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I'm just your typical, 32 year old Michigander brony and Batman-obsessionist.


Down on her luck and struggling to find her purpose in life, Derpy is approached by a mysterious stranger who offers her the chance to start anew and achieve her own destiny. Seizing the opportunity, she begins an exciting journey of self-discovery that changes her life forever, making new friends and enemies in the process, and becoming somepony she never thought she could be; a guardian of the night with a penchant for muffins.

A gigantic shout-out and many, many thanks to my friend Midnight Scribbler for the wonderful custom cover art! Check out and support his other awesome art here at his deviantART account: Scribblepwn3. Also, many thanks to Chengar Qordath, the incredible creator of the Winningverse, on granting me permission to utilize the Winningverse Kicker family and clan in my stories and the Batmareverse.

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by your profile pic and username.... and coverart....
I think you're a fan of batman

by your profile pic and username.... and coverart....
I think you're a fan of batman

Batman? Pfffttt? Whatever!!! Aquaman FTW!!!!!!!! :derpytongue2:




WHAT UP DF!!!!!!! Finally, a familiar face from the MLP Forums. I'm lost and confused in this strange new land that is FIM Fiction!!!


Howdy. I haven't found many people I know here either, but I've been here for a couple of months so I can find my way around well enough. Seems like people are liking your story so far. I faved it so that I'll know when you release new chapters and so I can find it easier :)

This story I like it....MOAR

Also, well played on giving Ra's his actual translated name. Well played in deed my friend.

Sweet, sounds good. Hopefully it won't be too long before the next chapter comes out!

Ah, you caught that, very good, very good indeed, I was wondering if somepony would figure out what I was doing with the names there. Gotta love Google Translate!!! That's actually one reason though that I didn't use Arabic; I couldn't get the english lettering for the words when using Google Translate! :derpytongue2: But the German sounds pretty cool, so I think I'll have some fun with it! And yeah, hopefully won't be too long before I come out with the next chapter. Glad you liked it!

After a very friendly suggestion from one of my friends on MLP Forums, I went back through the first chapter and cut out A LOT of the exclamation points and question marks that just plagued the story. In hindsight, there were far too many to begin with, so thanks Blue and Red, I owe ya buddy!

Make him go "I'M BATMAAAARE" at least once. :derpytongue2:
In all seriousness, not bad. Have 1 of dem likes :moustache:

Oh, you just wait, she might, she might! :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for the like, glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

2027904 Or at least "WHERE'S SCARECROOOW".

Thanks for the kind words Merlos! :twilightsmile:

Hmm, an interesting take on the Batman movies. Here's hoping she has muffinrangs! :derpytongue2:

:rainbowlaugh: Ha, we'll see, we'll see! Yeah, hoping that in the end that the story still follows the general structure of the film's plot, but still has enough original elements in the story and characters to stand on its own as a unique production. Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

AUTOMATIC LIKE AND FAVE! Huge Derpy Fan and DC fan

So much d'awww in that dream sequence. I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going:pinkiesmile:

I was like, meh, :applejackunsure: i like more the Arkham series
But at the end :ajsmug: Nothing bad, keep the god work.

Thank you, glad you liked the ending at least! :twilightsmile: Thought it was a little different from what people usually do, so I thought "why not, let's do it!" Thanks for reading!

German is best Evil Bad Guy language.

True that, true that. I'm largely using it as well just because I'm trying to give the entire Order more of a Germanic/Western European look than the Asian/Arabic aesthetic design that you usually get in Batman Comics for the League of Assassins.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the favorite and follow! :twilightsmile:

2022157Great i just got done with arkam city this is great

Thank you, glad you like it so far!

2022157 Omg, ha! I recognize you from MLP Forums! :pinkiehappy: I am Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™ If you recognize me :twilightblush:

Anyways, on to topic of the story; I loved it so far, so keep it up :twilightsmile:


Well hello there! I'll be sure to look you up then on the forums! Thanks very much for the fave and the kind words; always glad to hear that somepony enjoyed my story! :twilightsmile:

One quick question: I absolutely LOVE your avatar, and the art style seems familiar. I have to ask, is that an Inuhoshi-to-DarkPen pic of Berry Punch, because it looks very similar to his style? Been eating up "Life and Times of a Winning Pony" lately, so I've been seeing A LOT of his artwork and just had to ask! Anyways, thanks very much again for the kind words, and don't worry, I'm making some nice progress on chapter 3, so hopefully that'll be out soon. :pinkiehappy:

This story shows much promise . . . :trixieshiftright:


