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This story is a sequel to Pound and Pumpkin Tales 2

Ponyville is invaded by strange bug-like creatures, like a flying spider-scorpion. When Pumpkin is pushed to her emotional limit she awakens a special power to help her help others just like her heroic brother.

Pound and Pumpkin Tales is my longest running series, going on almost 3 years and 9 months at the time of this writing. I planned to end the series long before this, around the time the twins got their pets. That's nearly half the story. However, ideas kept coming and I liked the idea of the never-ending story, so I kept putting off the finale. Now that their sixth year has wrapped up I've decided to put the finale in it's own story, as a bit of an alternate continuity, before we continue on with Pound and Pumpkin Tales 2.

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Comments ( 51 )

Well this is certainly intersting, feels a bit out of nowhere (the attack and Pumpkin gaining this new magic in the situation feels like setting up putting her into a war and her and Pound having to become soldiers. But that's just my mind running away with it. I'm sure it won't happen. Just the usual Ponyville attack that gets wrapped up quickly). I'm intrigued to see where this goes. I assume it'll be Pumpkin coming into her own as a protector like her brother, putting them at equal respect of that regard in each other's eyes. Like Pound would see that she doesn't really need him all that much anymore, and he'll be sad about it, but also incredibly proud.

Well, at the time this was created (meaning about the time they got their pets and before Pumpkin met Peppermint) I really felt like Pumpkin was getting the short end of the stick development-wise. Pound always seemed to be getting primary focus, so I wanted Pumpkin to really shine and strut her stuff, hence why she unlocks the magic that she does.

Yeah, the kinda out-of-nowhere nature and the war clashed with the slice of life nature of the story, which is another reason I held off so long on creating it. No, this isn't going to be a protracted kids in war "Sombra wins timeline" situation.

Basically, this bit is about the two of them growing up. Relying on each other for inspiration rather than to cover up their own feelings of inadequacy. You've got the jist of it, but I'm sure you'll find some surprises along the way, especially near the end.

Where are the pets, or did I just not notice them?

At the time this idea was conceived they didn't have pets yet. And while I wanted to act like this was taking place at some point in the future of the story the pets would have only made things more complicated. Maybe they were spending a day with Fluttershy. :twilightsheepish:

Even if we ignore the twins pets, Pinkie left Gummy behind. Unfortunate, but protecting the children took priority.

Hmmm...I don't know. I do really like this but...this is a crazy chapter, but I'm just plain confused about what's going on. Maybe next chapter will explain what's happening.

Great start though.


I do really this but

Is that supposed to be really LIKE this, or what?

What's confusing you?

It's a invasion of Ponyville. Bug creatures are invading. Their tails can shoot lighting, and if they hit you directly with them you get the equivalent of a cockatrice stare.

Pumpkin's special magical talent is to summon orbs that can turn into whatever fits the situation.

The thing about the energy Pound was that Pumpkin pictures Pound as 'protection' so when she made her shield spell it automatically took his shape.

Sorry, I edited it. Writing too fast.

Also, oh...I guess I just didn't read it correctly. Thanks.

I don't know what to say other than that I'm speechless. Although, considering I just said that, I guess I'm not speechless?

I know what it's like to have issues with how I right. I have two main issues. The first is that I tend to focus more on dialogue than I do on imagery. I don't know why. The second issue (which is probably connected with the first) is that I have trouble writing in filler or padding. I guess you could say that they aren't really two separate issues, but more like two different descriptions of the same issue.

Uh-oh...there better not be a bad ending here!

Why do you think it's called.... 'The finale?' :ajsmug:


Just kidding.

Looks like Pumpkin has a good mindset for this kind of situation. I like it.

I have but one thing to say.


Where was y'all at, bitch?!

"What is all the racket out he-” she started, before taking notice of all the bugs and Pumpkin.

Sounds like you were sleeping!!!
Edit: Somehow I missed that there was a popping sound indicating she had teleported there.

Also, fuck yeah, Pumpkin. Little badass.

My thought was that she teleported into the throne room from where she was, hence the mention of the popping noise. Maybe that wasn't the best description of the teleport sound.

I mean, you pop into your home, into what should be relative quiet, and come out to THAT.

And she'll get quite the reward for that badassness. You'll see that in two chapters

8788045 Oh. Somehow I missed the "popping" part of popping sound. I assumed it was like she was moving around in the room she came out of, so I thought she had been there this whole time. My bad.

NOOOOO!!! Don't die Pumpkin!!!!

Can we get an explanation on where twilight was during all of this racket?

Awww...that's a sweet ending.

