The Star's Fall To Equestria

by CrypticMetaphor

First published

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

When an unknown meteor shower descends upon Equestria. Seven meteor's crash at different points in the magical land. Princess Celestia informs the elements of harmony that it is a sign that an old prophecy is coming to pass. As the six begin their journey, they discover that each meteor holds a pony who claims to have never seen Equestria before. The first one which crashed in Ponyville holds the gentlecolt calling himself, Jonathan Joestar. They all soon realize that they must gather the remaining stallions in order to avert a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

"There will come a time, when seven stars fall. Upon this day, a bizarre journey must take place to gather them together. For the evil they herald possesses powers unlike any other, sono chi no sadame!"

1- Star's Streak Across Heaven to Kiss The Earth

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(In Days Long Past)

Starswirl the Bearded was greatly distressed; the old sage was great in power and as wise as both princesses but he could still feel fear, and right now was no different. Even though he was fearful, he kept himself level and at ease mentally as he began to scribble down notes. One thing that only a select few knew about was that the stars spoke to him, not metaphorically, but literally. He didn’t know why it happened or for what purpose, but when they spoke they showed him things that were to come. Like paintings moving along a slow stream, they were clear but hard to piece in sequence at times. His last prophecy had foretold of the second coming of Nightmare Moon and what would occur when she returned. But the vision he received now was a most troubling one, it depicted the elements of harmony with ponies with the most bizarre of abilities fighting a creature unlike anything seen before. He gasped in pain and placed a hoof to his chest for it was as he feared, his time was now upon him. He finished his final prophecy and wrapped it in a ribbon with a talisman. He then wrote down the last bit of instructions to his most trusted and beloved friend. He then shakily stood as sweat fell from him in buckets. He then took a seat in his most favorite arm chair and levitated the scroll onto his lap. He smiled, he had lived a long and rich life, and he could now die happy. The world around him then faded at the fringes before turning off like a light.


(Current Day)

Ponyville itself was quiet for the most part at night, not much except for the occasional night creature or all-nighter pony made a sound. Twilight Sparkle, resident librarian and princess was up and about gazing at the heavens through numerous telescopes (courtesy of Pinkie Pie) with great interest. She was taking notes on some strange irregularities; it was the oddest thing to. Certain stars were moved and older stars had been replaced by new ones. She narrowed her eyes as she witnessed something even stranger, it seemed that seven stars blinked in unison. She was about to zoom in for a closer look when a tap on the shoulder drew her attention with a jump.

“Twilight, it’s three AM, why are you still up?”

Twilight sighed in slight annoyance, “Spike, I’m on the brink of discovering a cosmic event unlike any other! What pony in their right mind would sleep at a time like this?”

Spike looked to the side, “A pony that’s not completely crazy.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes and growled in frustration.

That’s when the massive bang that shook the town was heard and felt.


Rarity was busy, well more to the point, she was absolutely SWAMPED. Several last minute orders had been sent to her and she was hard at work getting them right, the customer came before her health after all. She sighed as she finished one out of ten and went to work on number two. Excited but muffled giggles caused her ears to flick in the direction of the nose. She groaned in mild annoyance and ascended the stairs to her little sister’s room and opened the door. Seated around a flashlight were three guilty looking fillies.

Sweetie Belle smiled, “Oh…um.”

“Sweetie Belle, I thought I told you lights out.”

“But Rarity,” the white filly whined, “we wanna stay up like the older ponies do.”

Rarity looked at Sweetie’s friends who had gone back to their sleeping bags much to Sweetie Belle’s chagrin.

“Traitors,” she mumbled.

Rarity sighed, “Sweetie Belle, listen to me. You’re too young to stay up late, you need your sleep. After all, a mare does most of her growing when she sleeps.”

Scootaloo suddenly spoke up, “Whoa look at that!”

All four ponies came to the window and gazed outside. The sky itself flashed bright, like a rainboom had gone off. Rarity scanned the sky but saw no sign of Rainbow Dash, what she did see was truly amazing. Seven meteors, all glowing gold and silver streaked across the heavens. Rarity had to admit, it was as Rainbow Dash would put it, cool. But her eyes widened in shock and fear as one of the meteors deviated from its course…and headed straight at them. Rarity grabbed the girls and rushed them from the room. The meteor smashed through the wall behind them, then through the floor into the cellar below. Rarity screamed in horror at the damage done to her house as the Cutie Mark Crusaders looked on in shock. Rarity cautiously approached the brim of the hole and gazed into its depths, smoke and steam obscured her vision. Thing is, she could swear she was picking up something breathing weakly.

“Girls, I want you to run and get Twilight,” she glanced at them, “please hurry.”

The CMC saluted and rushed outside. Rarity on the other hoof, went downstairs and threw open the door leading to the cellar. Smoke billowed out into the main room as she coughed; she then used her magic to cut a path through the din of black and ventured forth.



Braeburn was busy outside making his rounds at the orchard when he saw a light heading toward him.

“What in Equestria?”

The meteor surged over his head and smashed into a mountain side.


(The Raining Forests of Southern Equestria)

Daring Do was recovering at her base camp after exploring the nearby temple. The door was sealed up tighter than a drum, and she was not happy.

“Of all the rotten luck, how in the hay am I supposed to finish my latest book if I can’t-“

A meteor streaked across the sky and smashed down a mile from her camp.



Several fire squads were being deployed across the city after a meteor had streaked through the business district and splashed down in the bay outside the city.


(Las Pegasus)

In the desert region outside Las Pegasus, a shape stirred in a crater. This shape had golden blonde hair.

(Dodge Junction)

Cherry Jubilee was staring in utter disbelief at a massive line of broken and torched trees leading to a massive crater.


(Outside The Crystal Empire)

Far in the snow away from the train station was a now snowed over crater. Inside the crater a shape squirmed as the cold bit at it.


While the other meteor’s touched down, Rarity was busy making her way past old supplies that had fallen over and created a veritable mine field of potential accidents waiting to happen. Rarity looked around as she once again picked up the sound of breathing. She advanced further, skeptical of what awaited her in the darkness. She didn’t believe in aliens, but the last thing she wanted was something leaping from the darkness and latching onto her face. She stopped when she saw a shape on the ground. She approached with caution and levitated the shape from the ground and brought it out of the cellar. She flicked on all of her lights and gingerly laid down…the pony? The creature was indeed a pony, or something that looked a lot like an earth pony. She could tell that the pony was quite fit and was male. She tilted her head and noticed that the stallion’s coat was a faded black color. Its mane and tail were a dark blue; though it seemed wild looking it held a sort of refinement to it. She brushed the mane aside and got a look at his face, though it was youthful like most stallions in town, it seemed as if it was hardened. The stallion’s eyes fluttered open; they were the most enchanting color blue.

Rarity tilted her head in concern, “Are you alright?”

The stallion reached out and touched her face in a gentle caress, “Erina…even now you still care for me…”

Rarity became confused but blushed lightly, “Sir, I mean no disrespect but your speaking nonsense.”

The stallion blinked several times to clear his vision and he looked straight into Rarity’s eyes in bewilderment and shock, “What the devil?!”

The pony tried to stand quickly, but the sudden shifting of weight and new center of balance caused him to fall backwards and smash his head into a wall. He rubbed his head in pain and then glanced at his front hooves. He could only muster a squeak of surprise as he gazed at Rarity in utter horror.

Rarity raised her hooves defensively as the pony shakily stood, “Sir, calm down. You’ve been through quite an odd ordeal.”

The stallion looked to the side at a mirror and gazed in both wonderment and shock. Rarity took notice that a small patch of his coat at the nape of his neck was a light peach color and was in the shape of a star.

Rarity stepped forward, “Sir?”

The stallion turned and reached up to part his mane in the front with his hoof before turning, “Yes?”

Rarity took notice that he possessed a slight Trottingham accent, “Might I ask for your name?”

The stallion bowed in respect, which was quite a feat, “Jonathan Joestar, miss?”

Rarity smiled at his manner, “Rarity.”

Jonathan stepped toward her, “Lady Rarity, might I trouble you with some questions?”

Rarity waved a hoof, “Not at all.”

Jonathan sighed, “Where am I, how did I get here, and why am I suddenly an equine?”

Rarity though still on the defensive cleared her throat, “You speak as though you’ve never been a pony before.”

“I should think so,” Jonathan became puzzled, “I am a human, or more so, I was.”

Rarity became greatly puzzled, “Human?”

Jonathan nodded, “Indeed, but what still baffles me is how I ended up here.”

“That’s also a question I want answered, Mister Joestar.”

Jonathan took notice of a purple winged unicorn that he had not heard enter.

