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The beginning of Scootaloo's life wasn't easy. At less than a month old she lost her parents and was herself heavily injured from an attack by creatures of the Everfree Forest. She was found by an elderly mare named Peach Cobbler.

She struggles with a condition from the accident where she's told her wings will never grow in right and leave her flightless for life. At first she's ready to give up hope, until a chance meeting with a certain blue pegasus that changes her life and makes her fight like she's never fought before, to accomplish the dream of catching up to her idol.

Along the way of her journey she learns a lot, mastering her scooter and flying skills, saving a few lives, and in the end she finally gets the chance to race against Rainbow Dash to show her true worth.

Link to cover art: http://neko-me.deviantart.com/art/Teach-me-how-to-fly-sis-464971041

RIP to JustAnotherBrony, who committed suicide. If it wasn't for his inspiration I might never have finished this work. Thank you for your support.

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Holy mother of balls this is long.
I'm going to read this, just because of the sheer effort put in. I've also got high hopes on your writing style, just from a sneak peak into the first chapter. However, I haven't got the time to start it right now, sadly. :raritydespair: I'll do it as soon as possible, though. :twilightsmile:

Holy mother of balls, why do I keep running into you eveory where I go!?

3970288 I've got too much free time
read this story though, seriously, there's too much effort put into it to go to waste

Shit! I wish I had you're speed! Welp on to reading, I loooove me some Scootaloo!:rainbowwild:

This looks pretty good at a glance and I look forward to reading it, however it might be wiser if you update it periodically rather than putting out the whole thing in one go, that way you'll have more opportunities to get new readers

3970271 Oh you're telling me it;s long. I myself cant' believe how long this turned out to be. I had the general idea's of all the chapters, but I never expected it to come out to so many pages. Hope you enjoy it when you get the time to finish it. :derpytongue2:

3970455 I didn't think about that. I really wasn't expecting to get a ton of hits so I just figured it would be better that way. Either way, none of my other stories are going to come anywhere near close to this in length. I was surprised I was able to push this all the way through. I kept almost giving up on it, but then I'd push through because I had a person on another FIM site expressing interest in it. I just figured since I had the whole thing done already that I'd just post the whole thing.

3970354 Thank you! Hope you love it!

3970338 Well, if you love Scootaloo then this is the fic for you. Hope you love it and save it and cherish it. :scootangel:

3970516 hehe, in the future, try releasing the chapters over time :rainbowwild: You'll pull more viewers, and they won't be as intimidated to start it

Damn. I hate it when I wan to read something but it's this freaking long... I've barely read any, and I already like your writing style... Hmm.. You seem to be very creative. I'll read more of this when I get the time, and be on the look out for any later, shorter stories. Anyone who puts this much effort into their work deserves a follow. :pinkiesmile: :scootangel:

Looks good, pretty long and has Scoots :scootangel:

This night will all be about reading :twilightsmile:

Youre really mixing the seasons here so I have a hard time with the timeline continuity, otherwise good

One of the best chapters yet! For some reason, I was crying when it came to the rescue of Rose Blossom. I think it is because I can relate to Scoot so much more than anypony else. :scootangel:

Chapter 6 almost made me cry because I thought Scootaloo died.

3970872 I'm glad you want to read it. Sorry it's so long. As I said below even I was surprised at how long it came out to be. IT didn't feel that long when I plotted it out. Thats why I seperated it into chapters. Don't read it all in one shot if the length is whats going to scare you away. I hope you do enjoy it to the fullest if you read it all the way through to the end. :rainbowwild: And yes, don't worry. None of my other works come anywhere near this length. Just gotta finish them.

3972083 Yes, I really like her rescue too. I felt it was about time to throw Scootaloo a bone and let her be a hero to someone, and it shows that what happened in her past is something she wants to prevent others from experiencing.

3972223 I know the wording made it seem that way, but if she died how would there be a seventh chapter? :derpytongue2: Unless it was a ghost Scootaloo. :scootangel:

:raritydespair: I'm done? What? God, that was a really good story!
Can't wate to see what you have comming next!

“Oh, for pony’s sake! Here!” Said Rarity in an exaggerated voice. And before I knew it there was a garbage can between us. “If you’re going to talk so much trash you’ll need this.”


This chapter brought me to tears at the rescue and how determined Scootaloo was to make sure little Rose didn't suffer the way she did. Awesome save, I can totally see Rose Blossom following in the footsteps of Scootaloo and becoming the champion flyer of her generation. Can we someday see Spitfire, Rainbow, Scoots, and Rose all flying together to represent four generation of determination and role models???

3972083 It does bring tears to your eyes, if you don't cry during this chapter you have no soul.:fluttercry:

Another great chapter that tugged at my heartstrings and made tears run from my eyes. The only negative note is that I think Scootaloo should have passed her old scooter to Rose Blossom.

