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I write about lesbian ponies. Don't like it? Move along... Nuff said.


Collaboration with TaviPlaysTheBass. This story wouldn't have gone anywhere without him. Go show him some love.

Applejack finally decides to confess her feelings for Rainbow Dash. She heads to the library, knowing that today is one of Twilight and Rainbow’s reading days. She heads in to steal Rainbow away so she can confess to her in private, only to walk in on Twilight and Rainbow in the middle of a make out session.

Contains: Shipping, Polyamory, Lesbian Ponies, and the concept of herds. Don't like it? Don't read it.
Also: Fluff and light humor because there isn't enough in the world.

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Can't wait for the next installment!! Although I might have expected AJ to cry a bit more.

5186930 This is Applejack we're talking about. She's not the crying type.

5187339 I also think she's not the crying type. But I think shedfing a few shameful and bawling your eyes out are two different things, and I think AJ would do a bit of the former? Not meaning to gripe. I love this fic, just thought a few tears would make sense and add depth to the story.

5187365 Sorry, there's a bit of a time skip between the scenes there. When it switches to where she's on the farm it's a little later and she's already cried herself out. Sorry for not making that clear enough. :twilightblush:

Love your story:heart::heart::heart::derpytongue2::ajsmug::twilightsheepish::moustache::yay::eeyup:


Darn, Rarity's missed her chance.

Super cool story! I've looked all over for stories with herding, and this and one other are the only ones I've found. Mind if I add it to my group?

Also, some suggestions:
This chapter seemed to go a bit fast. It's more of a summary of what happened, rather than what actually did happen. You might want Applejack to be debating with her feelings for a while longer, before going to Rarity.

I dunno, last time I checked two ponies with their lips locked together looking like they each wanna suck the other’s face off is pretty clear cut making out.

Oh, the descriptive language. Consider taking out/toning down "lips locked together" or "they each wanna suck the other's face off", as they are both large and competing for the readers' attention. (e.x. I dunno, last time I checked two ponies looking like they each wanna suck the other’s face off is pretty clearly making out.)

That CMC scene was hilarious.

You've got talent, my friend, that much is obvious, (along with the attention span to revise your work for grammar). Keep up the awesome writing! :pinkiehappy:

5187818 Sure, feel free to add it. :pinkiehappy: And thanks for the tips. :twilightsmile:

Blah, appledashlight. Good writing, though.

If herds/polyamory are a thing, they'll need to be somewhat rare, otherwise there's no reason for this revelation to upset Applejack.

Well i wanted to read the fanfiction, but as first i thought it can´t be as good as i hoped, but i was wrong.
The story itself is somehow better than i thought at first. I think the story has it´s own charm.

I definitly read more, i am willing to give a thumb up already.

5188333 Thanks. Hope you enjoy the rest of it as well. :twilightsmile:

I know this just came out, but if I may ask, how often are you planning to update?

5188497 One chapter a day. The story is written for the most part, just needs some editing and such before the rest are released. :pinkiesmile:

Blog post about the story with some more details, posted by my co-author TaviPlaysTheBass. Find it here.

I like polygamy stories.

and a single blue feather.

Anyone else remembering that Spongebob episode, Sentimental Sponge, where Spongebob kept the order with Squidward's tentacle print? Just me? Well, I'm going to see a psychiatrist.

I agree, but i mostly prefer them with the main six, well i don´t really know much else.
I could think of one with Ditzy doo, Berry Punch and i think it was golden Harvest/carrot top. PS: I don´t like those flock storys, it always looks like they just like each other as friends and not much more. If there are more than three or four ponys i think it isn´t that special anymore.

well i can´t think of much you could do wrong right now, so i think i would be pleased with a new chapter every day or every two days. If it is already written like i have read in a comment, then it is probably not to difficult to do this, but i can wait.:twilightsmile:

I suddenly decided i would be interessted to know what storys you like to write at most, if you already have favourites. I just ask that i can decide easier if i maybe follow you or not if i like the story till the end. I look for romance and adoption storys the most at the moment. I thought i found someone who write exactly as i like the storys, but he has every week a new story and that means that every story i like don´t continue because of a new story.:facehoof:

Well i don´t care much for grammar, i mostly decide if i like the how someone writes his storys. Oh and i speak German, that is probably why i don´t care that much for the grammar, even if i really don´t know a word, just read the whole sentence or text and you mostly get it.:pinkiehappy:

5189323 Honestly I just got back into writing after a long drought. I usually focus on TwiDash stories with other elements thrown into it. (HiE, Scootadopt, maybe even both at once, etc). Generally I just find an idea that I can latch onto and see where it goes.

wait, did i miss the part where AJ mentioned her and rainbow having been together previously? because i don't remember her mentioning that.

