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I write about lesbian ponies. Don't like it? Move along... Nuff said.


After the defeat of Discord, Princess Celestia sends the Mane 6 on a week long vacation. A mishap with a teleportation spell, however, lands them not at their vacation destination; but on Earth. How will they cope with being in a strange place, completely cut off from everything and everyone they know? Will they ever be able to get back? Read to find out.

Not all tags are used straight away. Inspiration for this fic comes from stories such as: Xenophilia (and related offshoots) as well as others like: But, She's a Pony! (All credit for those stories go to their respective authors.)

Edit: I have started revising the current chapters to get rid of a lot of errors and make everything flow better. Re-reading will not be required as the basic ideas will not change. I will begin publishing new chapters once I'm done with this.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 38 )

Okay, I am [slightly] confused, but, please continue.

Anything I can do to clear up your confusion? :pinkiesmile:

Good chapter. I am excited for more updates! :pinkiehappy:

The mention of Discord in the first chapter should probably be capitalized.
I'm a little confused as why you would abbreviate Mountain Dew.
I'm not seeing the connection to But, She's a Pony! Then again, that story was inspired by something I wrote, so I have a bit of a skewed viewpoint.

Anyway, there's nothing really wrong with this story, and you seem to update fast so I'll watch it.

Really nice chapter. I am eager for more! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for catching the Discord bit, and honestly I have no idea why I abbreviated that. :facehoof:
Also there really isn't a direct connection to But, She's a Pony! it was more the idea of ponies having to learn about how this world works and the differences in culture stuff.

*Edit* Issues have been fixed

I was kinda hoping they'd end up smack dab middle of New York or London or something, but I guess showing up in a suburban house means they can interact with a human on a personal level, which would make first contact more interesting. Tracking :ajsmug:

Also, lyra should've followed them somehow. I can only imagine her:rainbowlaugh:

"Standing beside the bed, with a surprisingly human looking look of concern, stood what looked like a small yellow horse."
Wow, uh, that sentence was a little confusing from start to finish.

Italics are commonly used to represent thoughts.

And a screaming-chicken Firebird?

Thanks, how did I miss that? :twilightoops: Fixing right away. :facehoof:

Another great chapter!

I was kind of annoyed when I realized that you had something new and I didn't know about it. In the ensuing epic rage fit I discovered that my 'Follow' button is no longer broken.


Haha at least its fixed now. :twilightsmile:

Just found this a few hours ago, and *bam!* new chapter already.

I am pleased. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter. Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

YAY!!! :yay: new chapter

cant wait for more:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

It's a good thing I'm diligent. :ajbemused:

The site completely failed to notify me that this updated. :facehoof:

Oh this is going to end well... :ajbemused:

Another earth fic alright lets see were this can take us eh
Also the liker wuz here :heart:

Nice chapter. Lets hope no one at the party finds them...

stating three chapters where OK but you really picked it up:pinkiehappy:


Oh my.

So when's the next chapter? (Now that I see where this is heading, you get my like. And a fave)


FimFiction is being dumb and not letting me post the next chapter. :twilightsheepish: Should be up in the morning. :twilightsmile:

Still having upload issues. :facehoof: Will post more when it works. :twilightsheepish:

update any time soon?!:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

Hello there. I would like to begin by stating that the following message is purely personal opinion and should not be taken negatively.

Now then, whenever I see a story starting out like this, with some guy playing a video game (which happens way more often than I believe should) what always irks me is that the game being played is directly named. It detaches me from the sense of immersion in the story and almost instantly makes me want to stop reading.

Especially when it's Call of Duty.

Now I don't have any real issues with the series, I own the game myself. The problem is that, for me, it cheapens any possible character development because I see him as not a gamer specifically but rather as every other person who plays Call of Duty. There's no appeal to it. You fail in making him in any way unique as the sole defining characteristic is an overplayed stereotype.

I'm sure that (well not really) later on you have or will develop his character more, but for me this is one of the worst possible ways to introduce your human male protagonist. I'm not sure how other people feel about this since I'm too damn lazy to scroll through the comments and see if anyone has voiced similar opinions (and yet am contradicting myself by typing out this long ass comment on a phone) but I felt obligated to inform you of this before moving on to the rest of the story to see if I like it.

TL;DR: Don't reference games by title because some people hate that game or the people who play it for whatever reason and you will instantly lose readers.

And now that I have read the comments I feel stupid for ranting on what is apparently a dead story.

Finally!, an update, hopefully you can do faster chapter updates

Good update. Maybe part of the consoling to her would be to tell her that worrying about the past won't change things. That it's what she does now to fix things that does. Maybe Brandon offhandedly commenting that she could make her own return spell based on what she knows or something.

Glad to see this fic update after so long. It had a promising start.

I am curious to know what human city they ended up in. I was initially thinking they might have ended up in Las Vegas instead of Las Pegasus but I guess that's beside the point. What *is* the point is how they're going to adjust, how others will receive them, what they do and how they eventually get home... all questions I look forward to being answered in the course of this story. The coming party should certainly be interesting as well...

One minor critique--Brandon should have at least told Pinkie he needed to nap first if she's expecting him to talk to Twilight immediately.

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