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I am new at fan fiction so please give me a chance when I write a fan fiction. I do the best I can. Please comment on my stories for feedback!

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Star Shine's life is not so easy. When her husband dies, she is left alone to take care of her 9 year old colt. To make matters worse, she loses her well paying financing job due to an economic crisis. Now she has to work long hours as a fast food waitress with low pay just to make a living. Can things get any worse?

Note: Teen rating due to swearing and sexual references. Also in this version of Equestria, modern technology such as cars, smartphones, and computers exist.

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One day Rainbow Dash flies to Sweet Apple Acres for some cider and sees that the apple family is not at home. Outside of the barn, there is an unattended barrel of delicious Apple Cider. She makes sure nobody is looking and drinks that barrel dry. But she will soon learn that drinking too much will have some "consequences."

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