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Dinky has always known her mother was a little different from a lot of ponies she met. Her eyes went in different directions, but this never bothered the filly until class bully Diamond Tiara began to mock her mother, setting Dinky into a rage. Because of a misunderstanding both mother and daughter believe the other doesn't like them anymore, and they try to make amends towards each other. In doing so Derpy reveals her regrets from the past where a cruel stallion broke her heart and left her alone and pregnant.

Will Derpy be able to overcome the past to find happiness in the present?

Coverart taken from a comic by doubleWbrothers. http://doublewbrothers.deviantart.com/art/Normal-371395121

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 530 )

Get use to feeling feels with Never2muchpinkie's stories. I have been following him since day one, and almost every one of his stories has made me cry.

5281152 I couldn't agree more Dustin Lange :pinkiehappy:

¡I really hate DiamondTiara!

5280973 I thought I hit it. Ugh. Fixing that. Thanks.

You should have come to me and told me what they were saying. Do you understand me?”

, then i could say bad Diamond Tiara, bad Silverspoon and the day would be saved:trollestia:

She went running downstairs to the living room, burying her head in a pillow and crying as she thought of what her mom had said. “She regrets everything to do with him? S-s-so does that mean my mom hates me?”

I am not sure how she could think like that, but i guess a child don´t need a reason, i think you have done a good work with your story.

I think a little bit of the sad tag and a few feelings, are very nice with a good ending in the end. Well it is like in one movie i have seen, there was a man with a terrible illness and he had to win in a court. phyladelphia or something was the name of the movie i think.

I like the story good work.

5280970 Darth Vader: The feels are strong with this one.

5281152 Wait, wait, wait. ALMOST every one? :pinkiesad2::pinkiesick: I'm giving up writing. I've failed as a writer. :twilightsheepish:

5281714 Well, hey! At least Dinky gave her what for.

5281971 Agreed with Cheerilee, but at least in my story she actually gave them a punishment.

As for Dinky it's a jump in logic. "Mom REGRETS EVERYTHING to do with dad. One of the things she did with Dad is create me. Thus, mom regrets my existence."

5282054 If i understand you right it happend to you to right?
Well i mean i understand that a child her age think she would maybe mean it like that, but right now i can´t image i would understand it the same way she does. (sorry sometimes i don´t be able to write it like i mean it, my bad english grammar i guess.)

And for Cheerielee, yes i am gratefull that you gave them at least a real punishment, it is probably the first i ever saw. I never questioned it befor, but even if they have much money, how are Diamond Tiara and her Dad able to force them to not punish Diamond?
I guess in some fanfictions it would even not work if they would go to Celestia at the last possibility, i mean i can see how Celestia says something like " i am not allowed to use my royal position to punish other ponys for their bad behavior, NO i must let them continue!!!"

To be honest even if there is maybe something true about that, i mean that she isn´t allowed to do everything, but i think in Equestria she really has to say everything and the only thing that would change it, would be maybe an angry crowd.
To be honest i still think, if Filthy Rich would really prevent themself for being punished, i think Celestia could change something about that, i don´t know what but i know she could do something.

Sorry some of this was not about your story, but i just started thinking about it.:twilightblush:

A few of the Pound & Pumpkin Tales stories didn't make me cry... mostly because they were not meant to make people cry. :eeyup:

U got my interest, and a like :pinkiehappy:

5282113 No. I haven't had anything like that happen to me. The inspiration from this story came from a comic, the one from the cover art. th04.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2013/133/a/a/normal_by_doublewbrothers-d654ab5.jpg Also, a askblog called "Out of work Derpy" which focuses on what happened after Derpy was "Fired" from MLP following her speaking appearance in "The last roundup." That influence is gonna show up in the next chapter, where Derpy explains why she hates "Daddy" and about her money troubles.

Welp, you can't say this isn't realistic. We have little kid logic meeting up with the whole self-worth thing and the fall-out ain't pretty. It never is.

