• Published 26th Oct 2014
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Chasing the Rainbow - Liquidfirest0rm

Applejack has a long-standing crush on Rainbow Dash. What happens when she walks in on Twilight and Rainbow making out in the library?

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Chapter 1

Applejack un-hitched herself from her cart and wiped her brow. It had been another slow day in the marketplace, and the hours had seemed to tick by at a crawl. It didn't help that she had important plans for this evening and she was as nervous as a schoolfilly confessing her love for her crush. In truth that's exactly what she had planned to do.

She'd had her eye on somepony for a while, and had finally come to the conclusion that if she ever wanted her crush to turn into more than faraway looks and daydreams, she would have to mare up and confess her feelings. She had even gone to great lengths to find out what her crush's favorite flowers were without them finding out, and picked up a bouquet for the special occasion.

After heading inside and washing up, she stood in front of her dresser, and pulled out a small box. Inside the box lay three small items, two mane ties that had her cutie mark inlayed in them with rubies, and a single blue feather.

Gingerly picking up the feather, she stroked it lovingly, imagining that it's owner had given it to her instead of being found beneath one of the apple trees. Carefully returning it to its box, she opened the drawer and pulled out her seldom used mane brush. Putting her hoof through the loop, she began working it through her golden locks. She briefly considered doing something fancy with her mane, before realizing who she was trying to impress and knowing it would be unnecessary. Once she finished she used one of her special ties to hold her mane in place before starting on her tail. As she worked , she ran different ways of asking through her head, trying to come up with the best one. She finally decided on just doing it outright, simple and to the point.

Finishing up her tail, she put her brush back in the drawer and put on her other tie. Giving the feather another loving caress, she closed the box and returned it to its place. Grabbing her hat off its hook, she placed it on her head before grabbing the bouquet of flowers and heading out the door.

As she made her way through town, she admired the way the town looked in the reds and oranges of the setting sun. The townsponies made their way through the streets but she payed them no mind as she neared her destination. The green boughs of the town library provided a welcoming sight, almost as if reassuring her that everything would work out right. Stopping in front of the door, she gave her appearance another check before knocking on the door. There was no response.

“Rainbow? Twilight? You in there?” She called. A moment later the door opened, revealing the library’s other resident, Spike.

“They’re up in Twilight’s room.” He left the door open and moved back over to a stack of books by one of the shelves, presumably to reshelve them.

Applejack walked through the library common, to the staircase that led to Twilight’s living area. She started to climb the stairs, feeling as nervous as if she were about to lose the big rodeo competition. Before she knew it, she had climbed the stairs and now stood in front of the door to Twilight’s room.

For the second time, she found herself knocking. Once again, there was no response. She could hear Rainbow and Twilight talking within, but neither had seemed to notice her. Spike had invited her to go up to see them, so she took the liberty and opened the door. Gently pushing it open, she started walking into the room.

“Hey Twilight, mind if I…”

Her words caught in her throat as she beheld the sight before her. There on the bed were Twilight and Rainbow Dash, lips locked in a passionate kiss. She dropped the bouquet and let out a gasp as she watched her dreams get crushed right before her eyes.

“Applejack!” Twilight exclaimed, her face bright red as she pushed away from Rainbow, “What in Equestria are you doing here?”

“I… I...” The tears began to run down her face as she turned and bolted from the room. The front door could be heard slamming a few moments later. A speechless Rainbow and Twilight looked to each other to see if they had an explanation for their friend’s strange behavior.


Applejack’s hooves collided with the apple tree, sending a cascade of fruit into her cart. She looked to the next tree that needed bucking, and started dragging the cart over to it.


She had never felt more miserable in her entire life. Not when she had been homesick in Manehattan as a filly, not even when they had lost the farm to the Flim Flam Brothers. It was a kind of ache that she knew wouldn’t go away easy.

After bolting from the library, she had run the entire way back to Sweet Apple Acres. At first, she had hated Twilight for stealing Rainbow Dash from her, but she knew that wasn’t true. Hay, she didn’t even know they were together! It wasn’t like Twilight knew about her feelings for Rainbow and secretly plotted to steal her away. She had simply been acting on her own feelings.

It was her fault if it was anyone’s. She should have made her move sooner, instead of concealing her feelings for so long. If she had taken initiative before Twilight and Rainbow got together, then it could have been Twilight walking in on her and Rainbow instead. She let out a long, depressed sigh and stopped beside the next tree. She didn’t feel like bucking trees anymore, so instead, unhooked herself and sat down beside the tree instead. She felt like crying again, but didn't have any tears left to cry.