Poor Applejack.. :2niff: :ajsleepy:

:ajsleepy: :twilightsmile::rainbowwild: Trying to recreate the scene a little bit :trollestia:

AJ didn't mention it, Rainbow told Twilight she and AJ had been together when she was naming off all her old "flings."

OH NOES Twilight!!! She's going to have to tread carefully, but sadly, she doesn't realize that she's walking into a minefield while stomping everywhere. Rainbow is gonna be hurt....

From what Ranibow said i think it isn´t the best idea from Twilight to even consider the idea of a realationship with three ponys, because Rainbow just told her what she think what they should do. Well they should have a talk, it won´t work if they just go to Applejack and say well let us be together and all agree in a flash. Since they are only three ponys in a relationshipt i don´t mind that she take the idea from a book about herding.

I like the idea of the three of them being together, but from what Twilight know´s she is planning to get herself, Rainbow and Applejack in a relationship even if she doesn´t love Apllejack yet, Applejack don´t like her yet, Rainbow Dash seems to don´t like Appleljack the same as befor and Rainbow Dash don´t want it right now. I just want to say it is a bit weird with her friendship neurosis or how i should call it. I just mean how she is acting. I like your story, i just try to analyze it a bit you could say.

A big talk would be the the obvious thing for me right now. I think about Rarity as the facilitator or how you call it.

I like it is it a long story or rather short? I honestly don´t mind i just want to know.

5191231 If i understand you write, you think too, that Twilight is acting abit ahead of herself and should not force the three of them into a relationship if they didn´t even talk about it. I think Rainbow could or should be upset at first because it looks like she don´t want it at the moment and well Twilight want to share Rainbow Dash but don´t really like Applejack the same way as Ranibow Dash right now.

I like the story, i just say what i think about it right now befor i get more of the text which probably explains it.

wow Ranibow is clever in this chapter, and Twilight is a bit to fast with this subject. Like i thought this chapter explains a bit for me, but i still can´t see why Twilight want it so much, probably she is just a bit psycho with her friendship thing.
Even if she is maybe just a bit crazy there and have great concern abbout her friends, this is actually why i think their relationship could work if they try, but i am glad that Applejack didn´t say yes the first moment she got a chance, this would be a bit unlikely.

Good job i think, i still want to read more:twilightsmile:

PS: Fimfiction changed again a little does it?

Twilight wondering if there is a spell to make things better is a very scary thing because for her there very likely is a spell. She had the Want-It-Need-It spell and the Reformation Spell she would have used on Discord, a little spell to "fix" things here seems almost too easily within her reach.

That aside, I'm wondering why Twilight didn't bring her book/teleport to get it when AJ doubted her. She certainly could prove that "herding" existed if she wanted.

Aww jeez Twilight... just give it a bit of time, AJ should eventually want to try this once the pain starts really setting in. Leave the book on herding with a bookmark in it on her porch or something, maybe that'll convince her.

that was ..... asihaduyasfiahfhsuiogwuieh.....
love the final
Twi.... kajskajskajskajskajs :twilightblush:
:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Great chapter, I now feel all warm and fuzzy inside.:twilightsmile:

And now for the awkward part, telling the friends.

Now I'm picturing a young Princess Cadance doing that as she learns how to magically create love.

That was a surprisingly funny ending to the chapter. I mean it doesn't really seem like it would be to me but for whatever reason it made me smile when I read it. That aside, it's very nice to see a Granny Smith who isn't a racist/homophobic zealot (it's downright shocking how often Granny is made to be so cruel and bigoted in fanfics, when she appears in them at all).

And now we finally get to the meat of the story, the relationship. I really look forward to seeing where this will go.

Totally saw that coming. I knew Granny Smith would set her straight. That ending was so cute!:twilightsmile:

YES. Ahem... ok yeah. YES.

I just want to say, do Applejack really believe that Rainbow or every special somepony for her, would want to live on the farm? What if someone don´t want it? If this would be the tv Applejack i would say she should think about that too.

Granny Smith has done many, many things good or bad ones. I bet smith was in a herd with even 10-20 Ponys.

Well know they are together and the story can start:pinkiehappy: I know i maybe question many things at the moment, but i like it.
I am glad that the story doesn´t end, i know it just started more or less but i know a fanfiction where the story would end at this point.

All my questions are answered right now and i am happy with the whole story, good job i wait for more:heart:

Spike should get a herd.

'Everypony's Gay for Spike; Even the Mares' cliche.

Score one for the skeptics!


D'awwwww. Now I just want AJ to return the feeling to twi#:rainbowkiss:

Squeeeee!!! Hit me with a fluffy pillow and poke me with a feather. I'm dying from the cuteness here. I need more :pinkiehappy:

Oh this is so beautiful. I hope the next chapters involve Twi and AJ slowly falling in love, that'd be so cute!:twilightsmile:

'wipes tear from eye "That was so beautiful.":twilightsmile:

Favorited this last chapter, it just keeps getting better.

oh my god this is hella cute

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