5282752 A little confused at your comment. Is that supposed to be "I can see this isn't very realistic" or "I can't say this isn't very realistic?" Going by the context of the rest of the comment I'd say it's the second one.

Aw man, all those wasted chocolate chip cookies over two dumb bitches (DT/SS). It could have been a good day.

5282813 I misspelled 'say' and meant that we're dealing with a typical domestic misunderstanding that leaves both sides feeling not so happy.

Oh noes! Sad feels! And there is no next chapter to console me :fluttershyouch:
Curses Pinkie! Playing our hearts like some wicked literary maestro *shakes fist into the air defiantly and dramatically*

5284277 It's only getting worse from here! But of course it picks up. I never end stories on a depressing note. Daddy really sucks! We get to find out why Derpy hates him so much.

Derpy has a good heart, she is to forgiving. I understand her, as she said that this idiot shooting star, would probably have no problem to fight against every accusation, and would be maybe able to do bad things to heir family. I mean i don´t know what would be possible in Equestria but i think it would be maybe even easier to do such things than i can know it.

yeah i am not sure if i know how to say the other things i want to say, it is already 22:38 and that´s to late to write such difficult comments. (english is my second lagnuage and i am not good with grammar anyway)

Oh i just forgot, really good story.

you gave me late night feels...:fluttercry:
you deserve a like!!:scootangel:

I'm thinking of a cheery little headline that'll make everyone's lives happier: "Dead-beat Dad beat dead."

5289746 She didn't forgive him. He was just too big to fight against. She was basically blackmailed into keeping Shooting's reputation intact with the implication that if she went against him he would ensure she went right back to being the social outcast she was at the start. And that's just another one of her regrets. She sold out her integrity to remain popular. It couldn't really be helped, though. Being pregnant the stress of being a source of constant mockery could have caused her to do something drastic or have a miscarriage and lose the baby.

5291798 i thought i had changed that part of my comment, but well. Your right, you said more than i thought of at this moment, but it sounds right. I mean i would have probably do it similar like her, i mean if you know one want really to go back where Derpy was in this story.
But it is a good thing that she keeped her personality and didn´t changed it because of him.

Hey, man. Just want to thank you for writing the strong pro-life imagery. I'm the result of a high school teen pregnancy, minus the jerky dude who wanted nothing to do with her. Difference is, I got put up for adoption.
You didn't say fetus. You said "unborn child."
This story resonates with me because I know the struggles my birth mother went through, she's told me a rather similar story to this. (Biological father was drunk, though.)
Also, the bullying is something that I know a lot about, I was in Derpy's position growing up. In school, I was constantly bullied for being different; but it was only for pursuing odd interests. That, and I never related well to others. This story made my eyes well up in a mixture of sadness and joy, and for that you get awesome points.
God bless you, man.

5292548 It wasn't my intention to push a pro-life agenda, but I am glad you are around to enjoy my work. I think too often people get abortions just because they don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The inspiration for this story came from several different sources. There is the comic where the name comes from. There is an ask Tumblr called "out of work Derpy" which is what this chapter is based on. In that flashback story for Dinky her boyfriend was a much better guy. When she got pregnant Derpy planned to get an abortion since they were so young but he talked here out of it because they could raise the child together. The stallion, Rising Star, wanted to take after his father in a dangerous job, but Derpy talked him out of it for the sake of keeping the family together., leading to a fallout with the dad that didn't get patched up before the dad died, and Rising began to take that anger out on Derpy since she was the one who had talked him out of it.

That's also part of what gripped me here, my birth mother reached the same conclusion as Derpy:
why have her child pay for her mistake? (My mother had considered abortion at one point.)
Regardless, whether your intent was a pro-life agenda or not, you still called the unborn Dinky a "Child", and not a "Fetus", "Blob of Tissue," or some other de-humanizing (or in this case de-ponyizing) term. A true mother's love dictates that, within her womb, there is a living being that has every right to life that we do.
I can't tell you how much the feminist crowd annoys me by trying to avoid motherhood until they're ready, if they're choosing to have sex then they're choosing to be parents...
Your fic really gets one thinking about the matter, to be honest. Its a scenario that people go through, its characters may be fictitious but the experiences are not.
Again, thank you for such a heart warming story. It hits really close to home.

