• Published 26th Oct 2014
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Chasing the Rainbow - Liquidfirest0rm

Applejack has a long-standing crush on Rainbow Dash. What happens when she walks in on Twilight and Rainbow making out in the library?

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Chapter 5

Author's Note:

This chapter takes place a little over two weeks after chapter four. This also marks the end of the 'getting together' part of the story. The next chapters will start in more of slice of life stuff.

Applejack ran the brush through her horrendously tangled hair, trying to reverse the damage that a life of farm work had done. As she struggled with a particularly nasty knot, she looked at the purple alicorn across the room from her through the mirror.

“You sure about this Twi? I mean, we can always put this off till a day you aren’t busy.”

“Of course its ok, Applejack. You two don’t always have to drag me along with you whenever you have plans. Besides I have some studying to catch up on.”

Applejack felt a tendril of magic grab the brush in her hoof. “You want some help with that?” Twilight offered.

“Well sure, that magic of yours sure does come in handy sometimes.” She replied, feeling the brush gently tug the knot out.

“Besides, now you and Rainbow can have a real date since I’m not going to be there. I know you hold back when all three of us are together, but I want you to know that you don’t have to. I know how you feel about Rainbow, so feel free to express yourself whenever you want.” She said, smiling at the farm mare.

“Well, if you’re sure.”

“She’s sure!” Rainbow called from somewhere else in the library, no doubt impatiently waiting for Applejack to finish up.

Applejack blushed, thinking that their conversation had been private. The sound of fluttering wings caused her to look towards the door, seeing Rainbow landing just outside. The rainbow-maned pegasus strode through the doorway, crossing the room and stopping beside her.

“And another thing, Twi’s right, you don’t have to feel like there’s anything to hide between the three of us. She’s not going to get mad if we don’t include her in every tiny bit of fun we have.” Rainbow told her. To prove her point, she leaned in and kissed Applejack, wrapping her forelegs behind her neck, preventing the earth pony from pulling away.

Applejack stiffened at first, but soon relaxed into the kiss, pulling Rainbow even closer to her. As they broke apart, her eyes immediately flicked over to Twilight, who was watching them with a small smile and a heartwarming look in her eyes.

The third member of their herd moved over and wrapped her wings around both of them. Twilight kissed Rainbow and surprisingly she felt no jealousy, only happiness at seeing the two of them enjoying each other. Twilight broke her kiss with Rainbow and looked towards Applejack before speaking again.

“I know you may not feel anything towards me, and we aren’t going to push you into anything you don’t want to do yet, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t share the one we both love.” She squeezed Rainbow with her wing to emphasize her point.

A moment later, she used her wings to shove both of them towards the door. “Now both of you get going, you’re going to be late!” She said with a giggle as they both turned towards the clock, before bolting out the door.

The two of them walked briskly through Ponyville’s streets, rushing to make their dinner reservation. Twilight had been trying to impress her orderly ways on both of them, Applejack being the more willing of the two, understanding the importance of having things run on a schedule. But still, it was hard to get used to.

On the farm, they ate at their own leisure, whenever they were hungry and had a little time between chores. They still had a big home cooked meal for supper that brought them all together, something she had been proud to bring to her new herdmates. Even if it meant she did most of the cooking, it was well worth it if it meant they could all spend time together and catch up on each others’ days.

She also loved Rainbow’s carefree nature, and it was a relief sometimes to just get away from it all and do what they felt like as the day went along. No farm responsibilities, no schedules, just her and her herd enjoying life to its fullest. Her herd. It still sounded strange every time she thought about it.

They rounded a corner and their destination came into view, some fancy restaurant that Twilight had arranged for them. They walked up to the waiter standing behind the little podium.

“Rainbow Dash, party of two.” Rainbow said. The waiter looked through his little book for a moment.

“Ah, here it is. Follow me please.”

He lead them in to the back of the restaurant, to a private little booth lit by candlelight. Twilight had really gone all out to ensure that they had a good time and it made Applejack’s heart swell. She really did want them to have a good time, even if she wasn’t present.

“Please take your time to look over the menu. What will you be having to drink this evening?”

“I’ll have a cold cider!” Rainbow said excitedly. The waiter wrote it down on his little pad before turning to Applejack.

“And for you, madame?”

“I’ll have the same as her.” He nodded, writing down her order before looking back up.

“I’ll return in a few minutes to get your orders.” He promptly turned and left, leaving the two of them in silence. Applejack turned towards Rainbow with her eyebrow cocked.

