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Pound and Pumpkin Tales 2 - Never2muchpinkie

The continuing adventures of the now seven years old Pound and Pumpkin

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4-1: Foalsitters

Pound was sitting on his bed when he heard the buzzing of the magic journal. Opening it up he read it, his eyes lighting up.

Going to the door to their room he yelled out, “PUMPKIN!”

Pumpkin opened the door to Pinkie’s room. “What is it?”

“Come here! Quick!”

Pumpkin turned behind her. “I’ll be right back, Auntie Pinkie.”

“No problem,” Pinkie replied.

Pumpkin came down the stairs, seeing Pound practically jumping up and down in excitement. “What’s got you so hyped?”

Pound shoved the journal in her face, making Pumpkin back up a step before she took it in her hooves.

She scanned the few lines of text before she got that same ecstatic look on her face.

The pair ran downstairs. “MOM!” they called out.

Cup looked up from wiping down a table. “Yes, my dear children. What is it?”

They held up the notebook, and Cup set down the rag she was using to take it in her hooves and read it.

“Hey, you guys. It’s Flurry Heart.

“My mom and dad want to come visit Aunt Twilight this Saturday. Since you got along so well, and since you didn’t get to play with her during your party, they want to know if you’d be interested in babysitting Skyla for a few hours.

“No pressure. Uncle Sunburst is free to watch her, but they figured you might want to play with her again.

“Let me know as soon as possible.

“Flurry Heart.”

Cup lowered the book, seeing the bright, anticipatory looks on her children’s faces. They didn’t even need to say anything.

She wasn’t too worried about their ability to take care of a baby. They had done a fine job of that the last time they had cared for Skyla. But…

She took in a small breath. “I have complete confidence in your ability to watch over Skyla.” That made both of them beam. “However, I do have some reservations.”

That made their faces fall a little. “What do you mean, Mom?” asked Pound. “What’s the problem?”

“The problem is that she’s an alicorn.”

Pumpkin scowled. “Are you still on about this problem with royalty?”

“Honestly!” Pound said exasperatedly. “How many princesses have you had in this house? Just get over it already.”

Cup shook her head. “No! That’s not my issue. What I’m trying to say is that we have no way to control her if she starts getting rambunctious. You were the same way, Pumpkin.

“Oh, sure, if Skyla is as agreeable as she was the first time you three played everything will go great, but what if she’s fussy? Or goes on a tantrum? I’m just a little nervous about having an alicorn baby here without a means to rein her in.”

The twins looked mollified by her explanation. “Is that all?” asked Pumpkin calmly. “That’s not even an issue.”

“How do you figure?”

“It’s simple. All Flurry has to do is loan Cadance her magic notebook. If there’s trouble we just jot a small note asking for help, and Cadance or Shining or Twilight can poof over here to take care of the problem.”

Cup sucked on her cheek. “Mmmm…” After a few moments more she said, “Alright, then. I grant my permission.”

The twins got their look of joy back. “WOOHOO!” they both yelled, slapping each other’s hooves. Both of them started dancing in excitement, making Cup chuckle.

She let out a small sigh. She was still a little anxious, but at least this hangout was occurring on the weekend, when the store would be closed.

The twins wrote back to Flurry, giving her the good news, and the next day the two of them were sitting in front of the entrance, waiting anxiously for the trio to arrive.

It was a little after nine. “What do you think is taking so long?” asked Pound.

“I know. I thought they’d be here by now.”

Pinkie chuckled. The two were like stone statues. “Come on, you guys. Have some breakfast.”

“Breakfast can wait!” Pound said strongly.

“Yeah!” Pumpkin replied right after.

Pinkie walked over, sitting in front of them. “Keep in mind that they have to take the train all the way from the Crystal Empire. That’s quite a trip.”

“Why? The two of them can teleport, can’t they?”

Pinkie nodded. “Maybe so, but do you really think they’d be comfortable teleporting the baby?”

