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Pound and Pumpkin Tales 2 - Never2muchpinkie

The continuing adventures of the now seven years old Pound and Pumpkin

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6-25: I am...

Flurry found herself slumped in the corner of her room, her emotions numb. She let out occasional hiccupping sobs and sniffs, but beyond that she was quiet.

She was shivering slightly. “I have to face it,” she said emotionlessly. “I’m weak. I always have been. I’ve never been able to stand on my own four hooves. My friends, my parents, my aunts, Uncle Sunny… I’ve always been reliant on someone.

“Even if I did sit on the throne it would amount to nothing. Someone following after me would be ridiculous. I’d be the worst ruler in history.”

It was quiet for a minute. She tried to rise, but couldn’t feel any strength, and gave it up. “It’s no use. It’s not like I didn’t tell everyone how it was. Aunt Twilight and Aunt Starlight both tried to tell me that I’m more than I think I am, but this time… this time they were wrong.

“I can’t do this. I can’t. I’m just a weakling. I’m not strong enough for this. I can’t… I just can’t… can’t…”

She drifted off, unable to finish.

“You can tell yourself you can’t a thousand times, but when it comes to your friends it’s clear that your only response is ‘I can.’ ”

Starlight’s words echoed in her mind, troubling her. Her friends had gotten hurt because of her, because she had been careless and listened to the words of someone she suspected was a fake. She didn’t want her friends to get hurt like that again. She cared about them so much.

“No! You don’t!”

Flurry flinched as Fluttershy’s words to Mayhem came next.

“What you’re actually saying is that your friends aren’t worth your time. They’re not worth improving yourself for. If you actually cared about them and what your friendship stands for, you’d accept responsibility for your actions by working to make it up to them.”

Those words might have been directed at Mayhem, but it felt like they were directed right at her too. She had said earlier that her friends meant everything to her, and yet here she was sitting in a corner and giving up.

She had let her friends down by being so wrapped up in the fake Starlight’s words that they had to take an attack meant for her, but hadn’t she made up for it by the end? The crushing weight of responsibility hadn’t bothered her when it came to protecting her friends. They had all been willing to die for her. They didn’t go into it expecting to live, and yet they didn’t care. Every single one of them threw themselves in the way of Starlight’s attack without a thought to their own safety.

It had had a powerful effect on her, just like when they had decided to come with her to fight Nightmare Moon. When Starlight threatened to finish them off she found that all her doubt and hesitation vanished, and she went on the attack. She wasn’t going to let them be hurt again.

It was those feelings that had carried her through the rest of the battles. When Starlight was revealed to be King Sombra using an illusion she had been scared at first, but as soon as he threatened her friends she once again found her strength, and she didn’t let it drop from there. Her former terror of Mayhem was gone, lost to the yearning to protect her friends.

Mayhem had pushed her hard to try and get her to give up on them, but he couldn’t break her spirit. Even in the face of death he couldn’t make her give up, because her desire to be there for her friends was just that strong.

As much as she wanted to dismiss what she had done as nothing special she knew that she couldn’t. She had saved her friend’s lives. Maybe everything else Mayhem did was just meant to scare them, but Mayhem said it quite plainly that at the very end he had intended for things to be fatal because of his pride.

As Starlight had said, the magic she had used could only have come from their unity, but that unity was only because she had given them courage enough to keep fighting when they were ready to give up. If she hadn’t been there everything would be ruined.

Her mind turned back to Crystal. She had found courage and belief in herself due to wanting to be able to protect Crystal. She had to overcome her feelings over her wings, otherwise they would become a weakness that could be used against her. Not doing it would be putting a friend in danger, something that was unacceptable to her.

It was the same at the end of the battle. Mayhem began to specifically target only her friends to see how long she would throw herself in front of his attacks before giving up. He started off smug, but she kept at it so long it baffled him. He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just surrender.

She wasn’t content with just letting her friends live, which would have happened if she just let him win. She wanted them to thrive, which would only happen if they could be with their families again. It was that feeling that made her push on no matter the pain. It was that feeling that filled her with strength and courage.

She looked at herself in the present. What was she doing, sitting on the floor like a loser? She claimed that she valued her friends, but here she was trying to hide away in a corner because she didn’t want to face up to herself.

