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Twilight Sparkle has recently transferred to Canterlot High. On top of tests, studying and all the drama that comes with that, Twilight also has to deal with monsters. Yeah, you heard right. Twilight finds herself embroiled into an age old conflict that could rip the world apart, if she doesn't step up and become a Guardian, a defender of earth from the forces coming forth from the Witching Hour. Twilight cannot face this threat alone, others will join her fight. But will it all be enough to stop the evil that's coming? Or will High School be what gets this young lady?

(A new story from the creator of Equestria Noir. While characters from that universe will be present in this story, strict knowledge on that series is not necessary to enjoy this story.)

Cover Art by gent777

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 314 )


Love this. SOunds like a mix of supernatural, Buffy, and Blue Exorcist.

Can't stop laughing at all the tropes Twilight kept bringing up. I like this first chapter, it looks to be a fun story.

I freaking, love this story. Update soon please. I love all the references and magical monsters.

Ah the insanity that is Pinkie has arrived and the ending lines were great. I'm liking this blend of Equestria Girls and everything else form the show.

Huh... new story... I'm curious on how it goes now.
*After reading the first two chapters*
Yep, Favorited... this story has not only been so amusing, but it's got a rather funny start. And Would you look at that? Pinkie's only been there for a while before singing her song and then... breaking the fourth wall with scripts and talk. Bravo... Bravo indeed.

Tracking this because it got my attention XD

Hmm, interesting. So, I take it that the three Equestria Girls movies are not canon in this verse?

Hell of a way to make a comeback. :rainbowlaugh: A Noir Side Story and then this in the same day? Fantastic. :pinkiehappy:

Best version of this song I could find.... but then again considering you I don't think you'll mind.

That was too priceless. Great job. I love the shower bit at the end. Great job. Thanks for the quick update.

Huh I was excepting Turtle not Gryphon for Rainbow's Guardian Beast, but I can see that Gryphon works better. Also the last part with Raiden is hilarious.

6474581 Tank comes in later, and that would be tortoise.

6472833 Not exactly canon, but we will be using them as inspiration for story arcs.

That deju vu comment...... Going back to re-read, see if I missed anything

That was awesome. I loved how spike transformed. Great job. By his is so much fun.

Well, this happened... I suppose that is one way to do it. But Rarity vs Snake creature... thank Celestia and Luna that it was not a crab, because I don't know what would have happened.

The part with Celestia has me curious about what else is going on. Although I really like that Rarity's Guardian was Spike the Dragon, very fitting.

6477828 King Crab Legs, a la Rarity...

Nice chapter and the cast is together again, and now I see where Tank is.

These are awesome. Thanks. Good luck with the next chapter. I sense a climax coming.

I sense that it's gonna be Sunset. Either that or the author's gonna try and fake her out for a different antagonist.

Oh dammit it's Equestria Noir mixed with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.... NO WONDER I'M LOVING IT SO MUCH!

Oh, I'm loving where this is going. Possessive Nightmare to center stage!

Nice what you did with the chapter. Hoping to see more.:ajsmug:

OMG. Great chapter, as always. GREAT JOB!

Holy! Wow. Great job. I'm so glad this isn't the end!

Yep, this has got to be a great chapter. I also liked Celestia's explanation about the place and how it turned out as it did. But I have a good feeling we'll probably be seeing more of Luna as this story goes on.

As for Private? Well, his weapon of choice is almost obvious enough but it still works anyways. Now we'll just have to see how he does.

Good work on the Nightmare thing and getting Luna back. Now I hope we get to making Sunset a good guy soon.

Well that is certainly an explaination from Celestia. It was different having Private the soldier inflitrate Nightmare's forces as Nocturne, but I liked this.

Despite having loved "Equestria Noir" from the first episode on, I have to admit that I had a little bit of trepidation when I started reading this; I have no clue why I just did. Fortunately, that feeling faded quickly and I got into the story with relative ease. So far, I really like it and wish to see it continued!

Great job as always

That beast part was very funny. I couldn't stop laughing for three whole minutes. Great job.

Reminds me of a certain case file from Season 2 of Equestria Noir.

I called it! Either he walked in on them right when they were kissing or right when they were about to. That gag never gets old :ajsmug:

6489233 I presume he called Shining walking in on Twilight and Private and proceeding to scare the bejeebers out of Private.

Also... turns out we could use an extra set of eyes to proofread. Know anybody willing?

Wow three couples made big progress. Great job and thanks for the update

The part with Guardian Beasts was hilarious. This was nice, seeing the setup leading to the Fall Formal.

It's good seeing three more couples making progress although Rainbow and Raiden getting together was amusing.

Someone watches Hellsing Abridged.

I just hope nothing happens.

That is one thing you should never say... because more often than not, something happens. As for the ending, if anypony didn't see something drastic happening from her, then you need to read this story again more carefully.

Brilliant work, especially with the couples and the like.

Sunset is really going to become a flaming she demon now. Great chapter. Surprisingly in this universe I'm actually hoping for a Sunset and Spera romance.

Oh god. She stepped over the line. NICE TWIST!

6498290 Yes. Yes I do. :D

6498364 Unfortunately, there isn't a Sunset/Spera romance planned. Though he will, very nearly, get a harem...

6498502 I can see why. Spera understands LUST not LOVE.

Well the dance was nice, but damn Sunset's plan sounds disastrous just from the name of the spell.


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