:rainbowderp:Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash vs a dragon... :rainbowdetermined2:LET'S DO THIS!!!
AWESOME BATTLE WITH THE DRAGON, GOT MY HEART RACING AND HAD ME CHEERING FOR OUR TWO HEROES. Sonic Rainboom Headbutt is now in my head cannon... but what about a kick???

This was a great story. My favorite parts were Scootaloo rescuing Rose Blossom and fighting the dragon on her own then with Rainbow. Well done story and a good read.

3981384 :rainbowderp: Oh my gosh! I never thought of that. It is a good idea. If this story was going to continue on then I really would use that, but it's already long enough as it is and I felt it ended on the best note it could. Rose would only be about 2 or 3 by the time Scoots got her new scooter, so she'd still be a little young to give it to. Though I definitely agree that if I gave more focus to Rose that she'd definitely take after Scootaloo the same way that Scoots takes after Rainbow Dash.

I'm glad you liked the story. Thank you for taking the time to read this mammoth of a story.

3981384 Hey there. So I went and did it! Are you happy now??? :rainbowkiss: It's a short addition that takes place a week after the end of the race, but it does have what you asked for. NOW this story is COMLETE! For good!!!!! Got it! :flutterrage: But seriously THANK YOU for the inspiration. I enjoyed this little piece.:yay:

I..:fluttershyouch:I had to not cry because I was in the middle of class when I read this... but now I am in the bathroom, and I can quietly sob my eyes out...:raritycry:

:fluttercry: It's so beautiful!

4001211 Helping authors get ideas to make stories better is something I enjoy doing.

4001356 I'll one up you by being in the break room at work surrounded by co-workers.

4002225 :yay: I'm glad you loved it. I had a blast writing this emotional piece. Scoots crying, Star Gazers words of telling her how brave she was, and Rose Blossom giving up the scooter all made me cry as I was writing it.

I think this sidestory was necessary to give Rose Blossom a litttle character development and personality,. I envision her as basiically the same as a filly Scootaloo, and Scoots sees that too.in the way she admires and looks up to her big sister and wants to catch up to her. Did you notice the way parts of Rainbow's personality worse off on Scoots, by sometimes calling her sister squirt or kid or munchkin?

Again, thank you for the inspiration and making a fun chapter for me. :rainbowwild::heart:

Are your co-workers immature enough to call you a pony f*cker?:pinkiesick:
I have learned to block them out thou.

4002412 They don't know what I was reading, I just got watery eyes and acted like nothing was wrong. They already know I'm kind of crazy, but like Ponyville tolerates Pinkie they have to put up with me. As long as I do my share of the work they don't really care. I don't make a big deal about what I read, they're used to seeing me reading on my Itouch, which makes it hard for people to read over my shoulder. :scootangel::trollestia:

And if they said that insult to me, I'd say "In your dreams. And what does it say about you knowing about the MLP fandom????":facehoof::trollestia:

oh my god...these feels! I loved the whole story, but this bonus..was the sonic rainboom! Too bad I can only give you 1 thumbs up, cause I'd love to give you infinity of them, you got yourself a follower! :rainbowdetermined2:

4010441 I'm glad you loved the bonus chapter, but as I wrote at the beginning all credit for the idea that sparked it goes to Kenshinryuu. If it wasn't for his comment on the matter it wouldn't exist. And I think it made the story feel a little more complete, because Rose never really got any spotlight. I hope I can continue to entertain you with my other stories :rainbowkiss:


So I wanted to ask your opinions on something. Do you think this story would feel as powerful if it hadn't been in the first-person view? I haven't read many Scootaloo fanfics, so I don't know how many people go that route, but IMO a Scootaloo focused fic works better that way, as it helps to get her hero worship in more, and really brings scope to her torment of her trouble with her wings and flying.

For me, it all depends on the story.
Guardians of many hues by Tadstone is done in the 3rd, and it works wonders. Yours is in 1st and it works just as well in my opinion. :scootangel:

4013223 I think it worked really well as is, it gave us a good glimpse into Scoot's thoughts and actions.


I'd say it's all depending on the story, Personally I'd say that this story wouldn't had been as powerful in a third person perspective, as it is right now, cause we really get a feel on Scootaloos emotions and what she's going through, I don't think a third person perspective could have done that for this story. :scootangel:

4013683 You know, I really don't like you right now.:flutterrage: I was happy with this story as it was, then you gave me inspiration to add an extra part and i thought I was done. Now that I gave Rose Blossom an actual personality I just feel like I want to explore her more. Already this story is too long, and I have like four other fanfics on the backburner, but I already have new ideas focusing on Rose Blossoms and Scootaloo's relationship I want to use, and I'd like to give Rose the spotlight in a chapter that is only about her mostly. One idea is to have Rose Blossom get the scooter stolen by some bullies, and doing something reckless to try to get it back. I don't know if I'm going to actually write it yet, but I'm definitely considering it. CURSE YOU!!!! :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::rainbowkiss::heart::heart::heart::heart:

That sounds like it would be really good! Please write it! :rainbowkiss:
I mean... if you want to, that is...:fluttershysad:

4015359 Well, it's always better to strike while the iron is hot and the inspiration is flowing, but I do want to finish off my Dashie story. It only has about another hour or two to be done.