Really though, I'm very much enjoying what you've got started here. Your descriptive and narrative writing is excellent, and I love the characterization of Derpy as, well, Derpy, rather than a poor copy with Bruce Wayne's personality tacked on. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out given the changes made thus far, and what surprises you may have in store for those of us already familiar with the Dark Knight Trilogy. I'm equally curious if Dinky is going to be involved at some point later on; not necessarily as Derpy's daughter, but there are so many other possibilities that could be considered. :trollestia:

Great work thus far! You've got a fav and a follower here! :pinkiehappy::raritywink::ajsmug::twilightsmile::yay::moustache:


Why thank you! Always appreciate some constructive feedback and critical input, as well as obviously just giving readers a good time. Yeah, I quickly decided that it'd be best to give Derpy her own personality according to my interpretation rather than make her Bruce Wayne. It's actually quite exciting working with a character that contrasts him as much as Derpy does in a Batman/MLP crossover: I mean, she has none of the resources that he has, and her personality is certainly quite different from his own, so it's going to be quite fun seeing how she gets going as Batmare. As for Dinky, still mulling that over in my head; she may or may not appear sometime down the road, but for now focus will remain on Derpy. Glad you like it so far and once again thank you for the kind and thoughtful words! :raritystarry:

At the end of chapter one:

HNNNNG! *falls over*

Oh noes, I'm killing my readers with D'AWWWWW!!!!!!!! *rubs hands together* Just as planned. :trollestia:

Glad you like it so far, and thanks for the fave!!! :twilightsmile:


"Because I'm Batmare."

Maybe a "WHERE ARE THEY?!?!" just for the heck of it.

I'm from germany so I'll help out with the sentences.

“Nein! Der Zweck, was ist Ihr Ziel?”
Nein! Der Zweck, was ist dein Ziel?

“Um herauszufinden, was Sie tun können, müssen Sie zuerst herausfinden, wer du bist.
Um herauszufinden was du kannst, musst du zuerst herausfinden wer du bist.

For the last one I write direct correct I hope I understood corectly what you mean.

Nun, was habe ich dir gesagt. Da habe ich doch ein Schmuckstück gefunden, nicht wahr?
Sie zeigt schon potenzial, dass ist nicht zu leugnen. Aber...
Aber was?
Ist sie wirklich so vielversprechend? Ich meine, was wollen wir von ihr verlangen?
Was meinst du?
Es gibt nichts Außergewöhnliches an ihr. Sie ist nicht gerade der vielversprechendste Kandidat den ich je gesehen habe.
Man kann es auf den ersten blick nicht sehen. . Nennen Sie es Instinkt, Hölle, nennen es ein Bauchgefühl, wenn sie wollen, aber aus irgendeinem Grund sehe ich etwas besonderes in ihr. Ich kann mein Huf nicht genau darauf fassen, aber ich weiß das sie potenzial für großes hat! Mein Instinkt hat mich noch nie enttäuscht, mein Freund. Und mein Instinkt sagt mir jetzt, dass diese junge Stute in der Lage große Dinge zu vollbringen. Vertrauen Sie mir.
Nun... wenn du so denkst, dann ist das gut genug für mich. Glaubst du wirklich, dass sie das letzte Stück im Puzzle für die Operation Herz Sturm sein wird?
Oh ja, es gibt keinen Zweifel. Wir sind fast da, alter Freund. Wir sind fast da.

If you got more german proofreading you can pm me.

2906160 Dude, thanks so much, this is AWESOME!!!! :raritystarry: Going through right now and incorporating these changes. Shouldn't be too much more German throughout the story, but thank you so much, this is very helpful indeed, and I'll definitely look you up if I need some more help with any German! Once again, thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

2906909 Your welcome, and now I know how my proofreader must feel.

2906924 Didn't incorporate a couple of the revisions, just because some of them would've deviated a bit too much from what I was trying to say, but I did incorporate most of them. Once again, thanks very much, this was very helpful!!! :twilightsmile:

Awww, that was such a sweet story! :3
Well, at some points... I guess being confined in a prison can be a little bit more bitter.
Oh and sorry if I missed something, but what Derpy did exactly to found herself in a jail? :derpyderp2:
From what I heard, she's usually a joyful ball of happiness that doesn't hurt anyone.
Anyways... *watch* :scootangel:

Why thank you! And it may specifically come up at some point in the story, but not probably for awhile; probably something revolving around massive property damage on account of her clumsiness, but I haven't exactly figured out what. Anyways, thanks very much for the like, favorite, and follow, as well as the kind words, it's much appreciated. :twilightsmile: You picked a good time to start reading too; Ch. 3 is currently being edited and Ch. 4 being written, so both should hopefully come out within the next few weeks. :raritystarry:

1) Will Derpy be a rich billionaire playboy - er, playgirl.

