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I'm just your typical, 31 year old Michigander brony and Batman-obsessionist.

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Down on her luck and struggling to find her purpose in life, Derpy is approached by a mysterious stranger who offers her the chance to start anew and achieve her own destiny. Seizing the opportunity, she begins an exciting journey of self-discovery that changes her life forever, making new friends and enemies in the process, and becoming somepony she never thought she could be; a guardian of the night with a penchant for muffins.

A gigantic shout-out and many, many thanks to my friend Midnight Scribbler for the wonderful custom cover art! Check out and support his other awesome art here at his deviantART account: Scribblepwn3. Also, many thanks to Chengar Qordath, the incredible creator of the Winningverse, on granting me permission to utilize the Winningverse Kicker family and clan in my stories and the Batmareverse.

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