Pound opened his mouth, started to answer in the affirmative, then stopped. “No. No, I don’t.”

“Babies are delicate,” said Pumpkin. “I wouldn’t want to risk Skyla’s health just to save some time, so I don’t think they would either.”

Pinkie hugged the two of them. “I’m glad that the two of you are so eager to commence your duties, but you’re not being very responsible right now.”

“Why not?”

“As a caretaker it’s your job to watch after Skyla.”

“But she’s not even here yet!” said Pound. “So how are we being irresponsible?”

“It certainly is very important to care for the baby, but that all starts with taking care of yourself. If you’re too distracted being hungry it might cause you to miss something that Skyla does that’s dangerous.

“You want to be at your mental and physical best so you can best watch over Skyla.” Releasing them she continued on, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

The twins looked at each other, then gave a nod. “You’re right, Auntie Pinkie,” said Pumpkin.

“I want some waffles!” Pound said excitedly.

“Sounds great.”

As they started walking toward the kitchen Pinkie suddenly paused, making the twins stop too.

“What’s wrong?” asked Pumpkin.

Pinkie looked at her flank, seeing her buzzing cutie mark. “Mmm. I was hoping to play with the baby too, but I guess the map has other plans.”

“Aww, that’s too bad. Maybe you’ll be lucky and you won’t have to go too far.”

Pound bit his lip. “The map always calls at least two ponies. If Twilight is one of the ones its calling then our plans might be ruined already.”

Pumpkin’s face fell. “Oh, no! That would stink.”

Pinkie smiled. “And why would that be?”

Both of them looked strangely at her. “Isn’t it obvious? If there’s no Twilight then they don’t have any reason to be here.”

“And? After spending a few hours on a train I don’t think they’re going to be eager to get right back on. They’ll probably be hungry after their trip, so I don’t see any reason you can’t play with Skyla for a few hours while they eat.

“I doubt they’d want to waste this trip, so I think they’d just hang out here while you took care of Skyla.

“Buck up. Everything will be fine.”

They looked a little uncertain, but they weren’t as worried as they were before.

She went to Cup to tell her that she had been summoned by the Cutie Map and to start breakfast for the twins before departing.

Pumpkin went into the kitchen. “Hey, Mom.”

“Hello, Sweetie,” she replied. “Pinkie told me your brother wanted waffles for breakfast. What about you?”

Pumpkin got a thoughtful look on her face. “Mmm… I could do waffles too.”

“Okay. Coming right up.”

After about ten minutes the two were at the table eating their breakfast.

As Pumpkin speared a piece of waffle she said, “Wow. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Skyla.”

Pound nodded. “It’s been a few months, yeah.” He put a piece in his mouth and chewed. When he swallowed he said, “I mean, she was at our birthday party, but as Flurry said she slept through the whole thing.”

“Just think about it, Pound. If it wasn’t for Skyla we wouldn’t have our pets.”

Pound chuckled. “I don’t know so much about that. It was more like Mom just found it easier to get us some pets instead of having another baby.”

Pumpkin rubbed her waffle in syrup, lifting up her fork. “Yeah, but we wouldn’t have gotten the idea to ask for her to have another baby if we hadn’t played with Skyla first.”

As Pumpkin ate her latest piece Pound shrugged. “I guess you’re right. We sure proved how responsible we could be.”

“And we’ve kept proving it since then. Even on our bad days we always make sure to take care of our pets.”

Cup smiled. “No doubt about it. You two have showed your growth magnificently over the past few months.”

The two beamed.

When they finished their breakfast they washed their own dishes and silverware before going back to sitting near the front door.

It was about twenty minutes later that they heard the knock on the door. The two of them exploded with energy, rushing to open the door.

“Hello!” they said pleasantly at the sight of Cadance, Shining, and Skyla. Both of them were trotting in place.

Cadance could easily see how overjoyed they looked. After how well they got along last time she wasn’t worried about letting them watch over her daughter again.

Pound’s smile got a little strained. “I have an important question.”