Rarity turned, “Twilight, how long-“

“For two minutes,” Twilight looked at Jonathon, “As for where you are Mister Joestar, you’re in Equestria. How you got here, you fell from the sky.”

Jonathan was wide eyed, “What?”

2- Twilight of The Stars

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The day that followed after the meteors was to say in every sense of the word chaotic. Reports of fires, destruction, as well as some supposed petrification of ponies out of fear circulated as gossip. Out of all the ponies in town, one was feeling like the largest fish out of water. Jonathan glanced around in intrigue as well as slight fear. This world was similar to the one he had left behind during that fateful skirmish aboard that boat…but what confused him most of all was that for some reason he was alive and well, and It felt natural. The last things he recalled was his life slowly leaving him and Dio screaming. Dio Brando, he wondered if his sacrifice had worked or had been in vain.

“Jonathan, are you alright? You seemed troubled.”

Jonathan glanced to his right at Rarity, “Oh, it’s nothing. I was merely…reminiscing.”

After being given the rundown of his reasons for ending up in the land named Equestria, which he found mildly amusing, he immediately saw the damage he had wreaked and told Rarity that he would fix it. Though she informed him it was not his fault, he insisted. She took it rather well, if not rather flattered by his manner; he did aspire to be a perfect gentleman and he wouldn’t stop even if she was a pony. His father had always taught him to be civil and kind to all, women included. The alicorn introduced herself as Twilight Sparkle. She informed him that the coming day they would head to the present royalty to get a better handle on the situation. Jonathan admitted though he had no quams with this, he inquired where he might be able to sleep, Rarity was there immediately. She offered to allow him to stay at her home as long as he needed to, though he informed her he did not wish to be a burden, he accepted after she persisted.

Jonathan glanced around, “Tell me Miss. Sparkle, where is it we are heading? Are we not going to see your ruler?”

Twilight blushed slightly at the official addressing, “Just call me Twilight. Everypony does. In answer to your question, we have to stop at my home to pick up the rest of the girls.”

Jonathan gave a respective nod, “My apologies Twilight.”

Jonathan then took notice of how the architecture resembled that of his homes era and became engrossed in quite a magnificent home as Twilight stopped Rarity.

“Rarity, can I talk to you for a moment?”

Rarity looked puzzled, “About what Twilight?”

“Jonathan,” she saw the stallion in question examining the three floor building, “there’s something…off about him. I mean he claims to be a human which are nothing but myths that my mom used to tell me when I was little. Plus he just gives off this,” Jonathan poked an odd plant that had sprouted from the ground and seemed to examine it in great detail, “unusual aura. It’s almost like he’s a walking sun.”

Rarity glanced back at Jonathan as he was then inspecting his new features, “I think he’s sweet, true he’s quite odd. But he’s so,” Jonathan raised his eyebrows as he styled his mane, “old fashioned. Almost like a real prince.”

Twilight smiled slightly at the remark but became serious, “Be that as it may, I think he might have something to do with that meteor shower that happened. Immediately after his meteor touched down, I was bombarded with letters from Princess Celestia. It was strange though, she not only mentioned to bring the girls, but to also “bring the star”, she moved her hooves for emphasis.

Rarity glanced at the star shaped mark on the back of Jonathan’s neck, “You don’t think…”

Twilight nodded, “I do. The princess is wise and powerful, but even I don’t know the full extent of her powers of perception.”

Jonathan approached as the girls ceased their talking; his mane now more presentable looking with his bangs parted neatly and asked with slight concern, “Is something the matter?”

Twilight shook her head, “It’s nothing. Come on lets go.”

As Twilight led the way Rarity bit her lip and glanced at Jonathan, “Jonathan.”

The stallion glanced sideways at her, “Yes?”

“I hate to ask this, probably personal question,” she pointed to his flank, “but why is it you have no cutie mark?”

Jonathan looked at his flank then at hers, “I’m not sure,” he then realized his action and blushed as he looked away, “I apologise that was rude of me.”

Rarity giggled at the display, Twilight then cleared her throat and declared proudly, “Well we’re here! Golden Oaks Library.”

Jonathan was immediately in front of her, his eyes filled with wonder, “You live inside a tree? Astounding! To actually fashion a home with furnishings within a hallowed tree, it’s like something out of a fable!”

Twilight chuckled, “It’s not that great. Trust me Jonathan, we have many other different things.”

“Yeah like where I live.”

Jonathan glanced up and saw a pegasus staring down at him with an amused smirk, “Sup?”

“Well you apparently,” Jonathan was further astounded due to the fact that the pony was looking at him from a cloud.

Rainbow Dash landed in front of him and turned to Twilight with a smirk, “I like this guy, he’s like a male Rarity, except less prissy and he’s actually funny.”

Rarity turned slightly red, “HEY!”

Jonathan scowled at the pegasus, “That was most uncalled for, I ask that you apologize at once to Lady Rarity.”

Rarity blushed lightly as Rainbow Dash raised her front hooves, “Whoa man it’s cool, we’re all friends here right Twilight?”

Twilight nodded as Jonathan raised a skeptical eyebrow, “She’s right, Jonathan, this is Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash, this is Jonathan Joestar.”

Rainbow Dash shook Jonathan’s hoof, “How ya doin Jojo, nice to meet you. Any friend of my friends is a friend of mine.”

Jonathan smiled at the use of his old nickname, “It’s nice to make your acquaintance Miss Dash. Though in the future, please refrain from such harsh words at the expense of others.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes but gave a small smile as Twilight ushered them inside, “I only promise to try,” she then nudged him, “don’t be so uptight, and just call me Dash, RD, or Rainbow.”

Jonathan thought for moment then stuck out his tongue, “I only promise to try.”

Rainbow grinned at the playful banter and walked in to a room full of three other mares.

Twilight raised a hoof toward Jonathan who waited for Rarity to enter last before closing the door, “Girls this is Jonathan Joestar, Jonathan these are my friends,” she pointed to each one in turn with their names, “Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and that’s Fluttershy.”

The one known as Applejack approached Jonathan and shook his hoof, “Howdy Jonathan, nice to meetcha.”

Jonathan nodded as the shaking ceased, “Likewise.”

Pinkie Pie walked around him for a moment looking him up and down before opening his mouth and checking his teeth. Everypony, especially Jonathan, were confused as all hell at the display as she examined him like a fitness instructor would.

After a solid minute Pinkie Pie nodded in satisfaction, “Yep, he’s a keeper.”

Rainbow Dash’s brain fizzled slightly, “Wha? You’re not going to throw him a party? Bombard him with cakes and words? NO PRANKS!?”

Pinkie Pie booped her on the nose, “Not yet silly filly, we don’t have the complete set yet.”

Jonathan blinked a couple of times, “Excuse me?”

Fluttershy smiled, “Oh she’s just being Pinkie Pie.”

The girls went agape at Fluttershy being so open with the new stallion. Jonathan on the other hoof smiled warmly.

“Good day Fluttershy,” he bowed his head, “it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Fluttershy turned beet red as Twilight clapped her hooves together, “Alright girls, I’m sorry but we don’t have time for longer introductions. The Princess wants to see us all immediately,” she glanced at Jonathan who was flipping through a book, “You too.”

Jonathan nodded as he stood, “How do we get there? Carriage? Train?”

Twilight shook her head, “Nope, Teleportation.”

Jonathan was surprised at this, “Telepor-“

Everypony vanished in a flash of light.


A flash of light in the entrance hall of Canterlot Castle deposited the seven ponies as Jonathan finished his sentence slower at realizing what just occurred, “-tation….”

Jonathan glanced around frantically then regained his composure, “Astounding.”

Twilight giggled, “Are you always going to say that?”

“No,” he flattened his new ears sheepishly, “only when I see things I haven’t seen before.”

“Well then you’d best prepare yourself Mister Joestar.”

All ponies turned to see Princess Celestia who wore a kind smile that held both a welcoming aura but also one of seriousness, “Greetings my little ponies.”

Jonathan approached Celestia and kneeled before her and kissed her hoof, “My lady, I am truly humbled to be in your presence.”

Celestia nodded but ushered him to stand, “There is no need to bow Mister Joestar, I am afraid the time for formalities has passed. Please follow me and I’ll explain why it is I have called you,” she glanced at Jonathan, “all here.”

As they walked Twilight decided to address the elephant in the room, “Princess,” Celestia glanced at her fellow Princess as Twilight continued, “How did you know Jonathan was here, for that matter, how did you know his name?”

Applejack nodded, “From what Twilight told us this morning he just arrived yesterday.”

Celestia halted in as they entered the throne room, “I know a lot about Jonathan, in fact, I’ve been monitoring his family’s exploits for quite some years now.”

Everypony spoke as one, “WHAT?!”

