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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Everypony is her own worst critic, but few take it to the extreme that Derpy does. Still, where friendship and magic abound, a helping hoof is never far away, if only she'll reach out and take it.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Thanks to PresentPerfect and NTSTS for feedback.

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Comments ( 24 )

What an awe inspiring story. Very well done. I can see why this was on EQD (Well done btw).:twilightsmile: Only one question, whose Noteworthy? Although he does sound familiar now that I think about it.:unsuresweetie:

This story was beautiful. Thank you.

...I need to cry now.

Was anybody else sent here by InsertAuthorHere?

Dang, that was really rather moving. Beautiful story.

This story has a sweetness to it that I haven't found in any Derpy story since Bubbles. Wonderful work.

Wonderful. Lies only have power if you believe them, otherwise they're merely out there. :twilightsmile:

*Very* nice. I always get too heavy handed with any "Voice in the darkness" parts, like they run in and grab all the good lines while I'm not looking.


Yes, I should probably thank him.

I wonder why Mac was the one sent to find Derpy.

I'd just envisioned all the ponies who'd collaborated to try and win her the passes gathering around Carrot Top to calm her down, and he volunteered because he wanted to offer a dance. But I like to leave some things up to the reader to decide, too.

that was a sweet story. i loved that everyone conspired to get her the tickets. warmed my heart it did. :yay:

Anyone who says Fanfic never did anything worthwhile, this is the first piece I'll point them to. I've never read anything that handles Schizophrenia so well, so accurately. The ending scene with Dinky had me nearly in tears.

Top to bottom, this is a beautiful piece of life for anyone who has to live with afflictions like this. Bravo.

I was, and I can readily see why.

I think that, in the end, I have to simply concede that my instinctive reaction to this has everything to do with me and very little to do with the story. One one hand, it feels a bit superficial and underdeveloped, but on the other, I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't bear in mind that the events described are a walk in the park on a sunny day compared to my own experience of life. Given the latter, the former cannot reasonably be a rational response.

Loved it except for one thing; you say Summer Sun tickets cost one month of Derpy's salary?

I get that Derpy probably doesn't make that much, but still; if most people in Ponyville can afford a ticket it's probably not that much. Big mac is there and the Apples are usually presented at quite poor. :eeyup: One month's salary for any one day event sounds almost ridiculously steep.

Here's my reasoning:

One month's salary on a median income would be equivalent to a few thousand dollars. Consider a type of event where people are likely to come from all over the country. The Super Bowl, the World Series, Obama's first inauguration. People do spend that kind of money on these things, even more. I only mentioned a few specific ponies as being there, and none of them were called out as regular attendees, either. And as one of the ponies working a booth (I do mention him restocking his cider), Big Mac wasn't paying to be there. And now with Luna and possibly Twilight participating, demand would be up from the one pictured in canon. Derpy also buys the high-end ticket that gets her into the middle of everything, free food, etc.


I've never read anything that handles Schizophrenia so well, so accurately.

Schizophrenia? I read it as depression—take the "voice" as a way to describe the negative thoughts, not an auditory hallucination. You can see a similar thing in the post on depression by Allie Brosh, creator of Hyperbole and a Half, though Allie seems to have some conscious control over her mental self-abuse. I think more people experience it like Derpy, with little to no control over it. I would describe it as a screensaver your mind runs to remind you of your awfulness. That in particular caught my attention: if you keep busy enough, the negative thoughts stay in the background. To make it worse, your own mind generates these thoughts, so it knows exactly what to pop up to maximize the horrible feelings.

(Anybody know how to reply to a post and show the person's username, not the post ID? Or how to quote text directly instead of copy-and-pasting it and fixing the formatting by hand? I hate BBCode.)

the comment ID # will be replaced with the user's name when you refresh the page.
as for direct quoting, you got me... :derpyderp1:

Interesting how she only started to actually listen to the voice of reason at the END of the story; up until that point, she'd listened to what I should think is the internalized version of a jerk parent's hatefulness.

All aboard the feels train, next stop Feelsville.


But then, at the end


I was worried this story was gonna be a little too sappy and predictable, but...

that last scene was just perfect :fluttercry:

I enjoyed this. Well done :)

:raritycry: The feels, all the feels! They just keep coming! :raritycry:

A beautiful simple fanfiction. From a while ago. But quite beautiful. Big Macintosh was kind. And Carrot Top was a true friend. I think I see too often where Carrot Top is just annoyed with Derpy but I think while that is true, Carrot is still Derpy's true true friend. "Allow Dinky to be part of your healing", Carrot is a helpful friend we all need.

I know this is an older fic but thank you for posting this. It's a true masterpiece.

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