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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Growth: from Baby to Champion

Scootaloo, after years and years of intense practice, has saved many lives and become an expert flyer and scooterist. However, thing start going south when ghosts of the past begin to haunt her.

Her little sister, Rose Blossom, is completed devoted to her, a parallel of Scootaloo's own former relationship with Rainbow Dash. Although, Rose Blossom isn't quite so hardheaded and stubborn as Scootaloo was.

Rose Blossom gets to take the wheel of the narrative as both her and Scootaloo deal with their own struggles and difficulties.

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 103 )

I'm guessing it's a cute story? Will read it during my work break! :D

Nice story, I can't wait to see more of Rose growing up. But I can totally see her stomping up to Luna and accusing her of doing a bad job guarding Scootaloo's dreams.

I'm dying of cuteness :heart:

4451461 I'm kinda surprised. I thought you weren't that interested in my work.

4452256 :rainbowlaugh: That's a funny idea.

4462780 Aw, thank you. :heart:

Rosie is awesome. I like her teaching Rock Climber how to use his wings on his scooter. Honey Drops seems like the second coming of Fluttershy, so I hope Rosie, Rock, and Sun Glimmer can help her grow more confident.

4464409 Things are about to get real in the next few chapters. We learn more about why Rock Climber feels awkward about his brother.

4461729 Thank you. :pinkiesmile: Since she takes after Scootaloo I designed her to give more of an appearance of an earth pony since she says she doesn't care much about flying.

I do my best! What more do you want from me?!

Is this a nightmare or is Dash just being a huge bitch?

4467024 Rainbow dash has been sisters with Scootaloo since she was a filly, just like in the show. She knows Scootaloo like a book. Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind. It may sound like she's being mean just for the sake of being mean, but sometimes you have to be told the truth to your face to open your eyes.

Her words are going to become more meaningful in the coming chapters.

I've heard of tough love... but this seems a bit to harsh.

4473245 She'll make things all better in two chapters. Don't worry. She's like that commercial for sour patch kids: First she's sour :rainbowhuh:, than she's sweet. :rainbowlaugh:

4471766 This is a little part of the trouble of writing in a first person view. You can only show things from one persons's POV. It doesn't make it right, of course, but he got swept up in the hype of having his brother and two older boys rising him up like that after being emasculated in front of them.. It wears off soon enough.

4471766 I'll help :pinkiecrazy: And of course Scootaloo will probably want to rip Thunder Storm a new one.

4473612 Oh, don't worry. The three of them DEFINITELY get their comeuppance:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: Wanye Brady would be proud, to give you a clue. :flutterrage:

Big Damn Heroes moment for Scoots, let's see her kick bully flank!!!!!

Will Rosie and Scootaloo make up? I hate seeing sisters fight :(

4475670 I don't like sad endings, so yes of course everything will get resolved in the next few chapters. Three chapters today. I'm on FIRE!!!!!

So do you still want to kill Rock Climber? :pinkiesmile: Did he redeem himself yet to you?

4475701 Unless RC (Rock Climber) and/or Thunderstorm and his goons apoligize, I still wanna kill him

I might not want to kill Rock Climber anymore, but his brother needs more of a flank kicking.

And I hope Rosie and Scoots make up soon, but I think both of them need to write a friendship report to Twilight Sparkle.

YAY, their friends again…Now off to kill Rock Climber and blame it on Fluttershy JK…I'll blame it on Gilda


Yay! Another chapter. That makes four today. I want to thank the two of you for inspiring me. Comments from my readers and knowing there's someone waiting anxiously for next chapter always pumps me up and gives me a reason to keep writing even when at times I doubt myself or think my work isn't that good. So to you, Kenshinryu and you, Diamond Wings. I just want to say that you guys/girls are SO...AWESOME!:rainbowkiss: :heart::heart::heart:

And yes, Rock Climber shows up in the next chapter. What will happen? You'll have to wait to find out. I'm an overnighter, so it's my bedtime. If I'm in the mood I'll try to start the next chapter on my lunch break. Until then, I bid you good night and thanks for reading. :pinkiesmile:

No offense meant... but so many chapters in one day has left me a bit burnt out.

I'm glad Scoots and Rose have reconciled, now I think the two of them should have a day out with Rainbow to have three generation sister bonding fun!

4477780 Well, then! Maybe I'll just stop writing for a week if I'm so exhausting to you! :flutterrage::twilightangry2:

Nah. But seriously, no one is FORCING you to read them. Unless I'm just that good that you absolutely MUST read each new chapter I put out or it'll drive you crazy. :yay: Take it slow or take it fast, whichever gives you the most enjoyment. :pinkiesmile: I just wanted to rush to get them out since you and Diamond Wing are the only ones commenting, so I figure if I don't have a big audience for this story I'll put out whatever I produce for the interested ones.

Don't worry. Three sister day is was already a planned chapter before you commented. I'm planning something really sweet for that.:rainbowkiss::scootangel:

Wow, i take a week off fimfiction and my faves box goes from 0 to 158... welp, all-nighter tonight i guess... woohoo...

EDIT: Keep writing you magnificent bastard, you!