5292940 There's a saying. I don't know who it's from, but it goes, "I notice that all the people in favor of abortion have already been born."

If you'd like my cutest and most adorable story check out "How a Pie became a Cake." It's about Pinkie's first day in Ponyville, and how she helped save Sugarcube Corner from shutting down. In return the Cakes let her move in. It's the most popular story on my page.

Just look at how happy they are. fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/221/9/3/new_family_by_kyuubinaruto18-d7uhdlg.jpg

...I'm actually in school right now, and I read your fic on lunch break. Will check it out later today.
*adds to read later*

:fluttercry: Dang man, right in the feels. Poor Derpy :fluttershysad:

I mean at least Dinky knows their not the problem or regret, but still, all the hurt feelings D:

I just want these two to hug so bad >.<

Breaks my heart, it does. Though through bad times or good, I'm still looking forward to the next chapter, whatever feels may come with it.

5293121 The next chapter is the end. The worst is over. Now it's time to coast to the finish line where they work out the last of their issues and be adorable.

5293186 I'm sorta planning out a fourth chapter, where Derpy gets the stallion she deserves. It would pair her up with her fanon lover/father of Dinky/husband Doctor Whooves.

I'm not sure yet how I want it to go, though. I've never done shipping or romance in my fics, so I have to be very careful.

Well, it's up to you. If it's going to be overbearing or unfitting, don't force yourself. A nice conclusion to this is fair enough for me.

Also, random note. Derpy's a hardworker, so what if we pair up Big Mac & Derpy :derpyderp2:
I just thought of it!

I am so glad that it isn´t over yet, and without me notice it earliear, i had to feel with them and got rather calm to the end, good work:heart:

I hope that in the epilogue, Dinky explains to Princess Twilight Sparkle what a scumbag Shooting Star is and Princess Twilight Sparkle orders his execution.

5298478 So I decided to go through with it. Since I'm not big on romance stories I'm not gonna really push the romance bit too hard. To avoid "Love at first sight" I'm gonna have him already be a friend of Derpy's, and Dinky sets him up with her mom in the hopes that they'll get together.

After that is the happy ending epilogue, which will switch to a 1st person view to really get the best feeling of how ecstatic Derpy is.

That sounds nice. And this chapter was so lovely ;-;

Can you feel, the love toniiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhttttttttt :heart:

Dude, that was sooo heartwarming!:pinkiesad2:
Most people have to deal with derpy's problem and it is so sad. Thankfully this one turned out this alright. Still, its so sad what people do:fluttercry: I also sing that sweet lullaby to my littlest sister. She loves it:heart:

Doctor! doctor!doctor!doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:derpytongue2:

5307611 It's not over yet! :heart:

Now that Derpy has decided to remove the crap from her past now she has the room to start filling her life with better things. The saddest part is over, and now it's time for her to get what she deserves. Good feels will abound in the next 3 chapters. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

The feels.... In a good way yes. :rainbowkiss:

It was fairly well paced. I think derpy could have waited a little longer, but if she felt ready I know I can trust the doctor to be good to her. Also, not one for physical interactions before the wedding, but you did a good job of staying just far enough of where it would be a bother. Derpy is a mare, and my English teacher once told me that " Men want respect and women want to be loved." Derpy needed to be loved and the Doctor had respect for her as she respects him. The perfect couple.

Really well done. Though I'm not a romantic person, Derpy and the Doctor are my 1 couple. I am also a DiscordXFluttershy fan. Due to the story" Bride of Discord." Ever heard of it? Oh! and third place is cheesypie. Those two party planners together look so good:scootangel:

Anyway, have any hints for the next chapter?:trixieshiftright:

Damn...what a rather sweet story this is turning into. I can't wait to read more from you when you update this next.

-Frost :pinkiesmile:

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