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Hai! Im a REALLY awesome dude and would like to read great stories/edit a few^_^


I have returned! · 1:42am Apr 26th, 2014

Why, hello my fellow Bronies/Pegasisters! I have been away for a while, gathering information about technology, shipping, books, movies and all that kind of stuff. I signed up for a daily story club at my school with my Theatre teacher, so I am writing a lot more now. I have a new computer set-up, that being a Mac Mini using a thunderbolt plug-in to patch into the TV downstairs, or to patch into my dads iMac. I use an INSIGNIA 1080p TV as my monitor, used at 1080i for better resolution and

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Well hello :pinkiecrazy:

666110I wanted to have it as read later

So you faved Battle of the Blanks eh? What part of my story do you like?

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

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