Celestia sat upon her throne as Luna entered with a scroll and an odd talisman that she placed before her sister before seating herself. Celestia waited as the ponies lined up in front of her.

“Now rest assured, what I am about to tell must not reach the ears of other ponies,” she sighed, “not yet any way.”

Celestia leaned back and gazed evenly at them, “Now, long ago in my youth, before I had to banish Luna. Starswirl the Bearded was my most loyal and trusted friend, but he was just as wise if not more so than I,” she gazed into space and began to reminisce, “but with all his wisdom and power he also possessed a gift that an extremely rare few ponies possess. The stars could commune with him.”

Twilight’s eye widened in wonderment, “The stars? But doesn't that mean?”

Celestia nodded, “He was granted the power of prophecy,” she unfurled the scroll, “though some were vague, most of them are ones that have already come to pass.”

All six mares looked at each other as Rainbow said, “So that means…”

Celestia nodded with her warm smile, “It was in every sense of the words, your destinies.”

Pinkie Pie smiled the biggest she could as she hugged her friends but stopped, “But what does that mean about Jojo?”

Celestia nodded and answered rather differently, "There will come a time, when seven stars fall. Upon this day, a bizarre journey must take place to gather them together. For the evil they herald possesses powers unlike any other, sono chi no sadame!"

Jonathan tapped his chin, “Seven stars…,” his eyes widened in realization, “wait you mean?”

Celestia nodded and gestured to his neck, “Six others who bear your birthmark are within my land.”

Twilight walked to Jonathan’s side, “But how did they get here?”

Celestia levitated the talisman, “This brought them here. Before Starswirl passed, the instructions he left me were written specifically for me to tell the first Joestar that arrived before me.”

Jonathan was all business, “I’m listening.”

Celestia inhaled, “During Starswirl’s last night, he placed an enchantment on this talisman. The enchantment bound itself to the Joestar bloodline, starting with you. But it only bound itself to those chosen by fate, those who have combatted a great evil and prevailed. Once all of the Joestar’s fulfilled their duties on your world, they were to be brought here by the talismans magic. However, the teleportation to our world would only engage when the last one was done with his or her destiny. Then the true battle would begin here.”

Jonathan nodded in understanding, “So, to fight this evil, we must gather the Joestars that had been brought here? “

Celestia nodded once more, “Yes.”

Luna looked to the side, “Unfortunately we have not been able to isolate exactly where the others have ended up.”

Rarity thought on the statement, “Then does that mean you know where one of them is?”

Luna stood up and approached them producing a tourist map, “Indeed.”

All the mares and Jonathan gathered around the map that read ‘Manehatten’.

Jonathan nodded, “I see, do you all know where this is?”

Applejack raised a hoof, “Ah know the route to get us there the fastest.”

Jonathan shook his head, “I am afraid I can’t allow that,” everypony present gazed in shock, “this has been prophesized to be my family’s fight. I can’t allow you all to endanger yourselves.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head with confidence, “Can’t let that happen dude, if you’re going we’re going with you. Right girls?”

Twilight smiled, “I actually am quite interested in meeting the rest of the family.”

Fluttershy meekly looked up, “I’ve always wanted to see the city…”

Rarity bounced her mane, “Jonathan you must learn something about me, though I am a lady, I can hold my own in a scuffle.”

Rainbow Dash and Applejack smiled, “Plus we got your back.”

Pinkie Pie was wearing a pink and white headband around her head as well as a lime green vest, “Let’s rock this party JOJO!”

Jonathan smiled, “Thank you all, I greatly appreciate it. But you all understand the potential risks?”

They all nodded.

Jonathan turned to the Princesses, “I vow on my honor as a gentlemen and on the name of my family Joestar, I shall defend your land with my life and all who lay within.”

Celestia and Luna nodded as they departed, “Good luck my little ponies.”

As they ran to the train station Jonathan stopped for a moment to gaze at the horizon. The mares looked upon him and saw something inspiring. Whenever they went on an adventure they never looked much into it, but looking upon Jonathan, they saw a spirit. The spirit to fight, the spirit to defend, and a spirit that burned brighter than the sun itself.

Rarity stepped forward, “Jonathan, before we depart I must ask, to you wish for me to craft you an outfit for the trips to come?”

Jonathan smiled as the sun shined behind him, “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I have an idea in mind.”

Rainbow Dash tapped her chin, “You know I’m wondering, who’s the first Joestar we’re picking up anyway?”

Jonathan and the girls stood as Twilight prepared to teleport them to Rarity’s Boutique as the stallion nodded in thought, “Not sure, but if he’s a Joestar. He’s most likely like me, honourable, well mannered, and above all else, respects fellows.”

The flash engulfed them


(Manehatten, Many hours later.)

The bar tender tapped his hoof impatiently as the stallion at the far end of the bar drank another pint of hard cider. The stallion had a dark green coat and a peached coloured patch of fur on the nape of his neck in the shape of a star. His mane and tail were medium in length and a dark brown, the mane on his head was wildly messy and seemed to naturally curve forward. His tail was just wild looking.

The stallion tapped his hoof on the counter, “Another!”

The bar tender shook his head, “You’ve had enough, plus you owe me bits.”

The stallion laughed, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

The Bartender tilted his head, “You owe m-”

“NO! The other one.”

“You’ve had enough,” The bar tender then felt the wrong side of the pint glass hit his face knocking him over.

The Bartender wheezed on pain as blood dripped down.

The Stallion stood over him as his blue eyes burned holes into the Bartender, “Where the fuck do you get off telling me I’ve had enough eh? This is a bar, you serve patrons, I’m a patron!”

A zebra placed a hoof on The Stallion, “Oi, calm yourself before I do it for you.”

The stallion glared at the zebra, “Could you say that again? More slowly? In a language I understand? Depending on what you said, I might kick your ass!”

The Zebra narrowed his eyes, “I said, calm down or I’ll kick your flank tourist.”

The Stallion pursed his lips and responded with a swift kick to the Zebra’s barrel and then bringing his right forehoof into the Zebra’s chin.

The Bartender shakily stood up, “Who in Tartarus do you think you are.”

The light above the stallion cast ominous lines upon his youthful features, “Joseph Joestar, nice to meet ya, next you’re gonna say, ‘you shouldn’t have done that son.’”

The Bartender looked at the Zebra, “You shouldn’t have don-“

The Bartender’s shocked expression caused Joseph to smirk…only for him to be hit with a chair.

3- Manehatten Rock

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The Friendship express pulled into the station at Grand Central Hub, many ponies were bustling hither and yon to get where they had to be that night. Be it graveyard shifts or just fun, ponies were crowding the floor making it almost impossible for the seven newcomers who disembarked to weave to the front doors. The seven mares were busy scanning the crowds and occasionally stopping ponies asking if they had seen anypony that lacked a cutie mark and had a star shaped patch on the nape of their neck. All who were asked said no, much to the disappointment of the group. Eventually they exited to street level and were met with slightly crowded streets, though not as bad as the mob behind them, it was just as annoying.

Dash groaned in annoyance, “How are we going to find your family member in all of this,” she became agitated, “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Jonathan walked forward; he was garbed in a sleeveless navy blue shirt with dark brown shoulder guards attached to them, covering his lower body was a pair of black pants, courtesy of Rarity.

“It’s odd to say the least,” Jonathan gazed at the bustling city, “but this city…though immense is not unsearchable.”

Rarity was glancing at Jonathan with a bitten lip, “Jonathan I must ask why you requested fo such an ensemble? Forgive me, but it’s unbecoming of you.”

Jonathan smiled that warm smile, which turned Rarity’s legs to jelly, “It’s more or less out of…nostalgia.”

Rarity smiled back, “Well as long as you’re happy.”

Rainbow Dash made kissing noises behind her which caused the fashionista to glare fire at her.

Jonathan then became slightly troubled which Twilight noticed, “Jonathan is something wrong?”

“It’s…strange,” Jonathan looked around and glanced at his hoof, “My blood…it feels like something is calling to it. Like a proverbial magnetic force pulling me to its source.”

Twilight and the girls began walking, the princess pondering the statement, “Hm”

As they walked, they continued to search for more clues as to the whereabouts of the second Joestar. For many hours they continued to search and yielded little to no results, soon it was late into the evening and they decided to take a rest.

Fluttershy glanced around, “Oh, we’ve searched for almost the entire night. I’m so sorry that we haven’t found your family member Jonathan.”

Jonathan gave a small smile, “It’s not trouble Fluttershy, though to be frank, that feeling I mentioned before,” he narrowed his eyes in concentration, “it’s gotten stronger.”

Twilight nodded, “Jonathan, I think I might have a theory as to what this feeling of yours is,” Jonathan turned his attention to the alicorn as she paced, “Princess Celestia mentioned that an enchantment was placed on your bloodline, you being in the first to receive it. So I hypothesize that since you were the first one to receive the enchantment, you might be connected to your family more than you think.”