“My friends…” She uncurled her body. “My friends need me.” She pushed against the floor, trying to stand up. Her body still resisted her efforts, and she found herself getting angry about it.

“MOVE, BODY!” she yelled, forcing herself up. Once she was standing she once again summoned the memory of the end of the battle and listened to her past self’s words.

“Aunt Starlight said who I am is more than just a name. It’s about what’s important to me. I… I can’t stay like this. I can’t remain a weakling. It puts all my friends in danger.

“I might wish to throw that responsibility onto everyone else now that I’m not stuck in Mayhem’s world anymore, but that doesn’t mean someone else is always going to be there to help them. If it falls on me to do it I want to be able to protect them again.”

As uncomfortable as it was she had to fight this battle. No one else was going to fight it for her.

She took a deep breath, and summoned the memory of her friends being attacked again. It still hurt, even though she was prepared for it this time. Like her, they all had had a vague feeling of being connected to one another. Even if they had been strangers before this she didn’t doubt that Pound would have responded exactly the same.

She bit her lip as Starlight began to coax her into betraying Celestia and Luna to allow Starlight to get Canterlot. Once more she found herself in two minds. As present Flurry she could see the ridiculousness of listening to Starlight and expecting her to keep her word, but as past Flurry she could remember that she just wanted to prevent more death. She had already been responsible for five deaths, or so she thought. The idea of losing her parents too was too much.

She supposed there was a degree of selfishness in there as well. As guilty as she felt a part of her still wanted to live.

Once more her friends displayed their courage and strength. Just as she was about to seal the deal with Starlight they all jumped into action despite their severe wounds. Masky used his shadow powers to stop her movements, Peppermint extended a hoof to knock Starlight back, and the unicorns pulled her back towards them with levitation.

She could feel her past self’s relief that they were all alive.

Pound forced himself up, but immediately fell to the ground.

“Hey!” said past Flurry. “Stop! You’re too hurt to get up.”

Pound let out a weak laugh. “No. I’m not… too weak… for you.”

That one line basically defined Pound’s character. She could see him struggling the whole way, but he managed to stand and place himself between her and Starlight, simply because of the feelings he had for his friends.

Following on Pound’s lead all her other friends made a barrier between her and Starlight as well.

She found herself tearing up. They were all exhausted and injured, and yet despite that they fought on to protect her. She really did have the best friends in the world.

Starlight dismissed them, with Pound saying he didn’t care how hurt he was. He wasn’t going to move from that spot.

“Oh, brother! It’s barely worth the effort to finish you off.”

Almost at the same time as her past self she felt rage go through her at that moment, feeling a sense of catharsis as she took the fake Starlight by surprise and struck her.

Starlight tried to deceive her again by feigning she had just been controlled by Mayhem to act that way, but she could tell that the mare wasn’t being genuine. She put on an act herself, asking the mare for a hug to get in close for a powerful attack.

Just when Starlight was assured of victory past Flurry pulled back and struck her in the gut, making her wheeze, before firing a strong magic blast at her.

While she didn’t like that it had taken the form of Starlight, she once again felt a strong sense of satisfaction at seeing through the lies and protecting her friends.

The illusion they had been under faded as Sombra grew unable to keep his spell going. While her past self felt a sense of fear at Sombra’s appearance she only felt rage. It might have been a fake, but Sombra had caused so much pain, not only to her family, but to the entire empire.

That anger only grew when Sombra went after her friends rather than her simply to distract her attention. Her past self similarly grew enraged, her power exploding in her horn, all directed right at the cruel dictator.

Revenge might not be a good thing, but she certainly didn’t feel guilty over destroying Sombra, real or not.

Mayhem showed up and congratulated them for their win before healing their injuries and restoring their energy.

Past Flurry was angry because she wanted to protect her friends. Present Flurry was angry just at seeing him again. He didn’t show any shred of remorse for throwing her worst fears at her. She was still aware of how he acted later upon his defeat, but she had to ask again why his final challenge before the castle was so personally directed at her.

Even if it was only King Sombra it still would have struck a chord with her. It would have scared her. Wouldn’t that have been enough? But no. He had to make Sombra use some kind of illusion magic to take the form of someone she held dear to her heart and have her speak horrible lies about wanting to kill her and her parents.