4479801 :heart::rainbowkiss: So what's your favorite parts so far?

ok fine I wont kill Rock Climber…I'LL KILL THUNDER STORM

4480058 I don't have them yet. I'll let you know when I do :twilightblush:

Geeze, and I thought DT and SS were bad bullies... Heavy Downpour and Midnight Dream take the cake since it seems they're the ones who corrupted Thunder Storm. As a big brother myself I know there were times I was exasperated by my little brother, but I'm very glad I never became like Thunder Storm. While I'm not sure if Rose can every be Rock Climber's friend again, at least now we know the reason for his behavior.

4494745 whoops sorry. Its a picture of a pile of salt. Because he's salty. Get it? Eh? Eh?

Is Scootaloo going to end up being the cool big sister to all the kids in Rose's class??? I can totally see her taking on Thunder Storm to protect Rock Climber if she spots him beating on his younger brother from the air.

4504905 Not THAT far, but Rock Climber had gone far astray from the pony he really wanted to be. Despite his brothers turn to the dark side Rock Climber still deeply cared for him, so much so he was willing to go down that dark path with him if it meant spending some time together, though it bothered him inside.

Scootaloo saw somebody riddled with guilt and serious self-esteem issues resulting from his months of doing bad things, so she knew she needed to be there as a mentor to help him forgive himself and build him back up after his brother tore him down so badly.

I'm just finishing up another story I got an idea for, and then I'm going to get back to this one. I've already got the next couple of chapters planned out, and I'm trying to decide where I want the ending to be. I have a time skip in mind, and I have an idea of Scootaloo going out on her own to pursue her destiny, but I also have some ideas of just focusing on Rose for a few chapters after that. I haven't decided yet.

A very D'awww chapter, especially Rose asking Rainbow to be her second sister. I can't wait to see the three of them having fun together.

Nice chapter, especially Rainbow Dash taking Rose and Rock Climber under her wings. I can totally see all four cruising through the air doing stunts... heaven help the next dragon that attacks Ponyville.:trollestia:

4481394 So you stopped commenting. Did you lose interest or just don't have anything to say?

4557636 So the new chapter is up. I put some focus on the other two friends, especially the "new Fluttershy."

So it's appropriately titled "the next generation."

Man, this thing is up to 42000 words. Back when you suggested that Scoots should have given Rose the scooter I never thought that idea would explode into something that's probably going to be as long as the original story, maybe longer. :rainbowwild: I like it. So thanks for the plot bunny. It certainly did multiply exponentially. :heart:

As for the next two chapters, there's going to be a race in one, and Thunderstorm makes another appearance and things get a little intense. Hope that whets your appetite. :derpytongue2:

Hey N2MP, guess what...
I haven't cried yet...
You arn't doing your job! :rainbowlaugh:

4569208 Why do you have to cry in every story? After all, the Pie becomes a Cake story and the first chapter of Pound and Pumpkin tales didn't have any despair in it. Speaking of, I think you still have three chapters of that left before you're all caught up with the twins.

As for this story, since you commented on chapter nine, I'm going to assume that's where you stopped at. I think the next chapter might get to you. Rock Climber tells his sad tale and things get very sad, but quickly becomes D'AWW! in the next chapter :heart:

And what do you think of the story so far? You aren't doing YOUR job. QUOTE FROM YOU: "I will try to comment on what I think about every chapter!" EVERY chapter. I actually didn't expect that many comments, but all you said about it is that you didn't cry. Is it exciting? Interesting? Do you like the classmates or the bullies? Do you like what I'm doing with Rose Blossom?

What do I think of the story so far?
I think it is amazing! The chapter where Rose went to get the scooter back by herself really had me at the edge of my seat! I also really wanted to kill some horses at that time...
I really love Rose! The way she thinks and acts is like me at times, but then at other times, she does the exact opposite of what I would do. It kinda makes me angry at her...
Now Rock Climber...I feel bad for him. I will read the rest of the chapters ASAP and see if it gets any better for him.

4599390 So in what ways do you identify with Rose? I'm curious. :rainbowwild:

Really just in the way that she thinks/acts.
Like how she yelled at her two new friends, even though they did nothing. I use to be like that...

OBJECTION!!! SCOOTALO WAS NOT THE BIGGEST LOSER IN PONYVILLE WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE! That was Diamond Tiara who couldn't ever develop new material in her never ending quest to prove how superior she was to three fillies just because she had a crown on her butt.

Thunder Storm is worst pony. I would have loved to see Rainbow and Scootaloo kick his flank. I loved Rainbow called Rock Climber her little brother, :yay: I can't wait to see Rock Climber and Rose have their race! Though I wouldn't mind seeing Rose develop a scooter trick that leaves behind mini burst of red that look like rose petals or flowers. Like maybe if she bounces from surface to surface and uses her wings for each bounce she leaves a burst of magic behind.

4609413 Well, I guess I might run into the same problem now where you complain I'm writing too much but I put up three chapters today. I'd think you'd rather complain I write too little :twilightblush::rainbowwild: At least if I write too much you can always come back to finish it later.

I have to say that I think I stink at action scenes. That's why they're so short on description. You may have a different opinion. However many chapters you get through today I hope you enjoy them. I'm planning to wrap this bad boy up in the next four chapters, along with a short epilogue.

I just want to say thank you again with your multiplying bunnies. This whole story is solely because of your idea in the first place. And thanks for just being one of my loyal readers. You're awesome! :heart:

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