Well, Twilight was mainly responsible for the children getting as far as they did. She taught Pound to stop using violence to solve his problems and gave him the courage to defy his bullies, which in turn made Pumpkin look up to him even more. They haven't forgotten all that Twilight did for them as their princess.

I know that. I really liked what was written here, it was really sweet.

“It wasn’t like you were napping in the castle.”

Is that there because of the comment I made?

Actually, no. When I was proofreading this before posting I did get some amusement out of that line being there.

Whoa...I did not see that coming. Pumpkin's going to Canterlot? That's different.

Interesting. I think Pumpkin could excel real well in CSGU. And even though it would be just for school time, this could help the twins learn to be farther apart from each other. Like, they can't stay close to each other forerver. The paths their lives take could have them being far away. Ex: One of them stays in ponyville and works in the shop and the other moves away, like to Canterlot, or maybe studying abroad.

Poor Pumpkin...please cheer up!

Uh-oh...looks like Pumpkin just got one trip to Canterlot!

Wow...those judges are quite snooty....and kinda unprofessional. Though to be fair, Canterlot is always shown in a bad light when it comes to its citizens that aren't the Twilight family.

Holy shit! I didn't expect that, or the art. Awesome!

I aim to please! You guessed the overall theme of this story real easy, but I did tell you there were going to be some surprises, didn't I? :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

So this story is done(writing wise, still got 2 more chapters to post) but I'm working on PAPT 2 still. Essentially just pretend this story never happened. It picks up right after the twins birthday party.

The beginning is a simple one, much like the beginning of the first one, but the second and third ones get right into some interesting drama. One of them I don't even want to mention what it's about. I mean, you'll probably guess it pretty easily, but this keeps the suspense.

The other one is about the twins being allowed to help out in the shop. Despite being told not to handle money Pumpkin rings up a customer that's in a hurry, and panics when she finds out that she did it wrong and shortchanged the store, leading her to engaging in some questionable actions to replace the money.

Dang! I did not see that coming. Though I'm guessing I didn't see it coming because I forgot they were blank flanks. Granted, it doesn't come up very often...

Honestly, I don't know if I brought it up at all in the original story.


Any word on the next update to Twilight's First Day?


I know. Just wondering if anyone had heard anything.

My heart! Its too much! I can't take much more of this awesome story and...just great stuff. AUGH!

Well, there's only the epilogue left, so no worries.

What I wanted to show with this chapter, besides Pumpkin getting her wish to earn her brother's respect, was that both of them were feeling down, but pretty much overcame it on their own with just a small nudge from family.

This was nice. Heart warming.

Both this and the main story are marked as incomplete. Are you gonna fix that?

I don't know what to say...its so good that its hard to say how good this is.

It seems like pumpkin will get her cutie mark because of the her new magic powers

Well, there was a reason for that in the main story. It was placed in a group for ongoing stories that had no clear ending, so I wanted to wait until I posted the continuation before marking it complete, as per the group rules.

I want to see her school life

So when PaPT2 comes out, it will be marked as complete?

Yes, but why are you so fixated on that?

I was asking myself that same question. Sometimes I take things further than they need to be taken…

Well, the twins here may be willing to split up and embrace their differences, but I'm still not ready for that. Having them be split up makes it harder to write stories about them as a pair.

So, sorry, but the next adventure of the twins is as a sequel to PAPT 1, right after their 7th birthday party. The main reason I wrote this story is because it was pretty final and thus it was an idea I could never actually post considering the never-ending nature of it, but that meant it was constantly taking up internal space for other ideas.

The first chapter of the next story is finished, just needs proof-reading, and the second is nearly done. So you won't have to wait long for more twin adventures.

I liked this. It's uplifting, but realistic. It wasn't a case where someone is worried about a test and ends up getting an A. It was more like a difficult test designed to weed out the weak, and getting...a C- (I'd say it was a little above "just passing" because even if then weren't "blown away", they were still impressed, not just by her magic, but also her ideals).

Well, I'd put it closer to a C+ myself, or even a B- at best.

As they said, anyone can be a Trixie. Can she back up her words with actions? That's what they really want to see. They do think Pumpkin is overselling herself, but then again they weren't there to see Pumpkin in action, and Pumpkin undersold how well she did for her age, only talking about failing at the end.

And, doubtless, there was a little bit of 'non-Canterlot' bias there, which Pumpkin mainly overrode when she spoke about her ideals, though it came back at the end.

I'm curious about how talented you actually have to be, though. Sunburst levitated like 20 books(and himself) and that was seemingly enough to get him in the door, even if he later dropped out. Watch the end of Rarity's "Art of the dress" where she's casually lifting all her materials in circles.

LOVED THIS! I swear Hasbro should hire you as a writer. I can't wait to read on about this two cuties <3

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