“Since when does a fancy place like this carry something simple like cider?”

“Since I started dating a princess.” Rainbow said, not taking her eyes off the menu. A few moments later, she looked up with a wide grin on her face. “The first time Twilight took me here, there was nothing that I liked to drink. But since then, this place has always carried cider.”

“Wow, there sure are some perks involved with dating Twi. A pony like her has a lot of influence.”

“You can say that again! I’m just glad there’s finally a drink here that can wash down all that tasty food they serve.”

Rainbow returned to her menu, weighing the many delectable options. “So, what are you thinking of ordering, AJ?”

Applejack scratched her head. “Well, to be honest, I don’t really know what anything on this menu is. What’s escargot?”

Rainbow grimaced, sticking her tongue out.

“You don’t wanna know.” She said with a shudder.

Applejack returned to the menu, looking confused. “What would you recommend?”

“Well the only good thing I remember Twi ordering was something called bruschetta.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s these little round toasted bread things with some vegetables on top of it. I’m sure Twilight could tell you exactly what it is, I just eat em.” She said with a laugh.

“Alright, then, I guess I’ll give it a shot.”

The waiter returned with their drinks, and took their orders, before collecting their menus and departing again. They shared small talk over their drinks while they waited for their food to arrive. When the waiter finally brought their food, the smell had both of their mouths watering. The waiter refilled their drinks before leaving them to their meal.

“Wow, this sure does smell good.”

“Wait till you try em.” Rainbow said, already starting in on her own meal.

Applejack picked up one of the little toasted breads and eyed it curiously. Just as Rainbow had said, it had vegetables piled on top of it. Giving a shrug, she took a bite out of one side. Her mouth exploded with flavor, her eyes going wide as she stared down at this new amazingness. She popped the rest into her mouth, chewing with a pleased 'mmm' sound.

“Check, please.” Rainbow waved the waiter down as she finished her last bruschetta.

“Oh, there isn’t one. Your meal has already been paid for.”

“Paid for? By who?” Applejack asked.

“Miss Sparkle of course.” Both of them were shocked. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“Nah, we’re good.” The waiter nodded and laid some mints on their table before leaving. “We’ll have to thank Twilight later.” She said, popping one of the mints in her mouth, before pushing the other towards Applejack. The two of them got up and headed towards the door, Rainbow wrapping her wing around Applejack.

"Twi really knows how to pick a good restaurant." Applejack said, moving closer to Rainbow.

"Yeah, sometimes I think she likes to spoil me. Well, I guess that will be us now. Either way you're in good hooves with Twi." Rainbow said with a squeeze of her wing. Her ears perked up when she heard a sniffle come from Applejack. “Hey, what’s the matter?”

Applejack stopped and turned to face Rainbow. “I just don’t deserve everything y’all have done for me. I’ve honestly been waiting for y’all to tell me this has been one big joke, or that it’s not going to work out. But after these past two weeks and everything tonight...”

Caught up in a whirlwind of emotion, she leaned in and kissed the blue pegasus. Rainbows eyes and wings shot open, her eyes closing a moment later as she pushed back into the kiss. When they broke apart, they both stood there, looking at each other with a loving gaze.

“Let’s head back to the library. You can stay the night if you want, have you read the Daring Do books?”

“Can’t say I have.” Applejack replied with a shake of her head, moving back in against Rainbow’s side.

“Then are you in for a treat!” Rainbow smiled, wrapping her wing around Applejack’s withers, and all but dragging her down the street.

Twilight made her way down the stairs, a massive yawn making its way from her muzzle. As she reached the bottom of the stairs however, she saw a sight that made her heart melt. There in front of the fire, lay Rainbow and Applejack. Rainbow had a wing draped over Applejack and her head rested on top of the farm mare’s. On the floor in front of them lay an open Daring Do book.

Not wanting to disturb the sleeping pair, she levitated a blanket over from the couch and gently placed it over them. They snuggled closer together under the new source of warmth and her heart swelled as she watched them sleep, a dopey smile plastered onto her face. She knew for certain that they had made the right choice asking Applejack to form a herd with her and Rainbow. Applejack may not have been ready yet, but Twilight knew she would be ready to accept Applejack as a second lover, once Applejack was ready.

Using her magic, she moved the book to the stand beside the couch and stoked the fire, before quietly making her way back upstairs, leaving the slumbering pair to their dreams.