“But why now,” Jonathan stood, “why can I feel this connection?”

Twilight tapped her chin, “Maybe it’s because you and your family are in our world, closer to the source of the magic.”

Jonathan nodded, “Of course, which means that we are truly tied together through blood. Twilight, do you think you might be able to exploit this connection? Perhaps make some form of compass.”

Twilight smiled, “Easey Peasy! Just hold still.”

Twilight shut her eyes in concentration as her horn gave off a soft glow. Jonathan’s body was engulfed in the light which soon began to gather above his heart, Twilight smiled as her spell continued to reach its zenith. However her smile vanished as she felt something within Jonathan stir, it felt as though there were two spirits trying to push her away. Twilight became concerned but determined as she pushed back, all of a sudden the two presences vanished. Immediately after that, an immeasurable amount of raw power burst forth. Blue electrical bolts arched from Jonathan’s body and surged into Twilight’s horn hurling the alicorn to the ground. Jonathan was at her side immediately.


The alicorns eyes opened as she groggily replied, “Bu princess I don wanna hav a dey ov.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, “Great, she’s broken.”

Jonathan sighed, “Forgive me for what I’m about to do.”

Jonathan quickly approached Applejack, took her hat with a quick sorry and filled it with water from a nearby fountain. He then trotted back to Twilight and turned the hat over on her head.

Twilight shook herself back to her senses, “What was that? Something zapped me!”

Jonathan blushed in embarrassment, “Well, you see, there is a reason for that. I possess a very powerful and unique ability called Hamon or The Ripple. I suppose it doesn’t mesh well with magic.”

Twilight groaned as she stood up, “Well regardless of that…minor setback. I got what I needed.”

Twilight’s horn flared for a moment and an arrow appeared in the air. It immediately rocketed off.

Applejack fixed her hat back upon her head, “After it!”

The mares and stallion chased the arrow as it weaved in between buildings and side streets. Dash was keeping pace with it better than the rest as it pulled a sharp U-turn around an apartment building. Dash yelled something they didn’t catch as she followed it, and then both vanished from view entirely. The girls came to a massive cross street and looked around for any sign of Rainbow Dash, none could be found. All groaned in exhaustion and defeat, but regained themselves when Dash rounded a bend.

“Girls…*pant* I found where the other Joestar is…,” she shook her head and pointed from where she had just come from, “but you have to see this.”


The group was standing outside of a local bar in shock. The front window which looked out onto the street was shattered and a table was lying broken on the street. Two stallions were laying atop it out cold as Jonathan approached the bar.

“A member of the family Joestar did this?”

Applejack glanced around and whistled, “Whoowee, looks like somepony went buck wild.”

Jonathan narrowed his eyes as he walked into the wrecked bar. What he saw within only added fuel to his fire of honor. Several patrons were laying on wrecked tables, chairs, even one was passed out on the pool table. Twilight and the girls made a move to enter but a stern stare from the gentlemen Joestar stopped them. He glanced around and noticed the bartender frozen in fear in the far corner was a dark green coated stallion. What ignited a hurt fury within Jonathan was that he bore the same mark on his neck.

“You there, sir,” the stallion glanced to look at an even Jonathan who inhaled to calm himself, “did you do all of this?”

The stallion narrowed his eyes, “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me right now. Really I’m offended,” the stallion put on a smug expression, “maybe if you ask politely I’ll answer you, otherwise your just asking for me to come over there and show you how offended I am.”

Jonathan shook his head, “You speak like a street urchin yet you bear the mark of the Joestars. Are you an imposter?”

The stallion hopped off his stool and snorted, “Hey, hey, hey! No one insults my family. Insulting my family is about the same as insulting my grandfather, and you REALLY do not want to do that! Wanna know what happened to the last guy who insulted my family, no less my grandfather? I almost kicked his ass to the moon,” he stepped forward challenging this new individual, “Don’t think I won’t do the same to you.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow as his fury subsided, “You speak highly of your family and grandfather, why?”

The stallion snorted impetuously, “Like I’ll fucking tell you.”

Jonathan smirked, “Tell me what your name is?”

The stallion beat his chest, “Joseph Joestar,” Joseph’s body crackled with a fiery spirit which Jonathan acknowledged with a firm nod; the boy truly was a Joestar.

Jonathan then got into a stance as best he could with his new form, “Prove to me the conviction you hold toward your family, defend their honor against me,” he smiled challengingly, “if you can.”

Joseph smirked as he scraped his hoof on the ground, “Bring it fucker.”

Both Joestar’s then charged each other.


The girls sat outside munching on cupcakes.

Rainbow Dash turned her head, “How do you think it’s going in there?”

A massive smashing sound followed by the breaking of wood answered her as Rainbow Dash turned to see a Jonathan fly out of the broken window and onto the street.

Pinkie smiled, “oooh, looks like it’s going well.”

Jonathan stood as the girls moved forward, “All of you stay back this is not your fight. This is a duel between two men.”

Joseph landed on the street with another smirk, “Is that the best you got?”

Jonathan stood and tightened his muscles as he got back on guard, his mane now wild looking, “Do not lower your guard Joseph.”

Joseph became angered at this, “Now you’re scolding me as we fight? Oh I’m going to enjoy this!”

Joseph stood on his hind legs and rushed forward before delivering a swift kick to Jonathan who in turn caught it in mid-flight. Jonathan threw Joseph into a nearby bench and remained still as the fiery youth stood up with an angered snort.

“You reek of alcohol,” Jonathan shook his head, “your judgement is impaired and your moves uncoordinated. This is why the duel is in my favor.”

Joseph pointed as he wiped some blood from his muzzle, “Next you’re going to say-“

Jonathan cut him off, “That you lost before we began. Yes I was in fact.”

Joseph was shaken to his core as Jonathan surged toward him faster than before. Joseph narrowed his eyes as blue electrical bolts surged along his fore hooves. Jonathan went for a swift jab, but Joseph caught it and smiled in victory as his Ripple surged up Jonathan. The Ripple Joseph sent out had the intention to weaken Jonathan’s body by getting into his muscles and numbing them, effectively giving him the advantage. Jonathan looked at The Ripple energy as it traveled up him and smiled not only with amusement but with respect.

“Your grandfather, what was his name?”

Joseph blinked but then smiled, “Jonathan Joestar, I respect the guy as a person for being a friend with Speedwagon and my grandmother.”

Jonathan nodded as The Ripple energy engulfed him, “Admirable reasoning, but do you want to know something about him that you most likely don’t?”

Joseph became confused as he felt Jonathan push back against him, “He was a master of The Ripple, and the gentlemen that you now have the honor of fighting.”

“What are you spouting?”

Jonathan smiled warmly as The Ripple energy was discharged, “Hello grandson.”

Joseph was taken aback by the statement long enough for goldish yellow Ripple energy to surge onto Jonathan who brought one of his hooves back, “Which makes this more painful to do,” he then yelled, “YELLOW OVERDRIVE!”

Jonathan punched Joseph in the barrel as the young stallion flew a foot in the air then fell onto his back.

The girls came to his side as Joseph shakily got to his hooves, “You could have killed me you bastard!”

Jonathan raised a hoof, “Ah but I didn’t. For you see,” he showed Joseph his neck, “Why ever would I kill a family member?”

Joseph’s eyes widened, “Son of a bitch….you were telling the truth.”

Jonathan nodded but became serious, “There is a reason we are here Joseph, I am afraid we have been burdened with great purpose.”


Jonathan nodded, “All of our family that have come here have.”

Joseph sat on his rear and looked at him confused, “Okay…I’m lost.”

Twilight walked toward him, “Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for,” she waved a hoof to her friends, “Mister?”

Joseph stood and robotically replied with, “Joseph.”

Twilight nodded, “Well it’s nice to meet you Joseph, but we need to be heading back to my home of Ponyville, because we need to talk.”

Joseph snapped out of his stupor, “Wait, did you say Ponyville?”

Applejack nodded, “Yeah she did, there a problem with that?”

Joseph then broke down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter as Rainbow Dash came to Jonathan’s side, “He’s your grandson?”

Jonathan nodded, “Truthfully, I’m having second thoughts on it as well.”

Soon they all departed Manehatten as stories of a wild stallion tearing up the REO Bar reached city official’s ears.

