Chasing the Rainbow

by Liquidfirest0rm

Chapter 4

Applejack shut the front door with a less than gentle kick. Not quite slamming it, but enough to let others know that something was amiss with the farm mare. She let out a sigh and hung her hat up on its usual peg before making her way into the kitchen. She was exhausted, physically and mentally. She poured herself some cider and sat down at the table, taking a long draw before setting it down on the table and resting her head on her forelegs. She still couldn’t believe her friends had come up with this whole scheme just to try and tempt her with false promises.

A relationship with more than two ponies… Like that would ever really work.

What hurt the most was the fact that they were willing to try it. They both were interested enough to pursue a relationship with her, but the timing was just wrong.

What rotten luck.

She took another sip of her cider and sat it back on the table.

I doubt those two even thought it all the way through in the first place. How would that even work anyway? Take turns going with each other?

She downed the rest of her cider and laid her head down on the table.

If only I’d acted on my feelings sooner, I wouldn’t be having to deal with any of this right now.

Picking up her mug, she tried to take another drink, only to remember it was empty and sat it back on the table. She didn’t want to share Rainbow, she wanted her all to herself.

I don’t even like Twilight like that. I mean it’s not like she’s ugly by any means, she’s actually quite the looker… Wait, where did that come from?

She leaned back into the chair, and thought about the lavender mare. She honestly had never thought of any of her friends in a romantic light, except Rainbow of course, but she had known her longer than any of her other friends, too.

Twilight… She really was pretty, and kind, and thoughtful. Ah who was she kidding, even if she would accept their offer, other ponies wouldn’t accept them. It’s not like they could make it official if they wanted to get hitched. Then there was the idea of foals. And what about the farm? She couldn’t just up and leave the farm, they needed her. With a groan she slammed her head into the table hard enough to knock over her mug.

“Something wrong, child?” Came the voice of the Apple Family matron.

Applejack quickly sat up, looking in the direction of the doorway as Granny Smith entered. She watched the older mare slowly make her way to the table and take a seat beside her. She let out a sigh, not even sure where to start. She hated getting help with her problems, but she knew deep down that this was well out of her league.

“Yeah, you know how I’ve been sweet on Rainbow Dash for a while now? Well yesterday I went to go and fess up about my feelings for her.” Granny nodded. “When I got there, I walked in on her and Twilight kissing.”

“Ain’t that a darn shame. Well, ya can’t win em all, youngin. I’m sure ya will find another that catches your eye.”

“That ain’t all, Granny. They came back today to talk to me. Twilight was talking about wanting to start something called a ‘herd’. She said it was a way that all three of us could be together in one relationship. I ain’t never heard of anything like it in my life.”

“A herd? I ain’t heard of one of those formed in ages. Land sakes, does that take me back.” Granny said with a smile and a wistful look.

“Ya can’t be serious, did they get you in on this too?”

“Nope, I never talked to no one bout nothin’. Back when I was your age I was in a herd myself. Your ma and pa were some of the first Apples to ever go for that new fangled couples idea.”

Applejack’s jaw dropped. That couldn’t be, this herd thing had just been another one of Twilight’s ridiculous ideas, right?

“Let me ask ya somethin, child. Ya really wanna be with this Rainbow Dash of yours?”

“More than anything.”

“Then why does it matter if you have a third in your little group if’n ya get to have her and she loves ya back? And what about this Twilight Sparkle? Could you see yourself with her?”

Applejack stared at the table as her head fought to make sense out of what she’d heard.

Would it really be all that bad if I had to share Rainbow? And what about Twi? I guess we could cross that bridge when we get to it.

“You’re the only one who can listen to your heart, child. You have to make up your own mind about this.” Granny spoke up, breaking Applejack out of her thoughts as she got up and walked back out of the room, leaving the room silent once again.

Maybe she could go through with this.

At least I’d be getting Rainbow, even if nothing comes up between me and Twi.

She could certainly give it a try. She got up and rinsed her mug out in the sink, whatever she decided, it was nothing a good nights sleep wouldn’t help her with.

Rainbow Dash sat in the kitchen of the Golden Oaks library with her forelegs crossed under her head, cold cup of coffee still half full in front of her. After their talk with Applejack yesterday, Twilight had gone to her room and refused to come out. She had been worried from the start that something like this would have happened.

Letting out a sigh, she grabbed her cup of coffee and downed the rest in one gulp, wincing at the taste of cold coffee.

What would it even be like, having two marefriends? I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I had Twi and AJ, would it? Oh, why am I even thinking about this? AJ didn’t go for Twi’s idea anyway so theres no use wasting time thinking about what might have happened.

Placing her cup in the sink, she made her way back upstairs to try and talk Twilight out of her slump again. Right as she was going to knock on the bedroom door, she heard a knock come from the front door of the library.

Since she had started living with Twilight at the library, Rainbow had come to understand her irritation at having to answer the door for everypony who came along. Apparently ponies didn’t realize that the library was still a public library even though Twilights room was above the library itself.

She glided down from the staircase, landing in front of the door with a thud. She threw open the door, ready to lay into whatever pony was wasting her time, but stopped when she saw the pony on the other side of the door.

