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Just a woman who writes about tiny horses

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EFNW Contest Results · 9:02pm Apr 26th, 2015

The results for the 2015 Everfree Northwest Pre-Con Writing Contest are in, and I am absolutely elated to announce that my entry, A Bump in the Road, received an honorable mention! While I may not have secured any of the top three spots or the community choice award, to have my story placed in the top eight out of 70-some-odd stories, with so many excellent entries to compete with, is incredibly flattering.

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  • TLanguage
    Rarity has found a new hobby in meditating with Fluttershy, and through months of practice, she's not only learned how to listen to nature, but also how to read ponies and the inner feelings they hide. But she never wanted to read her best friend.
    Taialin · 12k words  ·  223  7 · 2.8k views
  • EListen
    After a particularly trying episode of dealing with her cat, Rarity decides to go to Fluttershy for some much-needed relaxation. There, she's introduced to a secret of Fluttershy's that nopony yet has understood.
    Taialin · 4.2k words  ·  247  3 · 3.5k views
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Hey there, thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:


Aww, no problem. Happy to do it :raritywink:

Just wanted to say thank you again for your kind comments! It's always nice getting feedback on my work from friends. :twilightsmile:


Well, seeing as I haven't read that yet, I doubt I would be much of any help :p

Yes. I'm writing a Fallout: Equestria fanfic.


A colab? Hmm, I'm not sure I could devote my time to something like that right now, not with so much else to do. Are you asking because you have a specific idea?

Hey, wanna write a collab?

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