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This story is a sequel to Pound and Pumpkin Tales 1

Pound and Pumpkin had quite a year with their six year old selves, dealing with bullies, fearing storms, running away from home, solving friendship problems, and making friends. What awaits them in their seventh year?

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Awwww...what a sweet way to start the story!

I like the idea of quasi-separated rooms.
They have too much character to split them up and send them to separate rooms.

The wall panel idea works well.

And I like your cover art.

Well, it HAS to start sweet before I start the mental destruction chaptets!!! :pinkiecrazy:

And then the readers were sent to the hospital because of an outbreak of diabetes.

Also, Age 6 is still listed as incomplete.

Too late, I'm already dead from the cuteness.

A friend will be there to help them see
To see the light that shines from a true, true friend

Yay! We're gonna see Flurry again! YAY!

You a big Flurry fan?

Things will be interesting. Overcoming her fearful bias isn't going to be easy.

Oh yes. In fact, she's in one my stories. (Its a random nonsense story that uses time travel. I have a character bring an older version of her to a time before she was born...and she has a filthy, yet very censored, mouth in the story. Its purely for comedy though.)

That...was emotional. Wow...talk about the feels.

Wow is all i have to say

I'm probably just jumping on the bandwagon, but I just gotta say it. Wow. Perhaps I didn't expect a bad ending per se. But I could've seen this having a bittersweet ending. But I don't think bittersweet is to your taste. But what I did expect was Flurry being thankful that Crystal was willing to express her anger towards Flurry.

Next time on Pound and Pumpkin Tales 2, the twins and Flurry take Crystal to Fluttershy to get a pet!

I had a self-imposed rule that I wouldn't end any story on a depressing note, and that bittersweet is as low as I would go. One of my stories involved the death of Rarity, but Sweetie Belle had a new sibling born to her, which took off some of the despair.

Just look at her. SO CUTE!

The only one I broke that rule for is one involving Maud. I don't know if you read that one, but it involved showing how Maud came to be the stoic mare she is. It was the kind of story where bittersweet wouldn't work. It had to end on a downer because she still has those traits in the present.

This is a story wholly influenced by the cover art. When I saw that picture it made me think of what Pinkie's absence on the rock farm did to the unity of the family. If you live your life in slavery you expect nothing else. But when you're given freedom for a day and then you're thrown back in jail it hurts worse than never having it at all.

As to this chapter, Crystal had already basically forgiven Flurry once she understood what she was going through, but she had to know if it was really okay for them to be angry at one another. If Crystal really didn't care about Flurry she could have just left without saying anything, since Flurry said it was okay. But since the twins told her that Flurry wanted to fight for her, Crystal in turn had to fight for her, which involved being real with the hurt she had suffered to see Flurry's reaction.

Sometimes my characters realize something before I do, which happened with Crystal calling out the twins for not understanding her feelings. The twins grew up around Princess Twilight and the Elements of Friendship, and thought nothing of their status.

But I'm sure those were, at least to some extent, how Crystal was feeling. And to be fair, Flurry was eavesdropping, even if just because Crystal wouldn't be honest to her face to face because of status. And I do like the detail of Crystal pointing out that eavesdropping isn't very princess-like, because the point Flurry is trying to make in this chapter is that she's not just a princess.

Forgiving doesn't necessarily mean forgetting. Those WERE her deep-down thoughts that mulled beneath her fear. She could have just said that she forgave, but until she tested the waters she wouldn't be able to drop her guard.

Once Flurry showed she was being truthful Crystal was fully ready to start over. Flurry expressing gratitude at her anger threw her off for a bit, though.

AUGH! Why do I keep tearing up?! There's too many feels!!!

Good news for you. Flurry is going to get more appearances real soon. I thought this chapter would be the end of this arc, but there's going to be one more.

In the next arc we focus on Drill Bit, and Pound feels like Flurry would identify with his issues. We get to see a big difference in the way she carries herself. Now, initially I had the idea she told them about what led to her newfound confidence, but I think it's more prudent to show it happening 'in person.'

Nice. Love to see more Flurry.

Chapter's already done. It'll be posted in the morning. It's the only chapter that doesn't feature the twins at all.

Actually, there was one more. It was the one right after the twins ran away, where the rescue party was being assembled. But it was still focused ON the twins. It's still the only one that has no connection to the twins.

Nice. Can't wait to see it.

While reading this chapter, I was thinking that perhaps Flurry is meant to have large wings for a reason. I'm sure those wings of hers can make for some really comfy hugs. Flurry Heart, the princess of hugs. Getting a hug from Flurry is like getting a hug from a blanket.

Awww....my heart! It can't the 'awwws' and the feels! AUGH!

I have no idea how I missed that this was happening.

This was a nice start.

2-4: A true, true friend
Helps a friend in need?

“You know, these wings are really good for one thing.”

