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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork



There are many alternate universes.  Princess Twilight Sparkle found a number of them whilst she was duelling with Starlight Glimmer.  These alternative realities were perfectly genuine to those who lived in them.
This is a true story about an Equestria in which Queen Chrysalis had not been defeated when the Changeling Army invaded during the Royal Wedding at Canterlot.  Only a small group of free ponies is left to mount a Resistance.  The future does not look good, but a zebra has a plan.

This can be read as a one-shot or continued to its sequel https://www.fimfiction.net/story/384399/the-end-of-oppression, when Pinkie Pie mounts a rescue mission into the hive.

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Hmm, "tragedy" tag? Not sure... it seems to fit the Fimfiction definition of a tragedy. o_O

Tragedy tag added - good spot!

Thanks for the vote of confidence!
I wasn't thinking of a sequel, but I guess there may be scope ...
No Pinkie promises :pinkiehappy:

Well, at least there's a chance now. :applejackunsure:

OK - I've got some ideas :pinkiegasp: but I'll see how it goes.
Thanks for your support!

Well, that was interesting. I'm actually really estatic to find someone who ships Pinkie with Thunderlane. I've been dying to see a fic with them that I haven't written.

I really like them as a ship. Not only are they well suited, but I have Rumble playing a positive part in their relationship too.
I look forward to reading your work to see your take on this ship.

In this story, Thunderlane and Pinkie Pie establish a teacher/student relationship that develops into a brief romance and ends up in their moving in together with Rumble happily accepting her as his adopted Mom/big sis. However, their time together is cut short as Thunderlane gallantly stepped up to support a dangerous mission and was listed MIA.
There is a sequel …

All this for an animation error... Nice!

Thank you - as soon as I became aware of it, I just had to write a story.
Glad you enjoyed it!


Wow I didn't know there was an error when I was watching that episode even I multiple watch this episode I didn't even notice that good catch although fun fact she was supposed to be a Pegasus but decided to become an earth pony instead in the final project but anyway this was a very interesting story and I have to admit that is pretty sad Pinkie Pie volunteer to become a Pegasus and thunderlane volunteer to help her to fly better which throughout the days those 2 became very close to each other and it's very cute but then thunderlane have to help with the other Pegasus to scout the outskirts of any changelings but few days later he never returned we can assume that the other Pegasus including him are dead which that was pretty devastating for her to hear and now she was never the same ever again poor Pinkie 😢 well this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Thanks for the comment!
This was one of my very earliest fanfics and based on nothing more than spotting the continuity error that showed Pinkie Pie with wings.
The Cutie Re-mark was an excellent finale to season 5 and has given me a lot of inspiration for other stories.
Glad you enjoyed it!


ThunderPie is not a common ship, but you males it totally good in a little time, good job. I read the other story right now

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