Tears came down her eyes. “Mayhem, you jerk.” She sniffed. She had to fight with herself not to let those feelings spiral into something deeper. She didn’t want to start hating Mayhem. Once more she thought it was a good thing she wasn’t going to see him for a little while. She needed some space to process her feelings towards him.

She also had to fight not to start beating herself up for those feelings, just like she did when she felt doubts about Starlight. Her feelings were justified, but she still didn’t like thinking lesser of one of her friends.

The only thing she could do was continue on.

Having seen Mayhem for the first time, as well as his crazy powers, Peppermint began to doubt herself, feeling she wouldn’t be any use at all.

It was here she saw that it wasn’t only at the very end that she began to inspire her friends. She offered words of encouragement to the filly, and saw her doubts fade away.

She pledged her life to protecting them, because they had done the same for her, and they headed to the castle.

After getting inside, and seeing the weird décor, Pound began to express doubt in their chances of victory as well. Once more she stepped up, telling him that it was all or nothing, and they couldn’t afford to let such thoughts get to them.

Pumpkin liked her new attitude. “You’re so cool, Flurry. You’ve become so tough since you helped us take down the Changelings.”

“I have to be! I’m done running and being afraid. I meant what I said before. I can’t ever forget the sacrifice you all made for me.

“That monster is going down! There’s nothing else to say. I won’t forgive him for what he did to you.

“No more talking!” She began walking. “The sooner we end this the sooner I can get you home to your families.”

Flurry looked at her past self, agreeing with Pumpkin that she looked so cool, once again having that odd sensation of feeling jealous of herself. Past Flurry walked with a sense of purpose, and oozed confidence and determination. She had overcome her fears for the sake of her friends, and she was focused only on that goal of keeping them safe.

She skipped ahead a bit to the start of the battle, The only thing she was missing was walking through the castle and Mayhem feeding them.

Mayhem easily countered everything they did. Just like when she fought him he toyed around, letting them think they had gotten him only to reveal it did nothing at all.

Masky came up with his plan to win. Now that she knew the truth she realized how ingenious it really was. She didn’t know if Mayhem was reading their minds, but it became clear pretty easy that only a true sneak attack would actually work on him. Even when they seemed to get the jump on him he was always prepared for it.

Masky had to deceive them so they’d seem genuinely upset, because it was the only way to deceive Mayhem.

Mayhem was so caught up in his delight at the thought of Masky showing his true colors and seeing its effect on them that he forgot about the colt entirely until Masky slammed him right off his throne and sent him flying to the floor.

Seeing Mayhem lose his smug attitude did give her some pleasure. She knew it was mainly an act, but his attitude was still a bit overbearing.

Of course, he quickly got it back, revealing he wasn’t actually mad about things when he pretended to destroy Masky only to reveal he was perfectly fine.

Here Mayhem revealed his deception that this was all just a game and everything they fought weren’t allowed to kill, but were allowed to hurt.

He moved on to the bargaining stage of things, revealing his power to warp reality for a good intention. He tried to talk all of them into remaining in his dimension indefinitely for an eternity of playtime with no rules to follow.

A part of her wondered what Mayhem would have done if they actually did all agree. All her other friends had accepted his offer when he conceded he would allow their family into his world if they would stay. She had been the sole dissenter, feeling he couldn’t be trusted.

If she had been swayed like the rest would he have left them without their memories and just start anew, or would he have returned their memories?

Pondering the question she thought it likely he would have left them without their memories, because it would be easier to control them all. If they went back to seeing him as a friend they wouldn’t be content with just living in Mayhem’s world. They would still want to bring him back to the side of good.

Once the high of battle passed would Mayhem start feeling guilty, or would he have really just kept them as toys to play with when he was in the mood. In the end, she supposed it didn't matter.

Even though Mayhem seemed just like a little kid and was acting more like their old friend here she could still remember feeling nothing towards him. He seemed embarrassed over the pain he caused, and even apologized over it and asked them to decide what game they played next. On the outside he was starting to act like the Mayhem they knew, but her heart felt no connection to him. The only thing she could feel was a massive distrust towards him, which he quickly justified when he threatened to destroy her for refusing to stay.

Once more her past self excelled. Even though they still couldn’t score any meaningful damage to Mayhem she still fought valiantly. She could see past Flurry’s fear from his powerful attacks, but it didn’t stop her from fighting.