4- Pour Some Sugar On Me

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A full day had passed the group by since arriving back in Ponyville; Joseph had taken up temporary residence in Twilight’s library before Pinkie offered to take him in, although the girls insisted that might be a bad idea. Joseph, though a Joestar, was quite hotheaded even more so than Dash. But Pinkie insisted that she was in the right so the girls, with Jonathan’s warning words of caution, gave Joseph over to Pinkie. Joseph of course had a few choice words for him being treated like a piece of meat to be passed around, but he silenced himself when Jonathan gave him a scolding look. Of course Joseph was filled in on the prophecy and exactly what was expected of the Joestar's in Equestria.

“So, you’re telling me that my family from the future and past are here to fight an evil force that we don’t even know what it looks or sounds like?”

Twilight nodded at Joseph, “Pretty much.”

Joseph smiled with drive and cocky arrogance, “When do we get started!”

“Well we can’t,” Twilight smiled sheepishly, “We…kind of have to find your other family members, remember?”

Joseph grumbled some curse word she never heard before as he kicked a pebble with The Ripple which caused it to drill into a nearby tree. He then departed to Sugarcube Corner.


That night, Twilight sat with Rarity and Jonathan in the Boutique as they discussed on a letter they had received from Princess Celestia moments ago after reporting as to where and how they retrieved Joseph.

“My Dearest Twilight, thanks to your findings and ingenuity in the retrieval of Joseph. Using your technique we have both decided upon the best course of action in regards to finding the remaining Joestars. Using the talisman as a sort of central beacon, we’ll send out a radial tracking charm, a ping if you will. When the ‘ping’ locks onto a Joestar, we’ll send you his or her location. I hope your all doing well, sincerely, Princess Celestia,” Twilight sighed as she placed the letter upon the table, “So now we wait.”

Jonathan was currently out of his adventure wear and was wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and a tie that matched his neatly styled mane, “I just feel so unsettled at leaving my family alone in this world. There’s no telling what could be out there.”

Rarity patted the gentlestallion’s back soothingly, “Calm yourself darling. If your family is anything like you and Joseph, they’ll be fine. Why I dare say the creatures of our world should be afraid of them.”

Twilight nodded with an encouraging smile, “Yeah. If your family fights like you and Joseph did back in Manehatten, there will be no problems.”

Jonathan gave a small smile at their support, “Thank you both. Truly you are the most supportive friends I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.”

Twilight stirred her tea, “Can you tell us about one? If you don’t mind that is.”

A knock on the door alerted the two as Rarity opened it and was surprised at seeing the rest of the girls with a slightly drowsy and annoyed Joseph in tow on the doorstep.

Rarity blinked, “What are you all doing here this time of night?”

Rainbow pointed at Pinkie, “She said her Pinkie sense alerted her to an otherworldly story that was about to be told. So she dragged us here.”

Jonathan smiled as Joseph took a seat in front with everypony, “So gramps, what’s the story?”

Jonathan cleared his throat, “Well this story is about one of my most trusted friends, Robert Edward O. Speedwagon and how I met him. You see, back on my world I lived in my family estate in England. My father was a wealthy man, but never did that change him for the worse. He raised and taught me all that I know about being a true gentlemen, I loved him greatly…I still do,” he glanced at the ground in sadness.

Applejack nodded in understanding, “You lost him didn’t you.”

Jonathan shook his head, “No,” the fire in his eyes returned as visions of…that night entered his mind. The smell of freshly spilled blood, used gunpowder, and burning wood attacked his mind like a wave.

“He was taken from me, by someone that I once called brother,” he looked to the side, “this person, though we had a bond later in life, was in truth as vile as the most wicked of killers. He manipulated my father and I which soon resulted in him poisoning my father to near death. Upon discovering this plot, I did all in my power to save my father,” he stood and looked out a window, “I went to London’s most seedy rookery known as Ogre Street. There I met a gang of ruffians who sought to be my undoing, among them was Speedwagon. Though they attacked me, I made it clear my quarrel was not with them. Speedwagon saw this and vowed to assist wherever he could,” he smiled at the memory of his friend, “and he did.”

Rainbow Dash snorted at the mention of the underhanded man that Jonathan once called brother, “That’s despicable, who was that slime anyway?”

Jonathan sat down, “His name was Dio Brando. I merely pray that none of you ever have the displeasure of meeting him.”

Joseph looked at his grandfather, “Speedwagon told me about that guy, he was a vampire right?”

All the ponies present stared at Jonathan and Joseph in utter surprise, “VAMPIRE?!”

Jonathan chuckled as his hoof crackled with The Ripple, “That’s what this is for. A man named Will Anthonio Zeppeli taught me all he knew about The Ripple, he was my friend and mentor,” he smiled at Twilight, “A lot like your Princess was to you Twilight. Perhaps one day I might tell you the whole story.”

A snore was heard as everypony noticed Joseph had fallen asleep sitting up, they all smiled slightly but their smiles turned to looks of horror as Pinkie put shaving cream on his front hoof. She then tickled his nose with a peacock feather as the girls and Jonathan moved to stop her. Joseph’s hoof flew to his face and there was a splat. Joseph’s eyes opened as he looked at the mess dripping from his face, his shocked gaze found its focus on Pinkie Pie. The pink earth pony was rolling on the ground snorting with laughter. All the ponies were frozen; they not only witnessed Joseph’s temper, but what he was capable of when he got going back in Manehatten. Pinkie’s friends feared the worst.

Joseph inhaled sharply…then started laughing. The sudden action caused even Jonathan to look on with surprise at the sudden action. Joseph picked the party pony up and smeared the shaving cream on her face, both were silent, and then started laughing together.

“Uh,” Dash rubbed her eyes, “What just happened?”

Jonathan smiled at his grandson as he mock chased Pinkie around in attempt to place a bucket on her head, “I believe Joseph, though brash, still enjoys the little things.”

A pie hit the eldest Joestar in the face as Joseph hooted, “Gotcha old man!”

Jonathan pulled the pie off his face, “I think NOT!”

All three earth ponies chased each other around the boutique as Rarity tried to dissuade them from wrecking everything.

Twilight smiled; perhaps this might turn out well after all. Soon the excitement died down and all went their separate ways.

Joseph draped a hoof on Pinkie, “Pinks, I think this is the start of an amusing friendship.”

Pinkie smiled, “I knew I could find a fun pony in you Jojo. Come on, I got some clothes you can wear.”

Joseph stopped, “I am NOT wearing pink with frills, it never brings out my eyes,” both ponies laughed at the joke as they walked down the street.


The forest was dark and dank as the two ponies trekked long through the brush. Daring Do looked back at her new partner and smiled, he was a lucky find.

“C’mon partner, it’s just over here.”

The partner glanced around and sighed, “Goddamn, give me a break. First I drop out of the sky and land in this screwed up world where I’m a horse now, and another one recruits me to go on this crazy expedition.”

Daring looked back at him, “Hurry up partner.”

The stallion was quite fit in build, built like Big Mac no less. He was an earth pony with a dark teal coat with a medium length wild mane that was a dark blue, his tail was slightly shorter than his mane but matched it in style and color.

His green eyes looked at the mare with mild annoyance, “For the last time, that’s not my name.”

Daring smirked, “Well tell me what it is then.”

“I already told you,” The stallion spoke with evident annoyance, “I only tell my name to people I trust or respect.”

Daring stuck out her tongue, “Then I’ll start calling you Blue McCandy.”

The Stallion rolled his eyes, “Fine, its Jotaro,” he looked at their destination, an immense Mayan-like structure of a temple, “Jotaro Kujo.”

Daring nodded as she followed his gaze, “Well Jotaro, saddle up. We’re going in.”

Jotaro couldn’t help but smirk at the mare’s guts, “Just don’t get in my way.”

5- Wet and Wild

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The following morning was a relatively quiet one; ponies were casually walking along the roads going about their early morning business. One pony was casually walking down the street wearing a red jacket and a white undershirt as well as light brown loose fitting pants. Joseph was glancing around and taking in the new sights around him, when he first arrived he didn’t really feel like walking around and taking in the sights. More or less, he was trying to sleep off the massive hangover he had received. But now that it was all gone and he had casual wear (which Pinkie Pie strangely nailed down minus his tie) he could walk around in public without any annoying drafts. He walked around and glanced at various stand and kiosks selling various wares, he noticed some bottled soda and smiled. The price was decent two bits which he paid, courtesy of Pinkie Pie’s ‘allowance’ that he had given him. He smiled as he clutched the soda in his hoof, but his joy turned to dread.

“How the fuck, do I open this!?”

A nearby mother clapped her hooves over her child’s ears with a scold shot in his direction.


Jonathan was sitting in his room ideally scanning over some almanacs that Twilight had loaned him, the facts and knowledge he was learning of were most interesting. Being a scholar and seeker of knowledge he was, Jonathan lost himself in the world that was now speaking to him from the inked pages. He smiled in almost childlike wonder as he read that not only were there creatures from legends and fables that he loved as child in the book, but according to it, they were all real.