“Yes, Pound?” asked Shining.

“Can we still watch Skyla if Twilight is busy?”

“What do you mean? Of course she’s going to be busy. With us.”

Pound let out a breath. “Well, Auntie Pinkie got called by the map a little while ago.”

“And we don’t know who else it called,” said Pumpkin. “It might not be her, but it could be.”

Shining and Cadance looked at each other. “Mmm…”

Shining’s horn began glowing. “Well, better get this settled right now. Either way, we made this long trip, and we wouldn’t want to let you down by taking this opportunity away from you.”

Looks of relief crossed the twin’s features as Shining vanished.

Cadance levitated Skyla off her back, setting her on the ground in front of the twins.

“Hello, Skyla!” Pound said with a big grin.

“Do you remember us?” asked Pumpkin. “I’m Pumpkin.”

“And I’m Pound.”

“We played together.”

“And then we sang you a lullaby and held you until you fell asleep.”

Skyla looked at them uncertainly, though a vague memory stirred inside her.

Cadance rubbed her daughter’s head. “She’s still a baby, so her memory isn’t that good yet. You only interacted with her once, a few months ago. It’s not too surprising that she doesn’t remember you.”

They weren’t deterred. “Well, then!” said Pound.

“If she doesn’t remember us,” said Pumpkin, “then we’ll just have to jog her memory!”

Lifting her up in her magic she set Skyla on Pound’s back.

At first Skyla looked a little frightened, but once Pound took off trotting Skyla let out a squeal of delight. She leaned over, holding onto Pound’s neck. “Fas’er, fas’er!” she called out.

“No worries, bro,” said Pumpkin. “I won’t let her fall.”

Pound nodded before he started running around, Skyla giggling joyfully.

Cadance grinned, glad they were already getting along.

After a minute Shining returned with Twilight in tow.

“Hello, there,” said Twilight to the twins.

The two trotted up to her. “Hi, Twilight!”

Skyla frowned as Pound stopped. She tapped his head. “Run! Run!”

“Hold on, Skyla,” he replied.

“Well,” said Twilight, “I don’t want to keep you from your fun, so I’ll give you the good news. Fluttershy was the other pony called by the map, not me.”

“Woohoo!” they shouted out, jumping into the air.

“Wah!” Skyla called out as she went into the air for a moment, her loose grip bucking her off of Pound’s back.

Twilight quickly enveloped her in her magic before gently setting her back down on the floor.

Pound blushed deeply. “Sorry! Sorry!” He hoped he didn’t just ruin everything.

Cadance took a deep breath. “I understand that in your excitement you had a lapse of memory that you had a guest riding on you, but do try to keep that in mind in the future. I am counting on you to keep Skyla safe while I’m with Twilight.”

Pound gave a nod, his face still red.

Pumpkin, wanting to change the subject, asked, “So what about Flurry Heart? I figured she’d come along too to play.”

Shining said, “Of course, but she said that she already gets plenty of time to play with Skyla, so she didn’t want to take that time away from you two.”

Pound took a deep breath and stood up straight, saluting. “I promise I’ll do better. I certainly don’t want to see Skyla get hurt.”

“That’s all we can ask for.”

Cadance and Shining both gave Skyla a kiss. “We’re going to go out with your Auntie Twilight for a little while, Skyla,” said Cadance. “So you get to play fun games with Pound and Pumpkin, okay?”

Skyla gave a big nod. “Play! Play!” She unfurled her wings and took to the air for a moment before landing on Pumpkin’s back. “Run! Run!”

“I think they’re got everything under control,” said Twilight as she looked at the happy trio.

Shining nodded.

Cup came out of the kitchen, also watching her children for a short while before giving a quick bow to the princesses. “Greetings.”

“Hello there, Mrs. Cake,” said Twilight. “Everything is on track, so we were just getting ready to go.”

“Well, you three have a good time. We’ll be fine here… hopefully.”