2) Will she have an Alfred.

3) Does she get a Derpy Signal in the sky.

4) Does she have a Bat Credit...

*gets thrown off cliff*

I'm of absolutely no help at all when it comes to reviews, but this is the first fanfiction I've read that was written by a guy - and excellently written, to boot! Bravo!


Yay!!! And to answer your questions:

1) No

2) Kinda, you'll see; Alfred's "role" in the Batman universe might be filled by a couple of characters

3) Probably sometime down the road, but I haven't decided what yet.

4) HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Glad you like it so far Earlie!!! Any scenes or elements stand out in particular, or just anything you enjoy the most in general? :twilightsmile:

3139833 Well, I seriously enjoy the little delves into her background and her relationship with her mother. Moar of that, please.


Oh trust me, I've got some good things planned for that. Not so much in Ch. 3, but Ch. 4, oh me oh my, you better believe it!!! :raritywink:

It's awesome to see that you're still working on this story! And not only that, but you have multiple chapters prepared for the upcoming week?! I am in awe! :pinkiegasp:

In regards to this current chapter, what I really like about it is how much it shows of the training that Derpy receives and how that will contribute to her becoming a kick-ass crime fighter in the future. In Batman Begins, we got some scenes of him engaging in balancing training, learning about "special powders" and the relative nature of invisibility, and sword-fighting on a lake, but not much of the education that would not only make him a first-rate tactician, but also an intellect worthy of the title "World's Greatest Detective." Here, we see the true depth of the physical and mental training provided by The Order of Extraordinary Ponies. Like Aucune, I am intrigued to find out just what sort of psychological limitation is hindering Derpy from progressing and achieving her desires, and just what sort of inner demons she has inside of her. There's some hint of parental issues (which is par the course for a Batman-inspired crossover fic), but even with that, I'm sure whatever does get revealed will not only be logical with how Derpy's been portrayed in your fic, but also a well thought-out glimpse into her psychological makeup given the thoroughness and depth of your writing thus far. :scootangel::twilightsmile:

Other things I liked? Aucune's rant on cutie marks was certainly thought-provoking, and brings to mind debates on the difference between Fate and Free Will. I sense a little foreshadowing in that the Order's fall on the "Free Will" side of the discussion could cause them to regard the rest of Equestria as "complacent" for its citizens' tendency to give in to the "Fate" side. Rome was complacent and corrupt too, and certain Orders and Leagues tend to take offense to that. :raritywink: The bits of shout-out to the Winningverse were a nice touch, though personally I could either take them or leave them (though I too am a big fan of Chengar Qordath's stories). In regards to your writing, as always it is excellent and very well-crafted. The characters are well portrayed, the narrative flows naturally and at a good pace, and everything included seems relevant to helping move the main plot forward. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

In all, I am very excited to see the continuation of this story and where you go with it. Keep up the great work!! :ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::trollestia::moustache:

Oh wow, thank you sooooo much for that excellent bit of feedback! :scootangel: :twilightsmile: You pretty much hit the nail on the head in all of your observations, and I'm glad you appreciate the level of detail. :pinkiegasp: I still can't believe you think I did something better than "Batman Begins", that is seriously the highest praise I could possibly imagine receiving!!! So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :raritystarry:

Oh, and as for the Winningverse stuff, trust me, that first bit was, in my own opinion, a bit gratuitous, though I did think it still worked as far as the scene itself went. But trust me, Clan Kicker's going to be worked in well; they're not just going to show up out of nowhere when it makes absolutely no sense, uh uh. They'll show up when they need to and in a logical fashion. In fact, without giving too much away, let me just say that Cloud's actually NOT going to be the first Kicker to appear in this fic! :raritywink:

2028020 I need moooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

Glad you like it! :twilightsmile: Don't worry, there'll be plenty more Wednesday and Friday! :yay:

Yet another epic chapter! The comedic elements at the start were very well put-together and a welcome piece of slapstick from our favorite accident-prone mailmare. The later transition into drama was equally well-handled, and while I could see the inevitable outcome, the characters sold it exquisitely. I literally got chills the moment that Derpy's running commentary changed from desperate self-encouragement to that single solitary word, Define. :rainbowderp:

In fact, the following started playing in my head:

deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara deshi deshi basara basara :pinkiehappy:

That ending was a blast to write, and I'm hoping it's a favorite moment for others as well. You're the second person to tell me that that was their favorite moment of the chapter, the first being my editor. Glad you liked the comedic elements as well, and good to hear that the transition from comedic to dramatic went well.

And that is seriously AWESOME that you started hearing that song as you read that last scene! Once again, thanks for the valuable feedback. :twilightsmile:

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