Rarity stood outside his door smiling at the engrossed stallion who wore only his dress shirt, minus the tie and his pants. He was indeed a book worm like her friend, and it warmed her heart to see him in the light he was in. He truly was like one of those princes she read about from, chivalrous, kind and gentle, but not afraid to fight for what he believed in. Even though he had not been around too long, she was beginning to feel more comfortable around him. That being said, she still couldn’t believe that such a brute like Joseph was related to him. Though Pinkie insisted that he was nice once you got to know him, but she was still skeptical. A knock from below alerted her to a visitor.

She opened the door and Twilight was clutching a scroll in her mouth which she unfurled in front of Rarity who read it, “You’re joking, the next Joestar is there?”

Twilight nodded, “Pack your best adventure gear, we’re going travelling. I’ll go look for Joseph; Cheerilee said that she saw him heading toward the park.”


Joseph reclined underneath a shady tree as he tried once more to open the bottle, but relented and decided to wait. As he reclined he heard some noise from below, opening one eye he noticed two stallions harassing an earth pony mare who was clearly not having any of it. Joseph glanced at his bottle and got a wicked idea. Casually walking down he stopped as the mare rushed to his side.

“Please help me, “she pointed at the two angrily, “They won’t leave me alone.”

Both pegasus ponies glared at Joseph who smirked.

The youngest looking one narrowed his eyes, “What are you so smug about?”

“It’s not that I’m smug,” Joseph glanced at the bottle, “it’s the fact that I found two bottle openers to help me out.”

The oldest glanced at his counterpart, “I think he just called us dumb.”

Joseph chuckled, “Next you’re going to say, ‘Let’s teach this chump a lesson.”

The youngest cracked his neck, “Let’s teach this chump a lesson…What the?!”

Joseph raised the bottle as small bolts arched into it, the cap shot right off with the force of a freight train into the youngest forehead. Some blood flew into the air, but the stallion was on his back unconscious. The Oldest looked at his counterpart and then at Joseph who took a swig of his soda.

“Man that’s good!” he realized the other Pony was still standing, “Oh, you’re still here?”

The older pegasus picked his friend up and galloped away as Joseph smiled in satisfaction, the mare hugging him before departing. Joseph turned around to leave but almost choked on his soda in surprise when Twilight stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh…they started it,” he gestured behind himself at the fleeing pegasus ponies.

Twilight shook her head, “It’s alright. I saw how you defended that mare, good job.”

Joseph checked his free hoof for dirt, “Well I try.”

Twilight then became all business, “I came to get you because we’re going on a trip. Another member of the family has been found, and he’s in the jungle.”

Joseph tapped his chin, “hm…always wanted to go to the jungle.”

Twilight smiled, “Well then back your bags, we’re heading out now!”


The airborne carriage ride was quite enjoyable; the ponies prepared themselves for quite a trek. Twilight was consulting a massive map that was in front of her face as they trekked through the brush; Jonathan was wearing his adventure gear. Joseph’s adventure gear looked more down to earth, it was a sleeveless black shirt with dark blue pants. His front hooves were covered in black and around his neck was a green scarf with yellow horizontal stripes running up it. They were all swatting at the occasional bug that got to close in annoyance as they continued their climb. The late afternoon sun was scorching them relentlessly, well except for Rarity who was using an attachable sun umbrella much to Joseph’s annoyance.

Joseph looked at Rarity, “So explain to me why we’re all burning alive while she lives in her own patch of shady paradise?”

“Well isn’t it obvious,” Rarity smiled, “it’s because my coat is sensitive to intense heat.”

Joseph stared evenly at the unicorn.

Rainbow Dash groaned, “You could have brought us some umbrella’s you know.”

Rarity sighed, “I would’ve, but they’re all tailored for my figure.”

Twilight glanced back mildly annoyed, “Don’t make me come back there.”

Jonathan trotted beside Twilight, “How far until we reach the location?”

Twilight pouted in thought, “We’re just about there. It’s over this next ridge.”

Rainbow Dash was lazily flying up with her friends until she saw what was over the ridge, the temple was practically calling to her.


Joseph crested the hill with the rest of the group, “Eh.”

Rainbow landed beside him, “How can you just say Eh?! Do you not SEE the massive temple right there?”

Joseph was still uninterested, “And?”

Jonathan stood next to Dash, “Interesting, your ancient architecture is the same as ours in some regard.”

Twilight then pointed toward the temple, “Come on girls, the map says that the Joestar is in there.”

The ponies nodded and began to climb down the hill toward the temple, strangely enough, when they arrived in its courtyard they were treated with a surprising sight. The courtyard was littered with chunks of stone that had indent marks on them, as if a pony repeatedly punched them then ripped what was left off. Jonathan inspected the marks; whatever caused it had tremendous strength.

Jonathan glanced at Twilight who was busy scanning the marks, “It’s odd. Though the indents involve force, there’s no physical echo of a pony making contact.”

Jonathan tapped his chin, “Maybe some form of magic then?”

Twilight nodded, “Possibly.”

Joseph rolled his eyes, “Who cares, I’m going in,” he then rushed forward…and yelled out in fright.

The yell got further away until a loud thud was heard.

All the ponies noticed that right behind the door, there was an open hole that led into darkness.

Jonathan yelled down, “Joseph, are you alright?!”

There was silence for a moment before a neutral sounding Joseph answered, “It’s really smelly down here…”

All the ponies exhaled in relief but stopped when they heard Joseph again, “Hey, there’s someone else down here. I SEE A LIGHT!”

The ponies were teleported to the bottom and noticed that they were in a massive cube shaped room. At the far wall was a massive hallway that led toward a light source at its end. The ponies cautiously ventured forth until they arrived in a small dome chamber. In the middle of it was small fire pit, sitting around it was an earth pony stallion and…Daring Do.

Both looked up as Rainbow Dash squeaked and fainted.

Daring looked at the fainted mare, “What’s her problem?”

Twilight fainted as well.

Joseph rolled his eyes, “Great, they’re dropping left and right.”

The earth stallion stood up and approached them, “If you’re here to help, I hate to say it, but it’s useless. We’ve been stuck down here for a full day.”

Fluttershy squinted and noticed the familiar star mark on his neck, “Oh! Jonathan, Joseph it’s him!”

Jonathan noticed the mark and smiled, “So my blood wasn’t wrong, for a moment I thought the miss over there was my next family member.”

The stallion looked with surprise at both stallions, “Jonathan? Joseph? Wait a minute, what the hell is this?”

Joseph and Jonathan showed their marks to him.

Jonathan raised a hoof, “Jonathan Joestar, at your service.”

Joseph smirked, “Joseph Joestar, nice to meetcha.”

The stallion was even more surprised than before, “Did you say…,” he looked to the side, “that’s impossible, though, this entire situation is impossible.”

Joseph stomped his hoof, “Hey! It’s rude not to tell your name to people who’ve told you there’s!”

The stallion sighed, “Jotaro Kujo.”

Joseph raised an eyebrow, “Kujo? Like the dog from that book?”

Jotaro glared at the stallion, “it’s my family name, you got a problem with that?”

Joseph butted heads with Jotaro, “Maybe I do now, why? You want to do something about it smart guy?”

The wall behind Jotaro exploded inward in a crater shocking everypony as Jotaro spoke ominously, “You really do not want to piss me off.”

Jonathan stepped between the two, “Enough! Joseph, go sit over there.”

Joseph looked at his grandfather who glared warningly at him, “Fine…”

Jonathan nodded, “Jotaro my lad, we need to talk.”


And it was for close to an hour, after reviving the fainted ponies that Jotaro was told of why he had ended up in Equestria. After the explanation, Daring Do stared with awe at three stallions. Never before had she heard of such a tale, she immediately started writing it down.

Jotaro nodded, “So we’re supposed to fight an evil force…hm. What a pain, I beat Dio now I have to do this.”

Jonathan stood fast, “Dio?! You defeated him?”

Jotaro nodded, “Yeah. I sent that bastard to hell where he belonged, Old man.”

Joseph smirked at a flustered looking Jonathan, “So. Using the process of elimination then, does that mean you’re my grandson?”

Jotaro snorted and nodded as Joseph laughed.

Rainbow was sitting next to Daring, not wanting to disturb her hero.

Pinkie Pie smiled, “Wowie! So Joseph and you are the best of friends now huh?”

Jotaro glared at Joseph who innocently smiled, “Don’t make me laugh; just looking at him makes me angry.”

Joseph stood up, “WHAT WAS THAT ASSHOLE!?”

Jotaro ignored the yell as Twilight piped up, “HEY!”

Everypony glanced at Twilight who gestured around them, “Shouldn’t we figure a way out of here first?”