“Uh… Howdy Rainbow.” Applejack stared at the slack jawed pegasus for a moment before sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. “Mind if I come in?” Rainbow dumbly nodded and she went inside.

“So… Uh… What’s up AJ? Didn’t think you’d wanna see us after yesterday.” Rainbow said quietly as she closed the door.

Applejack took a seat beside the center table, taking her hat off of her head and placing it on the table and staring at it for a few moments. When she does start to speak, her voice is full of pain and regret.

“About yesterday… After y’all left, I did a lot of thinking, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.”

Oh great, she doesn’t want to see us any more. That’ll really help get Twi out of her funk.

“I think I wanna take you two up on your offer.”

I told her this was a bad idea- wait, what?

“Say what?”

“Is Twi around, I’d like to talk to you both at the same time.” She said with a sigh.

“Yeah, she’s up in her room. Back in a jiffy.” Rainbow said before darting up to the top of the stairs and bursting into Twilight’s room. Applejack could hear some muffled conversation before a sudden flash revealed a purple alicorn with puffy red eyes and matted fur. She recoiled a bit at the sight, slightly unnerved by the panicked look in her friend’s eyes. Rainbow came down and landed beside her a moment later.

“Geez, Twi, I told you she wanted to talk to us. She isn’t going to disappear in two seconds.”

Applejack regained her composure, swallowing thickly before speaking again.


“Oh, Applejack, I’m so sorry!” The purple alicorn rushed forward and caught the farm pony in a crushing hug. “I didn’t mean to make you upset. I was just trying to find a way to fix everything, and I only ended up making things worse! Please, please, please don’t hate me for this. I understand you don’t want anything to do with this whole mess anymore, and I promise I won’t bother you with it, just please don’t hate me!”

She emphasized her point by squeezing even tighter, causing the farm mare to push against her gently, making her loosen her grip and back up a couple of steps. Fresh tears could be seen making their way down her muzzle, matting even more of her fur a darker purple than the rest of her coat.

“Sugarcube, you ain’t got nothing to apologize for. If anything, I’m the one who should be apologizing to you. I didn’t realize at the time that y’all really did your research trying to fix this. I honestly thought y’all had come up with that story just to make me feel better, let me down easy so to speak.” Twilight started to launch into another spiel, but was halted when Applejack held up a hoof, letting her know she wasn’t finished.

“Last night, I did a lot of thinking on what y’all said. Me and Granny talked it over, and she set me right on a lot of things I was wrong about. I came over today to tell y’all that I wanna accept your offer. It may not be exactly what I was expecting, but at least I do get what I want out of it in the end.”

Twilight’s mood did a complete switch, a smile threatening to split her head in half. She suddenly started jumping circles around the other two, repeatedly shouting ‘Yes!’, oblivious to the world. Rainbow noticed that Applejack still seemed tense about something and moved over beside her.

“Something wrong AJ?”

Applejack fidgeted with her hat for a moment before speaking.

“Well… It’s just the whole part between me and Twi. I’ve never thought of her that way. I just dunno if I ever will and I don’t wanna ruin things later down the road. I love ya somethin fierce, RD, but I dunno if I could ever have that with Twi.” She finished, watching the purple alicorn celebrate.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past six months, is that nopony’s easier to love than Twilight. She’s the smartest mare I’ve ever met, but she doesn’t let that go to her head for a second. She’s down to earth, nice, and she’s always willing to compromise for me. She always knows what it’ll take to make me smile and lift me out of a bad mood." Rainbow paused, flicking out her wing and grabbing the exuberant alicorn, pulling her to her side.

“I know you can learn to love her. For now you have me, but you’ll learn to love Twi too.” Rainbow finished, blushing. Applejack stared at her, astonished as Twilight nodded in agreement.

“That there was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard you say, RD. You really do love her more than anything.”

Rainbow nodded. “Yeah, I do.” She said giving the purple mare a quick kiss.

“And y’all are willing to let me be a part of that?” Applejack felt a tear coming as she realized the real gravity of their offer.

“Of course!” They both chimed.

Twilight and Rainbow had the most loving relationship that she had ever seen, and they were gladly inviting her into it. Sharing with her the most intimate and beautiful part of their lives.

Applejack pulled Dash into a deep hug. “I swear that I'm gonna try my best to do right by the both of you. You two have made me so happy giving me a chance like this.”

“We wouldn’t wanna leave ya out in the cold like that. Especially with Twi over there being all broke up about it.” Rainbow leaned towards Applejack with a hoof beside her mouth and loudly whispered, “She’s no fun like that.”

This drew a chuckle out of the farm mare and earned her a swipe from the purple alicorn. She hovered just out of reach and stuck her tongue out defiantly, momentarily forgetting about Twilight’s magic. She was quickly reminded of this fact as she was plucked from the air and placed beside an equally immobilized Applejack. Twilight could barely contain her giggles as she gently bumped their muzzles together.

“Now kiss!” She exclaimed while using her magic to move them apart and back together again, like a foal would with its dolls. She completely lost it at the sight of her friends’ faces and accidentally dropped them both as she lost control of her magic. They both tackled her, each looking to seek out revenge on their purple assailant.