The only issue I have is that, if I keep going, it's eventually going to be just a rehash of the actual story. Rose takes after Scootaloo the way Scootaloo takes after Rainbow Dash. Doing a few chapters here and there is okay, but I don't think I'm going to do so many it's going to become it's own story. Or maybe it will. I might just put it on it's own story page since Scootaloo's pretty much developed as far as she's going to, so a focus on Rose Blossom means that the story is less on Scoots, and thus it's not really Scoot's story anymore.

I don't know if you read this short story called "We regret to inform you" but it's about a fifteen minute read that has Pinkie became the Cake's childrens parent after Mr. and Mrs. Cake die in an accident. So I was having the same sort of idea for this. Part of me was feeling evil. I really had the desire that, if I was really going to continue this story and focus on Scoot's and Rose, that I wanted to kill off Star Gazer and Cloud Hunter and let Scootaloo take over as Rose's caregiver and help her move on and chase after her dreams... It was like, "Hey, Rose, you want to be the main character now? Well, dead parents sell! HAHAHAHAHA!:pinkiecrazy:" But I quite like my all thumbs up-ed story, and I'm pretty sure that would turn people off if I changed it from slice of life to something dark like that. Besides I tormented Scootaloo enough already. No more dead family members for her. :scootangel:

I've been needing to read We Regret to inform you, it's in my read later list.

What you could do is make it a side story of the main one. That way, it doesn't NEED to have Scoots in the entire story, maby just the end of it when/if Rose gets the scooter back?

Those are just my thoghts. Do what you wan't. :pinkiesmile:

4015582 Well, I think I'm going to make this next bit the last one. I'm going to go for a 'back and forth perspective' on this one, switching between Scootaloo and Rose Blossom, because I want to have Scootaloo learn one last lesson, the one I was initially going to include in the first short but chose not to add because I felt it would kill the sisterly mood. Beyond that, like I said, I can't think of anything else to do with Scootaloo besides give her a job helping Rainbow go cloud busting. She already saved the entire town, beat Rainbow Dash, and became an expert scooter rider and better-than-average flier. I think she deserves a little break to just enjoy her life.

4015306 hey, I didn't give you any plot bunnies this time, so don't blame me for wanting to do this possible fic. Otherwise I will start breeding plot bunnies and dumping them in your lap!!!!

4016192 Well, I've started writing it now, and you WILL accept responsibility for helping to improve my work, or else I'll take out your acknowledgement in the bonus chapter and let everyone think it was all my idea. MOHAHAHAHAHA! Naw. I wouldn't do that. I will give credit where it's due. I really like this dynamic you inspired.

Please no more plot bunnies. I beg of you. I have too much work already. :raritycry::raritydespair:

So I used a pony generator to make Rose Blossom, and it came out nearly perfectly the way I imagined her. Just like her name and appearance suggest, she takes more after earth ponies than her pegasus self, yet another way she compares to Scootaloo. Let me know what you think.


4015847 So I've started writing the chapter. And I also used a pony generator to create Rose Blossom. She came out nearly perfect to me. I just want her mane to be more open to look like a real rose. As I made her when I was deciding on her eye color I had a brainwave that she was more like an earth pony than a pegasus in the way she said she doesn't care about flying and just wants to be like her big sis, so I made her eyes brown like dirt to compliment her rose hair and grass tail.


I'm actually on my nook right now, so you will need to send me a clickable link or just the pic in a PM.

4016776 Rose looks nice... and her pose suggests that she'll be just as much a handful as her big sis.

One note on this sequel: You've already killed off Scoot's Birth Parents and adoptive Grandmother, don't kill off her adoptive parents. Maybe put them in the hospital for a while, but killing them off would be so angsty.

And where is this pony generator?????

4017419 Don't worry about that. I'm not going to do anything to their parents. I already tormented Scootaloo enough, and that would be too depressing and take away from the sisterly love bit.


There's your link. I'm so glad you said that about her pose because I choose it specifically to convey that she's a hyper kid like the old CMC.

4017647 I think Scootaloo could still qualify for hyper nowadays!!!!

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