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Just a person writing about ponies, like lots of people on here.


Hiatus · 4:38pm Feb 28th, 2017

So due to life issues I won't be active on the site for some time. I do plan on continuing to work on my writing so when I will be able to post again the quality should be better.

For my 33 (at time of writing) followers, thanks and I hope my absence isn't off putting.

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Figuring out ages. · 3:07am Jan 23rd, 2017

Doing a little copy paste from someone elses blog where I did this. Though fixed due to having looked up something to see if I had recalled it right or not. I didn't. This has thrown my maths all out of whack.

Since I am doing a Sunsarity fic I wanted to put this up where others could find it easily. Main point is that there is a time-dilation effect with the portal. One that is likely more muted now that they are keeping it open more often that it's normal operation.

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