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You Are Normal Too shows the story of Derpy overcoming past heartache to find happiness in the present. Her relationship with her first lover is told in bits and pieces, but this goes into far greater detail about them coming together, breaking apart, and her life afterward.

Reading this first can give greater insight on the mental struggles Derpy goes through in the story, but this story is told in an abridged form in chapter 2 of You Are Normal Too, so there's no spoilers for the main story.

Link to the main story.

Chapters (13)
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I think I remember the original story of this, I'll need to check it all out again.

If not, it interests me, so I look forward to read the main and this.

7240037 I was in the midst of a sequel to the original, which would have ended with Derpy and Dinky seeing Shooting one last time, when some people told me that they felt the characterization of the characters leading up to it was inconsistent with their portrayal in the origina, which I agreed with. And given I was throwing in a lot of backstory right in the middle (everything that's going to be in this story) I thought it better to make this it's own story and fix up the characterization and make it a proper sequel.

So I hope you enjoy the ride, whether you read the original or this prequel first. I'll be releasing a chapter a day until I catch up .

Karma will almost kill Shoeshine, but her apology will save her (The great & Powerful Trixie almost crushed Shoeshine in Magical Duel).

7240944 Didn't you already read this? You left a comment responding to one of my comments on YANT recently so I thought you had been following along with the bonus chapters. There were about 10 bonus chapters posted to the end of YANT and I've made blog posts about them every time I put a new one up, so why do you seem like you never knew about them before? :rainbowhuh:

So there's gonna be a chapter a day because they were already written and posted on YANT in the middle of the bonus story, but besides putting a whole new focus on Derpy and Shooting, rather than Dinky and Shooting, as Crimson Ink pointed out, but Dream Catcher and Derpy came off as jerks to set up the plot.

I only need to tweak them a bit to remove the back and forth between present Derpy reminiscing and reacting to her memories and past Derpy living those memories.

You've returned! And with back story too! :raritystarry: Definitely good so far!

It is nice to see events from the perspective of Miss Derpalina Ditzy Doo.

7245347 Fine.

"Life can suck in general, but it can also be awesome."

This is a scary chapter.

The sequel you talked about in the authors notes sounded better but I still like this

7278654 This story is told in an abridged form of chapter 2 of You Are Normal Too, and the relationship plays a significant part in Derpy's troubles and life. This story is meant to give more depth and act as a bridge to YANT.

I can't believe that happened and YAY DOCTOR WHOOVES ARRIVES THE SCENE!! Amazing yet scary chapter also poor Dinky.....:fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:

>>Never2muchpinkie i ment to say when i said doctor whooves arrives is i meant that doctor shows up in the story

7296251 Doctor Hooves does have a scene alone with Derpy later on. Completely platonic of course, considering the somber circumstances, but it does feature him encouraging her and having a tender moment between them.

The next chapter is done, but I just waiting on one more piece of fanart from my friend to post it. Should be up today or tomorrow.

Sad pictures T_T makes me want to cry hard.

Okay, Dinky is officially like the cutest thing ever!

7516874 Blocked, reported, downvoted, and followed to unfollow! :twilightangry2:

But seriously, why you gotta take that out of context? Dinky be a toddler. At least wait until she's 7 or 8 to make that joke. :raritywink:


How did I not know about this story?!

7568267 Well, now you do! :twilightsmile: Did you finish the original story already(You Are Normal Too), as I only got the idea for the prequel when I was in the middle of writing the sequel. I felt there was way too much backstory going on, so I made it its own story instead.

7568535 Oh yeah, finished that one ages ago! Can't wait to read plow through this one at 3 in the morning!


-grabs roughly- Sequel?

7570285 Yeah, things got real botched up. I thought it would only be a few chapters, like 3 or 4, so I initially began posting them to the end of YANT as bonus chapters. Then it started growing way too long, and then right in the middle of it was a bunch of backstory, mainly this story right here. And finally what killed it is two different people who brought up really good points about the way the characters were acting. They felt the characters were grossly OOC based on what had been demonstrated before.

Basically, Dream Catcher (Shootings girlfriend) came to see Dinky, because Shooting felt regret he would never get to meet his child. She tells Dinky about her father, and leaves it to Dinky about whether to see him or not.

I wanted to resolve things with Derpy learning the truth about Shooting and them coming to an understanding. But Derpy went too far when Dinky told her about thing, and Dream Catcher going to Dinky and throwing such a thing in her lap didn't fit with her intelligence and kindness, so I scrapped it for now. I have to go back and change some things before I repost it so the characters feel more natural and correct.

7571315 Ah, I remember those chapters. Vaguely, but I do.

Good luck with the writing!

Dinky in this series it brings tears to my eyes.

:fluttercry: Excuse me while I stitch up my heart really quick.

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