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I am new at fan fiction so please give me a chance when I write a fan fiction. I do the best I can. Please comment on my stories for feedback!


One day Rainbow Dash flies to Sweet Apple Acres for some cider and sees that the apple family is not at home. Outside of the barn, there is an unattended barrel of delicious Apple Cider. She makes sure nobody is looking and drinks that barrel dry. But she will soon learn that drinking too much will have some "consequences."

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When you gotta go ya gotta go :rainbowlaugh:

She quickly sped to her home, with both of her hands holding on to her bladder.

She has hooves not hands :twilightoops:

7223443 Did you see the anthro tag?

Well okay then...

7223465 In their defense, the cover art is 100% pony, so they might have just looked at that before they started reading.

7223443 The fact she can reach inside her body to grab onto her bladder is what amazes me more.

I would think Rainbow would have popped after drinking as much cider that is shown in the picture.

7224342 there is no logic in cartoons!


Yeah I know but it would be nice too see her pop just once during the show or in one of the movies.

You know would make a good prank?

What would make a good prank?

7224739 Sliently replacing cider with dragon piss.

Is there a sequel?

7226464 Hmmm....I don't know...

7226467 Where did you originally get the idea for this?

7226473 Well, I always thought that since Rainbow drinks so much cider, what about bathroom breaks? Seems logical.

7226493 Perhaps you could do a sequel where Rainbow, Applejack & Pinkie have a Cider drinking contest to see who can drink the most cider. :pinkiehappy:

7226497 hmmm...sounds like a plan...but no promises. I am already trying to focus on my current series. Check it out.


7226527 Looks cool, one other thing about "Too Much Cider" did you think of adding Scootaloo in the story or didn't it come to mind?

7226608 It never came to mind actually. Even if it did I still would not have put her in the story. Would not be able to find a good plot point for her.

"Me and the family"
do you mean
"The family and I"

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