Cadance’s horn glowed, a notebook coming out of her saddle bag. “As per your suggestion we have the magical notebook with us. If Skyla starts getting out of control just give us a quick message and we’ll come as soon as we can.”

Cup nodded. “Sounds good. From what I’m seeing so far things are going to go much as they did the last time Skyla was here.”

Twilight grinned as all of them turned to look at the three children again, having a blast. “Looks like it to me.”

“Which I’m glad for,” said Shining, “considering it’s the reason we made this offer in the first place rather than just leaving her with Sunburst.”

Cadance bowed her head. “Even if they wanted this I still want to express my gratitude to you for agreeing to this.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, Princess,” said Cup. “After all, our children have gotten increasingly more responsible lately. They’re really growing up.”

“And Flurry’s doing the same, thanks to the help of your kids. As a parent, it’s a lovely feeling, isn’t it?“

Cup nodded. “It sure is.

“Well, you three have a good time.”

“We’ll try our best,” said Twilight.

With a few more goodbyes the three of them left.

Cup closed the front door as Twilight, Cadance, and Shining left. She didn’t feel there was anything for her to do. The twins were having a great time, and she knew they wouldn’t deliberately do anything to put Skyla in harm’s way. She also had a feeling they weren’t going to share her without a fight, so she just had to check in on them every now and again.

“Kids, can you come over here for a second?”

“Now, Mom?” asked Pound.

“The quicker you come the quicker you can get back to your fun.”

“Come on, Skyla!” Pumpkin said brightly, levitating the alicorn over to her so she could hold her. She gave Skyla a kiss. “We need to go see our mama real quick.”

“Mama?” said Skyla, looking around the room.

Pound gave Pumpkin a gentle slap in the back of the head. “We don’t need to remind her that her mom isn’t here. Don’t go upsetting her now, dummy.”

“I wasn’t trying to upset her,” Pumpkin replied, throwing Skyla up in the air to distract her. That got a laugh out of the foal.

Pound looked up at his mother. “Yes?” he said impatiently.

“I just wanted to remind you that Cadance did bring that notebook from Flurry, so if Skyla starts getting out of hoof then you just have to write her and she’ll come and help.”

Pumpkin nuzzled Skyla’s face. “I don’t think we’ll be needing help with this little angel.”

Cup rolled her eyes before shaking her head. “You’ve heard Pinkie’s story about you two. Babies can be very problematic when they get in the right mood.”

“We’ll keep that in mind,” said Pound. “Can we go now?”

Cup let out a little sigh. “Fine.”

In moments the sound of laughter rang through the room as Pumpkin threw Flurry up in the air again.

“I really would prefer it if you didn’t do that. If Skyla gets hurt you’ll see what I mean about baby temper tantrums.”

Pumpkin said dismissively, “Oh, come on, Mom. It’s fine. I’ve got my magic.” She threw the baby up in the air again, catching her to another round of giggles.

“Hmph. That’s fine if you feel you’re going to miss her, but one wrong move and you might headbutt each other, or you might scrape her with your horn. An accident is one thing, but if you deliberately do something that’s dangerous for the baby, and you have to call them back, then Cadance and Shining might feel you’re not mature enough to care for their daughter.

“You don’t want to lose this opportunity to have fun with her, do you?”

“No, Mom!” they both said quickly.

“That’s fine,” said Pound. “There’s plenty of other stuff we can do with her.”

“Yeah!” said Pumpkin, setting the foal on the floor.

Pound trotted away. “Here I come!” He let out a little roar. “I’m gonna get you!”

“Eek!” Pumpkin cried out. “Come on, Skyla.”

“Eek!” Skyla said before laughing, her and Pumpkin trotting away from Pound.

Cup felt they had things under control now. She looked around the shop. Weekends were usually devoted to family time, as well as preparing things for their Monday opening. With the kids looking after Skyla family time was out, so it made a prime opportunity to start the set-up process. She just wasn’t in the mood to do it.

