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On her scavenge for volt shrooms in the bayou, Meadowbrook comes across a shadow that will alter her future for the good and worst. Follow her tale of love, hope, and despair as tries to build a future with a stallion trapped in the past.

A re-telling of the short story, Healing Shadows

Progress: 07/25+

Next: Chapter 8, Hearts and Clovers

Art Cover commissioned by Doodle-Mark


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huh....did not expect this to get a sequel,or will reboot be a more apropiate word?anyway,looking forward to see what this become in the future.

I really must say, this was a great start to the story. It got me interested hook, line, and sinker, and I’m deeply yearning to see where things will be going.

The only thing I can’t help but note is that there are some grammatical errors throughout the story that need correcting, but I’ll list out what they are for ya via PM in the near future.

Other than that, there’s one question I can’t help but want to know:

Is this story a complete reboot of the “Healing Shadows” one shot? Or is it a sequel?

Why does the title have "(2e)" in it?

2e for second edition. This is a re-telling of a short story I've previously made, Healing Shadows.

Wouldn't recommend you to read it though. It'll spoil some of the plots.

Why are you retelling the story?

The original story felt too compacted when there was so much to unpack. So I hope the completion of this version will give it justice.

I'm really loving this story so far and same with the Amore story! Hope to see more chapters for both of them! Keep up the great work!

I loved the original, so I really hope this underrated brilliance gets more attention some day. Only thing I didn't like about the original was the fact that it was a one-shot with so much potential to be a great series. Keep on bringing the greatness! :yay:

So it all started back in season 9 premiere then gradually to the coronation then up to your previous story how King Samba is going through before your first story came around okay cool interesting starts

So once again it is like the previous story but with more cutscenes this time how she been doing and how she found King Sombra

So it looks like Meadowbrook took the mysterious creature ( king Sombra) to heal it even though this thing was very aggressive but she still wants to help it and it looks like she has a visitor rockhoof and it's really nice to see him has he been doing lately and it looks like King Sombra was not too happy that he's trapped in a fish tank and not only that still thinking about radiant hope I wonder what's going to happen next

Are you continuing with the story

The next chapter is ready. It just needs a look over before being posted.

Ok it's nice to see the story continue on anyway it looks like king Sombra regain his physical look but unfortunately his body still taking a toll after the size and almost broken the case and Meadowbrook was pretty surprised to see him again and Sombra is really not helping his situation by acting like a spoiled little kid and it's really not helping each other and Pye was pretty curious about him after Meadowbrook told her about the situation and something tells me this is going to be a long day for both of them well can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Yay, it's back! :pinkiehappy:

Good Celestia, Sombra is going overkill with the sass.

“If you’re done with your baseless opinions, I demand to be famished!” Sombra said. “Is this how you treat your other patients?”

He's even asking a healer to starve him to death! :rainbowderp: Typos and Sass Master Sombra (I know he's arrogant, I enjoy some of his sass, just not too much) are the only things I don't like about this story. Everything else, I'm invested in, I like this story better than the original. :heart:

Loving the dialog exchange between medow and sombra! Excited to see more chapters in the future!

This story seems good so far. I just can’t wait for what the cover picture is implying to happen and how that might complicate things!

That was why I asked him to change the line from “I demand to be famished” to “I demand to have consumables”, really.

There oil and water now, I can’t wait till there oil and vinegar. Yum!

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Sep 16th, 2021

My mom told me that ponies who fight with each other a lot usually like each other. Pye’s words suddenly echoed into Meadowbrook’s head.

Ohhh lol somebody has a crush

Ok it looks like sombras healing is doing well but of course he's just making it very difficult for Meadowbrook but you got to admit she has a lot of patience with this guy but poor Meadowbrook she felt pretty alone after knowing that she came back from limbo after a thousand years to a strange world that is not familiar to her kind of like Captain America and I'm sure the other pillars felt the same way as well and of course sooner or later somebody will discover that King Sombra is here and it's going to be a very long day for him I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

I laughed when Sombra got rushed by Moab. :rainbowlaugh: Good comeuppance for his awful behavior, and I like how he explains a bit of his backstory to Meadowbrook without giving away too much. Reminds me of the story of Ask King Sombra, where Sombra is a cartoonish jerk with a "lowly earth pony" very gradually warming up to him.

“That was just an accident!” Meadowbrook shouted. “You caught me at a bad moment and I panicked, so I made some missteps.”

No, it definitely wasn’t a misstep, Sombra thought. I pinned you to the ground with the intention of exacting my dominance.

Oh, how wrong this sounds, I love it. :rainbowlaugh: I also love how Sombra is going to be put to work despite the fact he's basically on death row. That will motivate him to prove himself! :trollestia:

Meadowbrook dragged Sombra toward a round platform connected between two bridges. Sombra found residents—ponies, griffons, and donkeys—assembled around the center.

Oh hey different creatures it looks like some are moving into different towns nice

Well it looks like Meadowbrook got herself in trouble and now King Sombra is also facing the consequences despite he's still trying to recover he's going to have to work for his meal and not only that everybody is going to keep an eye on him and Meadowbrook felt a shame and everything boy I wonder what's going to happen next guess I'll find out next time

I love that he doesn't mind holding hooves with Meadow! I find it quite interesting just how egotistical Sombra is, and that unlike most stories where the villain would have cracked by now, Sombra is defiant! Maybe even defiant till the very end! At this point, he seriously needs to actually think of his actions and be strategic with what he says and does. Or that ego will be the end of him!

Well then things are decently okay but yet King Sombra is still not pleased about this whole situation he's in but meadowbrook's really wants to help him despite the other ponies and creatures thinks about him and specially her you really don't want to give up on this even though from his pride he almost got himself inside all because of one pony try to insult him he really got himself injured but hopefully things will be getting better because it looks like starting to being interested to Meadowbrook well I guess we'll find out next time

Always good to see this story back! I also really like how Sombra is finally starting to trust Meadowbrook!

I like the way this chapter ended! That sombra is becoming more open with Meadow, that he's showing promise to actually let her help him without his constant fighting back. I really love the ties to the comics you do with this story!

Wait what happened to chapter 8 you think just says you updated your stories

And here I was happy one of the stories I watch finally updated. 😢

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Hopefully, the chapter will be reposted tomorrow. Mainly since the editing’s completed.

Rockhoof a no show, time for Sombra to swoop in and charm her with a probably badly worded apology and the shenanigans that will ensue.

Oh I am super excited to what happens next!! I love the many times Sombra was a loss for words in this chapter! To actually be put in his place! The vet start was also super enjoyable, that he sees the swamp to be magical! Very lovely touch!

Okay so it looks like there's some celebration going on here and Meadowbrook Sombra and pye are preparing to go there something about a glow fish sounds like an interesting activity what it looks like Sombra kinda hurt Meadowbrook feelings about her family tradition and pye tell him to try to have fun with her or something and he has no idea how to well I'm sure he'll figure it out can't wait to see the next one

Hey hate to bother you or anything like that but it's your story continuing on

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