After a little while Mayhem revealed he had given them all the special powers they had, before showing he could take things away when he turned her into an earth pony.

He tried to get her to surrender, but she refused again. Her response angered him, and he went on the attack. He returned her wings and horn, stating his intentions to make her friends pay for being defiant. He wanted her to do everything she could, and lose knowing she never had a chance in the first place.

She could understand past Flurry’s anger as he seemingly aimed a water whip at her and deliberately hit Tree Leaf, telling her to pay more attention before her friends died before her eyes.

The battle continued, and Mayhem began to focus his attacks on everyone but her, just to test her will. When he kicked Pound in front of a meteor he also kicked away Peppermint when she tried to help. Even though he could have kicked her too when she went to grab Pound with her extendable wings he didn’t do so. She still wound up with a burn for her efforts, but it seemed clear at that point Mayhem wasn’t interested in directly attacking her anymore.

She could understand his mind set. When it came to power his magic was so much greater than hers that any contest could be ended instantly without some kind of handicap. That was why he sought a different kind of victory than just who had more strength. He wanted to break her spirit and see her give up because it was the only way to get some entertainment out of such a mismatched fight.

She began to feel embarrassed watching her past self, simply because of how much greater she was than her present self. She took blow after blow from Mayhem, turning down every one of his requests that she surrender.

It got to the point that Mayhem’s sadism became tempered by genuine bafflement.

Peppermint tried to get her to give up too, not wanting to see her get hurt anymore, and her past self just gave her a warm smile, throwing her off.

She then looked up at Mayhem, blaming him for why she wouldn’t give up. She began to laugh, declaring that she wasn’t afraid of him. “Even after everything you’ve done to me I feel so much strength inside I can barely contain it. My desire to protect these ponies is so much more than any fear could touch.

“Nothing you could ever do to me will take that away from me. So long as there is a breath of air in my lungs and a drop of energy in my veins I will fight you. Far from making me want to give up, you’ve only hardened my determination further.”

Her past self was so cool! She just felt more and more ashamed of how weak she was being in the present. Without a doubt, this was what Starlight was talking about. She had said that past Flurry without her memories understood strength better than present Flurry did.

Even as she watched her friends anxious expressions relaxed, emboldened by her words and inner strength.

She dealt a crippling blow to Mayhem next. “This feeling… if only you could experience what it’s like. Too bad you don’t have any friends to protect.”

With her memories of Mayhem intact she could see how badly those words hit him. He had betrayed all of his friends. There was no one on his side. She could see that a part of him wanted to end things and apologize, but she could also see the moment he decided to be a sore loser.

He had worked so hard to break her spirit, yet he couldn’t do so. Her magical power might not be as great as his, but she wouldn’t give him the victory he wanted to get. She wouldn’t break down in fear or because the pain of protecting her friends had become too much of a burden to bear. On the contrary, he had only made her more determined, the complete opposite of what he was going for.

Mayhem lost himself completely to his childish whims, deciding he didn’t want to play anymore as he destroyed the room of his castle and began to destroy his own world with tornadoes.

Here he gave their friendship its final test. He offered life to the one pony that threw all the others away. It was all or nothing now.

Flurry could see fear take all her friends again, all of them looking rapidly around at each other to see if they would really sacrifice everyone to save themselves. Her past self just stared up at Mayhem.

The draconequus tried to coax her into betraying her friends, telling her she was the most important of the group, being an alicorn. It only made sense for her to be the survivor.

She did feel fear, but even more she felt her heart seeking out her friends. She could remember the image going through her mind of her playing with her friends. At that moment all the fear she felt faded away. She found inner peace in the love she had for her friends, and she shared those feelings with them.

Once again she listened to the words of her past self. “The five of you… you taught me things that no book could ever prepare me for. You taught me about true courage and not backing down no matter the danger, by risking your lives to protect me. Now I’m here to return the favor.

“I know who I am now. I am Flurry Heart, alicorn princess, and I don’t want to be anyone else!”

She asked the same question she had asked before. “Is this… really me? The real Flurry that Starlight talked about?”

Just like before, her declaration spread out to her friends, igniting their own hearts in the process. She saw the fear vanishing from their faces, replaced with quiet confidence as she began to speak again.