Jotaro stood up and leaned against a wall, “I already said it’s useless. Judging by the design, this was a corpse hole.”

Fluttershy was now scared of the shadows themselves, “C-corpse hole?!”

Rarity scrunched her noise, “That would explain the smell.”

Twilight then began to pace, “Hm…there has to be a way,” she then noticed something as Jotaro moved toward the fire, “Hold on, Jotaro, move back to where you were. Slowly.”

Jotaro obeyed with confusion. As he moved back Twilight raised her hoof to stop him, Jotaro raised an eyebrow. But then he blinked as he felt…a cool breeze.

Daring stood up as she raised her hoof, she quickly trotted to the indent in the wall and placed her face near it, “I feel a breeze and I hear rushing water!”

Jotaro smiled in victory, “At last, a way out!”

Daring smiled as she gestured, “Would you do the honors Jojo?”

Jotaro nodded, “Stand back,” he looked at the group, “all of you.”

Jotaro approached the indent and narrowed his eyes, Twilight’s eyes widened in fright and fascination at what she saw next. Seemingly originating from Jotaro’s body was another stallion. This stallion was the same in height and build, though its features looked more experienced and hardened. It had a light blue coat and the same green eyes as Jotaro. Its mane and tail were jet black long, and wildly untamed. Keeping its mane upright was a gold head band with an oval gem in the center, covering it’s joints were gold metal circles and on its shoulders were square gold armor plates. Covering its lower section was a white loin cloth garment, and finally on its fore hooves were dark blue gloves that had solid gold horse shoes.

Twilight blinked, “What in Equestria?”

The creature then reared its fore hoof back and brought it toward the wall with sickening speed and force as it yelled out in a mighty deep voice, “ORA!”

The thing vanished immediately after the wall collapsed forward.

All the ponies gazed into the area before them; the opening was overlooking a sheer drop into a massively deep water pool below.

Daring glanced around, “Looks like the drop was farther then we thought, it seems to be an underground cave network or grotto.”

Joseph then smirked evilly. He then howled inhumanly and rushed the group who all yelled in unison. They all lost their footing and dropped backward; several splashes were heard soon accompanied by angry yells.


The stallion laughed hard before jumping down to join in the watery fun.

Rainbow slugged him in both anger and respect, “Nice one. Don’t do it again!”

Jotaro looked around and saw that the water lead off down the ways and seemed to become more shallow, “This way.”

All the ponies began to swim; unaware that something was watching them from the shadows, silently following them through a network of caverns.

6- Jungle Rock

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Joseph clamped a hoof on Pinkie’s mouth, “Stop singing. Right now.”

Pinkie nodded as Joseph sighed in relief. They had been hiking through the underground caves they had found for quite some time, four hours to be precise, Pinkie had been singing for three. Daring Do was at the head of the group and was currently leading them up a sloped hill of rock and sand. Still they trekked, the mere thought of seeing the sun their only drive. Twilight was glancing around nervously which Jotaro picked up on.

“Hey, you.”

Twilight glanced at Jotaro, “It’s Twilight.”

Jotaro stared evenly at her, “Twilight, why are you being so damn jumpy?”

“Well you see. A year back me and my foal sitter ended up in these caverns beneath the castle our ruler lives in,” The others listened in, “In truth…I’ve always had a slight fear of dark…small places.”

Jotaro nodded knowingly, “Claustrophobia, makes sense, you strike me as the type that doesn’t get out much.”

Joseph snorted in laughter behind them which Twilight glared at.

Daring then piped up, “Hey gang, I see light!”

All the ponies surged forward and Daring Do was at the full brunt of it. Soon they arrived within the back of a ground level cave with an opening in front of them. Joseph rushed outside and fell on his back laughing in the sunlight. The other ponies were all relieved that they finally found a way out and wouldn’t be trapped below in the damp dark.

Jotaro glanced around and noticed that the cave was in fact below a plateau with the temple above it, “Hm…well we’re still nearby.”

Daring smiled, “Well at least we all know that there is a trap door in front of the entrance, c’mon we’re going back inside.”

All the ponies groaned as they started hiking up the mountain, Rainbow Dash was sticking close to Daring who chuckled.

Rainbow Dash tapped her chin, “Hey Miss Do why-“

Daring cut her off, “Please, call me Daring, all my friends do.”

Rainbow squeed as she continued, “Daring why haven’t, you know, ever shown up in the papers before?”

Daring smiled at Dash as Twilight listened closely, “Well truthfully I don’t really like the spotlight all that much. I mostly work as a college professor on the side and operate under my pen name.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “So you’re saying the books, the books featuring you, were written by you?”

Daring nodded, “Gotta put the bits on the table somehow, fun fact, the books are non-fiction.”

Rainbow Dash dropped her jaw, “Your saying that all of the stuff in your novels?!”

“Happened,” Daring nodded with a smirk, “Yes, I’ve saved the world a couple of times like you all have.”

Jonathan nodded, “Fascinating.”

Soon they arrived on ground level and walked to the temple’s entrance taking care of avoiding the hole via some magic from Twilight and soon they were heading down the main hallway. As they walked, the ponies began to notice that there were engravings, symbols that seemed to flow along the walls like trails. Daring examined them with intrigue and continued along her way with the group in tow. Soon they came to a large dome shaped room, but what surprised them all was what lay within. In the center of the dome room was a massive tablet that was the size of a large house in height and about as wide as a large TV.

Pinkie Pie knocked on it, “Oh my Celestia a GIANT ROCK!”

Daring flew up the tablet and tapped her chin, “That’s strange. There are glyphs here, but they’re more or less just like I said, strange.”

As the group got closer, they noticed that the tablet contained more engravings of pictures than actual glyphs. What surprised them the most was that it showed seven star symbols descending from the heavens, touching the Earth, and then it showed the depiction of seven ponies facing down…three enemies?

Jonathan tapped his chin in puzzlement, “Well it is quite obvious that these are depicting us,” he tapped the inscription containing the three enemies, “But these…I am not sure what these are…”

Joseph got close and looked; the pictures did not depict ponies, but symbols. The first symbol seemed to depict a map; the other was a bird of prey, the last was another star symbol but it seemed to have three dots in its center.

Joseph shrugged, “Maybe the ponies that made this got drunk or some shit.”

Twilight glanced around, “I doubt it Jojo. This might be a star gazer temple.”

Daring nodded, “Correct! One of few that are still left in Equestria,” she then landed beside Twilight, “but you said that these engravings depict these ponies, that means there’s seven of them here? Hm.”

Jotaro looked at the tablet and narrowed his eyes with focused intent at the three enemy symbols, “So I assume THIS is the evil force we’re supposed to defeat?”

Jonathan nodded beside Jotaro, “It seems so. We had best gather our forces post haste before something else occurs.”

Joseph’s ear twitched as he quickly glanced around.

Pinkie noticed his sudden action, “What is it Jojo?”

Joseph raised an eyebrow, “I don’t think we’re alone.”

Jotaro became on guard, “Whatever the hell just came in here sounds big.”

Twilight then remembered something, “Jotaro can I ask you something quickly?”

Jotaro was still looking around and gestured quickly for her to ask.

Twilight nodded, “Back in the corpse room, you summoned something from yourself, what was it?”

Jotaro glanced at her in surprised shock as Jonathan and Joseph were confused at the statement.

Before he could answer a massive jet of whit material slammed into him with sickening speed which hurled him into the tablet. The tablet cracked and dangerously shook as the ponies gazed at what attacked them. A massive blood red and black arachnid descended from the ceiling, venom dripping onto the stone floor which it alighted down upon. Jotaro grit his teeth in annoyed anger as thrashed in the silk that held him, it was like steel. He gazed down as the Arachnid closed in on the ponies who prepared for battle.

“That fucking bug just made the biggest mistake of its life,” Jotaro narrowed his eyes, “It just pissed me off!”

The Arachnid prepared to pounce only for the sound of crashing stone to divert its attention. Jotaro stood on the ground as the tablet crashed in pieces behind him.

Twilight looked on in surprise, “How did you-”

To most, it would be a blink. To Jotaro, time itself slowed to an absolute halt. Jotaro rushed the Arachnid as Star Platinum appeared.

Time resumed instantaneously as Twilight finished her sentence, “-do that? What in the?!”

Star Platinum then brought its hooves back and rained down a flurry of blows faster than the eye could perceive, “ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA! ORA!”

The Arachnid’s body contorted under each blow, the final one sending it crashing through the adjacent wall and onto the grass outside. Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie looked at Jotaro who smiled in satisfaction.

Rarity hugged Jotaro, much to his surprise, “THANK YOU SO MUCH! When we get back, I am making you any outfit you desire!”

