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Trixie Lulamoon is traveling the same route through Equestria that she always has, pulling her show cart and only home behind her. When a wheel on that cart cracks and Trixie finds she can't fix it herself, help arrives in the form of a pony who leaves Trixie frustrated and confused, and perhaps just a little intrigued.

Written for the Everfree Northwest 2015 writing contest.

Special thanks to my lovely prereaders: Taialin, PathfinderCS, and Shadow Beam! Double thanks to Shadow Beam for also providing the cover art!

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This story takes place just a few months after Fluttershy moves into her cottage in Ponyville from Cloudsdale, leaving behind the only home she's ever known. Though content to be alone on a night meant to celebrate closeness and kinship, her night alone is interrupted by friends, acquaintances, and some friendly new faces who teach her that she doesn't have to feel so alone after all.

This story is my entry and the second-place winner in the Poniverse Hearth's Warming Eve Contest

Chapters (2)