“Aunt Twilight told me that ponies working together with one heart have so much power at their disposal. All of you… if you believe in me, then know that we’re going to come out on top here! That’s what I truly believe, because I have faith in all of you and your strength.

"Even if I'm wrong and we can’t win I’m still going to fight to the end. I'd rather go to my death denying him the victory he wants than surrender and be his pawn. No matter what he does after that he'll always know that we beat him."

“Flurry…” Listening to the words of her past self only increased the feelings that were going through her. She really was so much weaker than her past self.

Mayhem at first grew enraged when he saw they had lost their fear of him, but it turned into delight.

She asked her friends to lend her their hearts, all of them holding hooves and believing in each other.

She could still remember that moment clearly. She knew she couldn’t win alone. Life… death… whichever it was, she wanted to run to it with open hooves as long as it was with her friends.

Flurry’s horn glowed with a bright light as the Windigo-destroying heart appeared, sucking up all the darkness of Mayhem’s world and engulfing Mayhem himself, easily overcoming his powers until they were left in a blank white void.

She found it interesting that Mayhem, who could do impossible things from a normal ponies perspective, found that own power an impossibility.

They all began to celebrate, only to be reminded that they now no longer had a way out of Mayhem’s world. They found comfort in each other once again, holding hooves.

To their relief Mayhem wasn’t actually dead. He had just been knocked unconscious, and woke up after a few slaps, completely shocked at his loss. He revealed that he had taken away their memories to stop them from using unity against him, and Flurry explained that she still felt connected to them regardless.

She put on her toughest face and ordered Mayhem to send them home, and he complied.

The draconequus was so subdued, the fear he had been instilling turned back on him when they could use a power that even he couldn’t match.

Here again was a trial. Although she usually hated the thought of royal duties her five friends put it on her to decide Mayhem’s fate. As a princess they put their trust in her to do the right thing by him. With her friends by her side the prospect didn’t scare her.

As she thought about things Mayhem glanced up at her, for the first time feeling that sense of vague familiarity she had gotten from her other friends. Her heart began to seek a connection with him as well, unlike when he had been acting evil.

She figured out the reason, that he had been one of their friends too, and that was the deciding factor in pulling him close and hugging him.

She offered him forgiveness because of her memories of Starlight. If Starlight could mend her ways and become a great aunt to her then why couldn’t Mayhem do the same?

Starlight had talked about the powerful effect that forgiveness has, and how love begets love. She saw both of these things on Mayhem’s face as her past self hugged him. It clearly took him by surprise, finding it hard to understand how she could offer him kindness after doing such horrible things to her.

Mayhem began crying, the regret clear on his features. The anger she had been feeling for creating a fake Starlight began to vanish as she cried along with him. He had definitely done wrong by all of them, but she remembered why she wanted to forgive him in the first place. He was a lost soul who had forgotten the light, and she subconsciously remembered who he used to be.

Later on Mayhem had stated the reason he created himself looking evil in Pumpkin’s ceiling mural was his belief in his friends that if ever went bad again that they would save him.

She knew the feeling of being submerged in darkness. Her seven friends had all shined light down the corridors of her heart, making the world sunny when everything had felt black.

Her friends were always worth fighting for. They loved her enough to die for her, and she felt the same way about them. In the end, it all came down to faith and trust. She believed in her friends, and they believed in her. They were all connected.

She used the memory spell one last time, to the one scene that had become so familiar after seeing it several times.

“I am Flurry Heart, alicorn princess, and I don’t want to be anybody else!”

Past Flurry refused to run away from her true self, willing to fight until the bitter end no matter how much pain befell her. Rather than be jealous of her former accomplishments she felt she should learn from them.

She unfurled her wings, saying her past self’s words. “I… I am F-Flurry Heart, alicorn princess, and I… I don’t… want to be anyone else.” The words came out halting and jittery.

She let out a breath, focusing her mind on her feelings for her friends. Just like before, this was all for them. If they truly meant that much to her then she would endure. She would find her inner strength just like when she did it for Crystal.

She said the words again, and they came out a little clearer this time. She said it several more times. Her mind resisted her efforts. It felt like with every repetition that she was committing herself to something big, and that frightened her.

She knew she had the potential to do great things. The only real barrier in her way was age and experience. Even so, it still scared her to think of what she might have to do in the future.