She knew she couldn’t keep this all bottled up inside. She needed someone to talk to, someone who could tell her how to move on. She thought about talking with Granny Smith, but she didn’t feel like listening to the old mare go on for hours about her past love life. Then she had an idea come to her, like someone flicking on a lightswitch. Rarity was always going on about her romance and finding her prince charming, surely she’d be able to help! Hitching herself back up to the cart, she headed back towards the barn to drop it off before heading to Carousel Boutique.

Night had fallen as she made her way back into town. Nothing else seemed to move as she silently walked through Ponyville. She hoped Rarity was still awake. As she approached the Boutique, she saw lights shining through the windows. She approached the door, and knocked.

“Hey Rares, you got any time to talk right now?”

The only answer she received was a loud crash coming from inside.

“Rarity? You okay in there?” She called out, opening the door and sticking her head in, concerned for her friend.

“I’m fine, darling. Just a little… preoccupied at the moment. Please do come in.”

She looked into the room and instantly her heart swelled with pity for her friend. There Rarity was, trying to protect her ponequins as a white blur and an orange blur sped around the room, wreaking havoc upon everything in their path.

Applejack shuddered, Rarity was babysitting for two energetic Crusaders, a fate that she wouldn’t even wish upon her worst enemy. Another crash sounded from the other room and she could see Rarity snap a little more.

“Girls!” Rarity yelled through gritted teeth, “Would you please go to Sweetie’s room so I can talk to Applejack?” The two blurs came to a halt in front of them, briefly materializing into two fillies that chorused ‘okay’ before turning back into blurs and disappearing up the stairs. She let out a sigh and visibly relaxed a little as Applejack watched her straighten a few things around the boutique.

“Why don’t I make us some tea, and we can sit down and discuss whatever’s on your mind?” Rarity asked, leading Applejack into the kitchen.

“That sounds fine, Rares.” She replied taking a seat at the table. She watched as Rarity filled the kettle with water and then set it on the stove before pulling out the tea and two cups. Once everything had been laid out, she took her seat.

“So, what is it that you wanted to talk about, Applejack?”

“Well… you see, there’s this mare that I’ve had feelings for for a long time now, only she doesn’t feel the same about me,” Applejack started, looking awkwardly down at the table, tapping her hooves together nervously.

“Oh Applejack, that’s simply awful. You must tell me who this pony is!”

“Well, you know her pretty well. She’s one of the most beautiful ponies I’ve ever seen and is always willing to help anypony-”

“Applejack? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Rarity asked, cutting her off mid sentence. “Not that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, of course. Can you imagine the scandal of it all? Ponyville’s primary fashionista engaged in a passionate romance with a simple farmer from the outskirts of town. Oh, how ponies would talk!”

Applejack stared at her for a moment, dumbfounded.

“Rarity! I ain’t talking about you! I have a crush on Rainbow Dash.” She huffed.

“Well this is rather awkward.” She replied, a blush spreading across her face.

Applejack rubbed her face with a fetlock and sighed.

“Look, yesterday evening I went to ask Rainbow out, and accidentally walked in on her making out with Twilight at the library.” Rarity’s jaw dropped.

“Are you sure, darling? It wasn’t just a friendly nuzzle or something of the sort.” This earned her a derisive snort from Applejack.

“I dunno, last time I checked two ponies looking like they each wanna suck the other’s face off is pretty clear cut making out.”

“Hmmm, well that certainly doesn't sound good.”

“No, not really. I’m just not sure what I should do now.”

“Applejack, darling, I know this may be difficult to hear,” Rarity said, patting her hoof consolingly on Applejack’s shoulder, “but the best course of action might be to just try to get over Rainbow. It will be hard, but if she is really happy with Twilight, then there won’t be any room for you in her life.”

Applejack stared at the table top, silently thinking over her friend’s advice. She knew that breaking them apart would only end up bad for everyone. Deep down she knew Rarity was right, it was best for her to just move on and forget about it, the sooner she did that, the sooner she could start getting over the heartache. The corners of her mouth tilted up for a brief moment before she looked back up at Rarity.

“I think you may have something there, Rares. Though it sure as hay ain’t gonna be easy. These feelings have been around for a mighty long time, they ain’t just gonna vanish overnight.” Rarity smirked as her horn lit up, Applejack looked around, trying to see what the spell was doing.

“Well that, darling, is where the next part comes in.” A tub of ice cream and two spoons landed on the table between them. “Comfort food.”