She felt like she was always working, whether it be the shop or at being a mother or a good wife. She could use a little unwinding time.

She directed her gaze back to her children. Would they be alright without her? She reminded herself that if things got out of control they always had the magic notebook. There was no need to worry.

“Pound, Pumpkin?” Cup called out to her children.

“Yeah, Mom?” they replied, not breaking from their chase.

“Would you mind if I went down to the spa for a few hours? I could go for a little pampering.”

“Sure!” said Pound, pouncing on Pumpkin.

“Oh, no!” Pumpkin cried out dramatically. “He got me.”

“Oh, no!” Skyla said right after. “Punkin!”

“Have fun, Mom,” said Pumpkin as Pound got off her and she got back up.

Skyla scraped her hoof on the floor a few times before barking like a dog. “I monstah! Heres I come.”

“Oh, no!” the twins said as they began to run away with her, Skyla continuing to bark as she ran toward them.

She went upstairs to get some money, hearing the sound of the shower as she passed by it.

When she went back downstairs she called out to her children again. “Pound, Pumpkin, your father is in the shower so just tell him where I’ve gone, okay?”

“Sure, Mom!” they replied as Skyla caught them.

“I gots you!” Skyla said happily, letting out another bark.

“You sure did!” said Pound, pulling her into a hug.

Cup smiled. If things stayed like this she thought that she wouldn’t need another spa trip right after this one.

“Bye, kids.”

“Bye, Mom!”

Pumpkin began to roar now. “Grrrr! I’m a dragon.”

Pound gasped. “Uh-oh!”

“Uh-oh!” said Skyla. “Gotta wun!” Pound and Skyla got a small head start before Pumpkin began to chase them.

“Ah, to be young again,” said Cup as she walked out the door.

A few minutes later Carrot left the bathroom, feeling refreshed from his shower. He walked downstairs, following the sounds of happy children.

He looked at his two children playing with the baby. Skyla was smiling and laughing like crazy. Everything seemed under control.

He went up to his kids. “Hey, there.”

“Hi, Dad,” they replied, barely giving him a look.

“Look, it’s a pretty calm day so I’d like to go out and do some shopping.”

“Okay.” Once more they were barely paying attention, having too much fun.

“Just remember that if things start getting out of control you can always call on Cadance.”

“We remember,” said Pound.

“Bye, now,” said Pumpkin.

“And make sure to tell your mother where I’ve gone,” said Carrot.

“O-kay!” said Pound.

“Bye, now!” Pumpkin said with a touch of impatience.

Carrot giggled before gently shaking his head. They were completely entranced with the baby, but he didn’t think there was any need to worry, as Skyla seemed to love them too.

He gathered his money and a few things and headed out.

Five minutes passed before the realization hit.

“Hmm?” Pound suddenly stopped trotting after Skyla, getting a confused look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Pumpkin.

“Is it just me, or did Mom and Dad just leave us all alone?”

Now Pumpkin had an odd look on her face. Sure enough, she remembered that their parents had both left, thinking the other parent was there.

Pound crossed his hooves, a thoughtful look on his face. “Well, this isn’t good.”

Pumpkin went to the front door, opening it and taking a look around. There was no sign of their father anywhere. She closed the door. “I don’t see him.”

“Mmm.” Pound tapped a hoof on the floor. “You think we should call Cadance?”

“Hey!” said Pumpkin. “We’re responsible children, right? We’re just gonna do the same stuff we were already doing anyway.”

Pound’s eyebrow went up. “I guess…”

“And since we are responsible kids that means we have to do all we can to keep taking care of Skyla until they return, and that starts with making sure she’s safe.” She went to the front door and locked it. “There. Now no one can get in. We don’t open the door for anyone unless we know who they are.”

Pound gave a hearty nod. “Right.”

“Besides that…” Pumpkin put a thoughtful hoof to her chin. “Hmm, I guess there’s just more playtime, right?”

Pound nodded again. “That sounds good to me.”

Author's Note:

Hey there. Not dead yet.

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