“What’s that?”

She extended them towards Crystal, pulling the filly to her. “They make for great hugs.” She put her hooves and wings around her.

Did I give you that idea, or did I predict what you already had in mind?


“You know, these friends are really good for one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“They make for great chapter ending ideas.” She put her hooves and wings around her.

Flurry and Crystal's relationship exploration was my idea. As said in the author's note Flurry plays a big role in the next arc, but instead of her just explaining things or flashbacking mid-chapter I decided to put it here to cap off that Flurry had made the right choice of companions.

Your comment felt like a great way to end it .So thanks, buddy. :rainbowkiss:

The lanky unicorn reminds me of Sunset and it looks like Discord turned himself younger in the photo.

That unicorn's name is Peppermint Swirl. No relation to Sunset.

And the younger looking Discord is named Mayhem. How he came to befriend the twins shows up in an arc pretty deep into part 1, but he's basically like the Tantabus that Luna created. He's magic with a consciousness. He started out pretty immature, but with Fluttershy's help he's been learning to improve like Discord.

I doubt that it'll be similar to Masky's parents if you make them like how Twilight sees them. She said his parents are probably more into Drill's accomplishments than Drill, right? If that's the case, have them be very reject-heavy of Drill when he goes against them. I mean, Masky's parents loved him, just ignored him. These parents obviously put too much pressure on Drill.

I get what you're saying, but then what's the point of this arc if that's the route I take? It means nothing gets resolved, and Drill is stuck with overbearing parents,

I know not everyone can be saved, but that would be a very downer ending, and it would weigh on Pound. Unless he went above their heads to, say, Twilight, in which case it would still result in a downer ending.

I'll figure it out when I get there, but for now my ideas are the overeager parents who push him 'for his own good,' so he'll be ready for his adult life, or the high-expectation 'carry on the family legacy' type, which fits in with your idea.

I tend not to force the ideas. It'll come to me eventually, there's still a few chapters left before we get there. The next chapter focuses on more training, a trip to Scootaloo, and Mayhem revealing a secret he shouldn't have. It's been quite a while since a proper Pound rage session. :pinkiecrazy:

Wanna take a guess at what Mayhem spill the beans on?

Oh...yeah, that's true. Sorry. I'm not good at ideas when it comes to stuff like this.

8872769 So in a sense, Mayhem is Discord’s foal?

Not quite, though the characters make that comparison since he comes from Discord and calls Fluttershy his mom.

The story implies he was there from the beginning, and given how immature he starts out (he only cares about fun, and outright tries to kill the main cast just because they made Discord boring. ) it explains a lot of Discord's earlier characterization.


This starts his arc.

Discord, wanting to liven up Fluttershy's birthday party but knowing how everyone is always on guard around him, decides to give some of his power to Pound and Pumpkin, wondering what little kids would do with ultimate power. It gets about as crazy as you would expect two kids hopped up on reality breaking magic would go.

I think I spotted a grammar error.

The two walked inside, Pound supporting Pound as they walked.

Can I assume that's supposed to say "Drill Bit supporting Pound"?

Ouch Drill Bit’s parents are not setting him up well. I hope Scootaloo gets to meet them and give him good advice.

Yup, just like I thought. Good old bad parents who don't understand their kid.

That's not quite it. They have good intentions, and as you'll see in the next chapter Drill hasn't always felt this way. Drill's feelings will be explored in more depth. There's more beneath the surface.

Well, they're good intentioned, and in the past Drill Bit agreed with their philosophy. Because of recent events though Drill's mind has been changing. We'll get into that next chapter.

Oh. Welp, time to be proven wrong.

It seems to me that Drill Bit's parents want him to succeed. But perhaps they have a narrow view of what it means to succeed. Obviously they want him to succeed through his flying skills. But perhaps he's developing a passion for training others. If he were to become successful as a trainer and passing down his knowledge of flying to others, that would still be a success based around his flying skills. After all, his parents can still brag about him if, in the future, he's known for being the trainer for some of the best flyers of the next generation, right? And he'd be using his own skill for the benefit of others, which is what his brother essentially wants to see.

I found this comment amusing, considering the content of the newest chapter I just posted.

So...the author is doing the reverse with Flurry now? Interesting....and it makes sense. I mean, the twins have done a lot for her and she really hasn't done anything for them.

:fluttercry: So I'm just 'the author' to you? I thought we were closer than that!

I just found it amusing. :rainbowlaugh:

And you're right. They've helped Flurry twice now. So now she can help him with a friendship problem.

Sorry. I don't mean to be disrespectful.

I'm interested to see how things go with Drill. I'm thinking an outside party might need to step in to talk some sense into his parents. Masky already knew what was really bothering him, whereas Drill has been raised a certain way and is too close to how things operate in his household to understand it's not really a good thing.

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