But… did she truly have anything to fear? Her bond with her friends surpassed memories and granted them a great power. Just like Mayhem had no fear in returning to evil because he had faith they would pull him back to the side of good, did she have any reason to fear when she had so many loyal friends strengthening her heart?

Starlight told her that her true fear wasn’t in being a leader. It was in having to make the choice to do so. It was a fear of being her true self, because that Flurry was going to want to act. Her heart was going to demand action, and being on the sidelines was something she would no longer accept.

She was starting to understand what her aunt was talking about. Accepting that truth meant having to take on the responsibility of caring for others and helping them through tough times. It meant taking on their troubles and risking great pain. Weren’t her friends worth that?

“Yes!” she said. Her heart was calling her to action. She knew she would still be reliant on her friends in the future, just like her Aunt Twilight was on hers, but she didn’t want to be the only one to put in the effort. She wanted to stand strong. She wanted to blaze so bright that her friends could feel light even in the darkest of times, just like today.

She stood in front of her past self and smiled. “You showed how strong you can be without your memories, when the only thing you had was a vague feeling pulling you towards them. As Aunt Starlight said, I can be so much stronger now that I understand those feelings and where they came from.

“I want to grow. I want to become strong enough that I can always protect what matters to me. I want to be the pillar holding up my friends, because I know I can’t live without them.” Happy tears came down her eyes. “And I know they can’t live without me.

“Thank you, past Flurry, for protecting my friends. But now… now it’s time for me to take over. It’s time for me to be me. I know I can do it. How do I know?” She let out a giggle. “Simple. Because I already did.”

She dispelled the magic, putting her hoof to her heart. She took a deep breath, and said the words one last time. “I am Flurry Heart, alicorn princess! And there’s no one else I’d rather be!”

This time the words felt fulfilling. She could feel a sense of rightness, knowing she had taken a big step towards becoming the Flurry she was always meant to be.

With a flash of her horn she teleported outside of Starlight’s room, her heart blazing with purpose. She knocked hard on it, and a short while later Starlight opened the door.

“Flurry,” she said guiltily, not really processing her different attitude in her sadness.

“Let’s go, Aunt Starlight!”

“Go? Go where?”

“I want a proper magic lesson this time. I want to grow stronger, and I know I can’t do it on my own. I need your help.”

“Flurry… are… are you okay?”

“I’m more than okay! I want action! I want to push myself! I need to become stronger, and it starts right now!”

“I… um…” Starlight was a bit taken aback at the change in Flurry’s demeanor from so short a time ago. She was positively blazing.

“What’s wrong?” Flurry asked. “I did exactly as you told me to do. I answered your questions, and I found myself again.

“You told me that you believed I would do it, so don’t look so surprised when I accomplished it.

“Now let’s go!” She gestured with her head before turning to the side irritably. “There’s no time to waste.”

Starlight just stared at her, unable to respond.

Flurry tapped her hoof on the ground impatiently. “What? Why are you looking at me like that? It’s almost like you didn’t mean what you said when you told me that I would succeed.”

Starlight blinked. “Flurry… I… do… do you know?”

Her eyebrow went up. “Know what?”

Starlight turned her head. “Sunburst! Come here! Now!”

The stallion walked over with his nose in a book. “Are you here to interrupt my reading again?” He glanced up from his book. “What is-”

He let out a gasp as the book fell to the ground.

Flurry looked between the two of them. Now both of them were staring at her. “What? What is it? I know my coat is white but I’m not a ghost, so stop looking at me like one.”

A tear came down Starlight’s eye. “You really don’t know, do you?”

“Unless you’re gonna stop being cryptic then I don’t care!”

Starlight pulled Flurry into the room, saying, “Your changes aren’t only on the inside, you know.”

Flurry grew angry, fed up with Starlight’s vague responses. “Enough! You better tell me right now or-”

She broke off, speechless, as Starlight pulled her in front of her mirror. She couldn’t believe it.

There, on her flank, was a cutie mark of a lighthouse shining a beam of light in the shape of the Windigo destroying heart.

Author's Note:

badninja:Way to go Flurry Heart! The only sad part is she didn't get a Cutie Mark out of it, then again she may still be too young.

Surprise! This chapter goes out to you, badninja. It's the reason this arc didn't end after everyone returned to their families. It took us almost 3 months to get here since that comment, but everything was leading up to this.

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