The ponies stepped outside…and were greeted by Cadance who was looking with shock at the destroyed spider.

“Twilight! Just the pony I was looking for!”

Twilight approached and did their signature greeting.

Jonathan noticed the crown atop of Cadance’s head and kneeled before her kissing her hoof, “M’lady.”

Cadance giggled slightly, “Twilight, are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Twilight nodded, “Cadance, this is Jonathan Joestar. Over there is Joseph Joestar, and that is Jotaro Kujo.”

Jotaro tilted his head in response.

Cadance nodded as Twilight asked the question that entered her mind, “Why are you all the way out here?”

Cadance sighed, “There’s an issue at the Crystal Empire. I went to Auntie Celestia first, but when she saw the stallion, she told me to come get you.”

Twilight raised her eyebrows in surprise, “Stallion?”


(Crystal Empire- One Day Earlier.)

The Crystal Wreath, one of the many high class restaurants in the crystal empire was currently catering to one of its customers. The stallion had a plum purple coat and blue eyes. His body was lean and had the average build of a stallion, but if a pony were to check, his muscles were toned with youth. His tail was short, black and straight. His entire mane on the other hoof had been styled into a black pompadour which sat atop his head as he ate some of buttered scones in front of him with a content smile on his face.

The waiter deposited his bill, “Your bill sir, did you enjoy your meal?”

The stallion looked at the stacked plates beside him on the table, “Yes I did, please give my compliments to the chef.”

The Waiter nodded, “As you wish, please pay before you leave.”

The stallion nodded, “Yes sir.”

The Waiter trotted off as the stallion pulled out a red bit bag and deposited the money on the table. As he got up to leave two stallions burst in and pointed at him. The stallion raised an eyebrow as he walked past them.


The stallion looked over his shoulder with a smirk, “It’s not my fault you suck at cards.”

The other stallion stepped forward, “Listen Juicekay.”

The stallion huffed, “Josuke.”

The Angry Stallion sneered, “Whatever, you owe us bits and we want them back!”

Josuke shrugged off the comment as he continued trotting away, “Sorry can’t help you. I just used them all to pay for my tab.”

The Angry Stallion stepped forward, “Why you!”

His buddy stopped him, “He’s not worth it, he’s just some punk with a ridiculous mane cut.”

The Angry Stallion didn’t notice Josuke freeze in mid-stride, “Yeah, I mean what is that on his head anyway? A hairy log?”

Josuke turned around as his expression bore absolute rage upon it which was directed at the two stallions who backed up in fear, “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY HAIR!?”

7- Twilight Express

View Online

The ponies sat on the train as Rarity picked cobwebs from her mane, Jonathan assisting the annoying endeavor. Rarity was grateful for the assistance though she insisted she could handle the rest of it. Jonathan true to form would hear none of it and insisted back that it was his duty to assist her since it was at his expense that she had acquired the unwanted webbing.

“Jonathan though I don’t appreciate the assistance,” Rarity glanced at him, “I really don’t see how this is your fault in anyway.”

Jonathan sighed, “I swore I would protect you all on my honor, the mere fact that you were almost devoured shows that I must be more diligent.”

Jotaro glanced over, “Got to give you some credit, you don’t know when to take no for an answer,” the stallion then glanced out the window, “This world is like something out of a child’s drawing book.”

Jonathan didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or as an insult. Merely shrugging he went back to his work; Joseph was sitting in a corner with AJ and RD as they played cards. Cadance on the other hoof was sitting with Twilight and discussing the circumstances surrounding the stallion known as Josuke.

“He claimed he was merely minding his own business when the quote unquote,” she made a gesture with her hooves, “Bastards’, threatened him. He was just defending himself.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “From the sound of things he overreacted.”

Cadance sighed, “You should see the stallions in question,” she shivered, “their faces are just….I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.”

Twilight glanced at Jotaro and her thoughts turned back to when he had summoned that…creature that saved them from the spider. She couldn’t get over the fact that when she had seen it, nopony else had noticed. At first she had thought nothing of it, but further analysis was needed.

“Cadance, would you excuse me just for a minute,” Twilight glanced at Jotaro once more, “There’s something I have to find out.”

Cadance recognized the look in Twilight’s eyes and smiled, “Sure, besides,” her eyes fell on Daring Do who was writing stuff down furiously, “I REALLY want to talk to her! I’m such a fan of her works!”

Twilight slowly approached Jotaro who was still staring out the window.

“Was there a reason you were staring at me?”

Twilight froze as the stallion fixed her in his gaze, “It’s annoying, so knock it off.”

Twilight looked at the ground slightly hurt to which Jotaro rolled his eyes at, “Alright, sorry. I’m just a little agitated with the fact that I really don’t,” he glanced at his front hooves, “Have hands anymore.”

Twilight sat across from him, “I wanted to ask you about that creature that came from you when you fought that spider. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Jotaro raised an eyebrow, “You shouldn’t have seen it to begin with.”

“Well would you care to explain?”

Jotaro sighed, “God…alright. What I used was called a Stand, a power that few people I come from possess. It’s the embodiment of one’s spirit and each one has an innate power and set of abilities,” the Stand in question then appeared above Jotaro and stared into Twilight’s soul, “Mine is known as Star Platinum and as you can plainly see, it’s quite strong. But there’s one thing, only other Stand users can see Stands.”

Star Platinum vanished as Twilight stared where it had been previously, “But why can I see it then?”

Jotaro shrugged as he turned his attention back to the window, “Beats me, it’s your world.”

Twilight trotted back to her seat and sat in contemplation. If what she heard was correct, then Star Platinum shouldn’t even have been seen by her in the first place. Then she thought of theory. Jotaro said that Stands were a manifestation of one’s spirit, if that was the case then there was a possible explanation. All races of ponies had magic connected to their spirit. This meant if Star Platinum was a manifestation of the spirit on Jotaro’s world. Then here on Equestria it was a massively powerful manifestation of his Earth Pony magic. So that would mean only alicorns or unicorns with strong magic could preserve Stands.

Twilight squeed slightly, “I HAVE to study this more when I get the chance!”

Soon the train arrived at the Crystal Empire. All the ponies disembarked and took in the sights of the empire and it’s buildings. Jotaro let out a whistle whereas Joseph and Jonathan stared on in awe.

“Oh my god,” Joseph looked to Cadance, “You live here?”

Cadance giggled slightly, “Impressed?”

Jonathan merely blinked when he noted the palace, “It’s like heaven itself came to earth.”

Jotaro noticed a clothes shop the same time Rarity did. The unicorn mare whispered to the Crystal Princess a request.

Cadance smiled, “Of course, use what you need.”

Rarity walked to Jotaro and slowly led him off, “Come along darling, it’s time for you to get fitted for your clothes. Whatever you want I’ll make.”

Jotaro gave a small smile as they entered town.

Cadance ushered the rest of the group to the palace as she explained the situation.

“It’s odd though,” she walked up the stairs into the main palace, “when we apprehended him he apologised and came willingly.”

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, “That’s weird.”

Jonathan thought on it, “Perhaps he was truthful and was merely defending himself.”

Joseph laughed, “More like he was just saving his own ass by appealing to you all.”

Cadance led them down a set of stairs toward the dungeon, “Be that as it may, I’m willing to release him into your custody as long as you promise to keep a close eye in him while he’s here,” she glanced at the passing cells, “We did identify the stallions as two members of a gang that has recently popped up in Equestria. So I would prefer that no unfortunate business occurs while you are all here if you can help it.”

They all stopped at the cell where Josuke glanced up, “Hello.”

“Josuke Higashikata, I am willing to grant you freedom on the condition that you are released into the custody,” she noticed the star mark on his neck as she smiled, “relatives.”

Josuke’s eyebrows shot up, “Relatives?”

Jonathon smiled, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you in person Josuke. I’m Jonathan.”

“How’s it going. Joseph at your service,” Joseph raised a hoof.

Josuke noticed the marks, “Okay someone better start explaining.”

“I think Twilight can help with that.”

All turned and beheld Jotaro who was now dressed. He wore black pants and a dark purple sleeveless shirt. Over that he wore a long black trench coat, and atop his head was a black hat. Adorning his coat was a gold chain and on his hat was a gold crest that depicted a hand on a shield.

Josuke recognized him immediately, “Jotaro?”

Jotaro was greatly surprised as the cell was opened. But everypony became even more surprised when Josuke stood in front of Joseph and gazed at him. Then he spoke five words that caused everypony to become silent.

“Long time no see Dad.”

Joseph’s eyes bugged out of his head, “DAD?!”

Everypony spoke in unison, “DAD?!”

Pinkie Pie then jumped in, “Nooooooooooooooooo! I mean, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!”

Everypony just stared at her.