friend X3 :yay:


covering her eyes for not going blind.

Might wanna correct that to his. ^^; :twilightsheepish:

Thanks :3

Man, that's like the reserve from the Hearts and Hooves Day chapter from Jimmy Hook Celebrates... :ajsmug:

what happened to "cadence" in the real world?

That's for other people to imagine.:ajsmug:

more would be good, if you continue it or find someone to create a continuation.

Maybe, but I wasn't planning on that. However, if anyone ever wants to write their own sequel to this story, I'm open for ideas.

I hope someone adopts this story then xD


I'll be featuring human Cadence in an upcoming story.

Love is in the air...

Something I'm sure Cadence would love to hear:twilightsmile:.

That's what anyone would say on Valentine's Day. Well, that would be included in a big amount of messages for the most loved ones, along with compliments about their appearance, hairstyle, clothing, etc.

On that day, the majority of people were spending some time with different activities like watching romantic movies, taking a walk outside as they visited nice places for staying a bit, or remembering the day they finally got married as they enjoyed the taste of a few chocolates inside a heart-shaped box. During that day, that majority of people shared smiles, kisses and hugs while the rest, the singles, tried to survive until the next day (not that they were going to get hurt or anything, but anyways).

Eeyup, we can really feel the love tonight:heart:.

Included in that minority, there was Jimmy. Walking around his home, he tried not to think too much about Valentine's Day, which wasn't difficult because he had a lot of things he could use to get some fun, like watching TV and playing some games, so time went faster...

...until one hour later, when he finally got bored, groaning loudly.

"What a day... Maybe a walk outside will help me find something to spend the rest of the time," he said.

And we know just what that walk is going to do:derpytongue2:!

So, after eating a sandwich and putting some good clothes on, he got his keys and went out. That was only the first of a small amount of mistakes he would commit during the most romantic day of the year.

For starters, the streets were full of people. Some of them were carrying red balloons or roses with them. A few guys were kneeling down in front of their girlfriends as they did the "will you marry me" thing, with the girls answering as two of them cried in joy. At some point, one of those guys, who seemed annoyed, told the others they had to be original, but they managed to calm him down because, in the end, every single one of them were doing the same things a lot of people had been doing since a long time ago.


There were also some posters advertising a movie at the town's outskirts, and it was about to start, although Jimmy saw a couple running as they were getting late. He thought about how nice it would be if he went to watch that movie with a girlfriend, but shoke his head and tried to focus on anything else.

"One day or another... Maybe next year. Who knows?" he said, before resuming his walk around the town.


On the bright side, after half an hour of walking, Jimmy had done some exercise (he was in a good shape already, but it still was nice). He moved across a park, finding a place where some red heart-shaped cardboard pieces were scattered around the ground, dropped there after being used for gifts or more romantic letters.

One of those hearts, however, looked different. Jimmy was probably seeing things because, if not, he would be able to swear that heart was made of crystal.

"If that's really made of crystal, it sure looks well-made! Who would waste such a treasure like that?" Jimmy asked, thinking about the current situation as he slowly approached that heart. Second mistake of the day...

Yep, another big mistake indeed:twilightblush:.

Crouching to have a good view of that specific heart, Jimmy was feeling unsure. What would he do next? Grab the heart? He didn't have a girlfriend for giving it to her. On the other hand, he couldn't simply leave it on the ground, as it could break due to any possible reason.

"Well, I don't think anyone will be annoyed if I take it now, right?" he said, as he reached with his hands to collect the relic. Just touching it was the third mistake he would commit, but he wasn't scared of anything, so he kept moving his hands to get the relic.

Maybe not, but you'll definitely be going through a...change:twilightblush:.

Just as he finally touched that heart, some wind blew suddenly, getting stronger after each second. As Jimmy tried to resist against the wind, the heart cracked here and there until it broke in pieces, which stood floating instead of falling down. Just then, those shards started flying in circles around Jimmy, with a light emerging from them.

Aaaaand here we go:pinkiehappy:!!!

With the shards moving faster and the light growing more powerful, Jimmy ended up doing one of the few things he could: covering his eyes for not going blind. And he did it seconds before the light went as shining as it could, surrounding him for a minute while Jimmy himself started going through some changes, like his hair growing longer, his clothes tearing apart and his glasses falling off. And later, for the finishing touch, the ball of light exploded and the gust of wind came to a stop.

First the hair, then the, um...clothes:twilightblush:.

After that chain of events, a round chunk of burnt grass could be seen on the ground. Standing on the center of said chunk, there was a tall pink female equine, with a pair of wings on her back and a horn over the front of her head. Her mane and tail were colored in yellow, a darker pink and purple, with the latter appearing at the tips of her wings. A golden crown on her head and a few other accessories made clear she was an important being, with two purple jewels on the crown. She also had the drawing of a crystal heart on her backside.

Then he wings, and the main and tail, then the growl and the jewels and the cutie mark:yay:!

"Uuuuh... Shining? Where are you?" Princess Cadence said, getting no answer as she looked around her to see where she was now "What is this place?"

Then, she noticed the amount of cardboard hearts on the ground, and smiled as the first thing she thought was the beings from that world sure knew about love.

"Well, I may be wrong, but I don't think this place could be any worse than when we have some problem at home," Princess Cadence said, as she unfurled her wings and took a fly around the world she had appeared in.

Don't jinx it:facehoof:!!!

She wasn't wrong, but she wasn't right either. This other world had a lot of curious things, some of them good and some of them bad. But there was one of the most important aspects: with love, almost every single problem can be solved.

Eeeh...I wouldn't be to sure about that:unsuresweetie:.

Heh, thanks for your comment.:pinkiesmile:

okye dokie lookie:pinkiesmile:
when you post the first chapter let me know, ok. ?:twilightsmile:

Sorry for interrupting, but the comment section of my story is not a good place for having long conversations.:twilightsheepish:

Sorry. To PMs it is.

and then the story is ready?

oh, but this is so fun.:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:
and besides :ajsmug:... you get more comments like that.:twilightsmile:

I know, although the comments aren't related to the story.:twilightblush:

At least, it's good to know you have fun.:derpytongue2:

Either way, Blue says you two can talk through PMs, so don't worry about it.:ajsmug:

Again Discord, sorry. I got rather carried away.

Yes, it's ready to go. Now to PM, if you please.

It's fine. Don't worry too much about it.:ajsmug:

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