• Published 8th Nov 2013
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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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5- Wet and Wild

The following morning was a relatively quiet one; ponies were casually walking along the roads going about their early morning business. One pony was casually walking down the street wearing a red jacket and a white undershirt as well as light brown loose fitting pants. Joseph was glancing around and taking in the new sights around him, when he first arrived he didn’t really feel like walking around and taking in the sights. More or less, he was trying to sleep off the massive hangover he had received. But now that it was all gone and he had casual wear (which Pinkie Pie strangely nailed down minus his tie) he could walk around in public without any annoying drafts. He walked around and glanced at various stand and kiosks selling various wares, he noticed some bottled soda and smiled. The price was decent two bits which he paid, courtesy of Pinkie Pie’s ‘allowance’ that he had given him. He smiled as he clutched the soda in his hoof, but his joy turned to dread.

“How the fuck, do I open this!?”

A nearby mother clapped her hooves over her child’s ears with a scold shot in his direction.


Jonathan was sitting in his room ideally scanning over some almanacs that Twilight had loaned him, the facts and knowledge he was learning of were most interesting. Being a scholar and seeker of knowledge he was, Jonathan lost himself in the world that was now speaking to him from the inked pages. He smiled in almost childlike wonder as he read that not only were there creatures from legends and fables that he loved as child in the book, but according to it, they were all real.

Rarity stood outside his door smiling at the engrossed stallion who wore only his dress shirt, minus the tie and his pants. He was indeed a book worm like her friend, and it warmed her heart to see him in the light he was in. He truly was like one of those princes she read about from, chivalrous, kind and gentle, but not afraid to fight for what he believed in. Even though he had not been around too long, she was beginning to feel more comfortable around him. That being said, she still couldn’t believe that such a brute like Joseph was related to him. Though Pinkie insisted that he was nice once you got to know him, but she was still skeptical. A knock from below alerted her to a visitor.

She opened the door and Twilight was clutching a scroll in her mouth which she unfurled in front of Rarity who read it, “You’re joking, the next Joestar is there?”

Twilight nodded, “Pack your best adventure gear, we’re going travelling. I’ll go look for Joseph; Cheerilee said that she saw him heading toward the park.”


Joseph reclined underneath a shady tree as he tried once more to open the bottle, but relented and decided to wait. As he reclined he heard some noise from below, opening one eye he noticed two stallions harassing an earth pony mare who was clearly not having any of it. Joseph glanced at his bottle and got a wicked idea. Casually walking down he stopped as the mare rushed to his side.

“Please help me, “she pointed at the two angrily, “They won’t leave me alone.”

Both pegasus ponies glared at Joseph who smirked.

The youngest looking one narrowed his eyes, “What are you so smug about?”

“It’s not that I’m smug,” Joseph glanced at the bottle, “it’s the fact that I found two bottle openers to help me out.”

The oldest glanced at his counterpart, “I think he just called us dumb.”

Joseph chuckled, “Next you’re going to say, ‘Let’s teach this chump a lesson.”

The youngest cracked his neck, “Let’s teach this chump a lesson…What the?!”

Joseph raised the bottle as small bolts arched into it, the cap shot right off with the force of a freight train into the youngest forehead. Some blood flew into the air, but the stallion was on his back unconscious. The Oldest looked at his counterpart and then at Joseph who took a swig of his soda.

“Man that’s good!” he realized the other Pony was still standing, “Oh, you’re still here?”

The older pegasus picked his friend up and galloped away as Joseph smiled in satisfaction, the mare hugging him before departing. Joseph turned around to leave but almost choked on his soda in surprise when Twilight stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh…they started it,” he gestured behind himself at the fleeing pegasus ponies.

Twilight shook her head, “It’s alright. I saw how you defended that mare, good job.”

Joseph checked his free hoof for dirt, “Well I try.”

Twilight then became all business, “I came to get you because we’re going on a trip. Another member of the family has been found, and he’s in the jungle.”

Joseph tapped his chin, “hm…always wanted to go to the jungle.”

Twilight smiled, “Well then back your bags, we’re heading out now!”


The airborne carriage ride was quite enjoyable; the ponies prepared themselves for quite a trek. Twilight was consulting a massive map that was in front of her face as they trekked through the brush; Jonathan was wearing his adventure gear. Joseph’s adventure gear looked more down to earth, it was a sleeveless black shirt with dark blue pants. His front hooves were covered in black and around his neck was a green scarf with yellow horizontal stripes running up it. They were all swatting at the occasional bug that got to close in annoyance as they continued their climb. The late afternoon sun was scorching them relentlessly, well except for Rarity who was using an attachable sun umbrella much to Joseph’s annoyance.

Joseph looked at Rarity, “So explain to me why we’re all burning alive while she lives in her own patch of shady paradise?”

“Well isn’t it obvious,” Rarity smiled, “it’s because my coat is sensitive to intense heat.”

Joseph stared evenly at the unicorn.

Rainbow Dash groaned, “You could have brought us some umbrella’s you know.”

Rarity sighed, “I would’ve, but they’re all tailored for my figure.”

Twilight glanced back mildly annoyed, “Don’t make me come back there.”

Jonathan trotted beside Twilight, “How far until we reach the location?”

Twilight pouted in thought, “We’re just about there. It’s over this next ridge.”

Rainbow Dash was lazily flying up with her friends until she saw what was over the ridge, the temple was practically calling to her.


Joseph crested the hill with the rest of the group, “Eh.”

Rainbow landed beside him, “How can you just say Eh?! Do you not SEE the massive temple right there?”

Joseph was still uninterested, “And?”

Jonathan stood next to Dash, “Interesting, your ancient architecture is the same as ours in some regard.”

Twilight then pointed toward the temple, “Come on girls, the map says that the Joestar is in there.”

The ponies nodded and began to climb down the hill toward the temple, strangely enough, when they arrived in its courtyard they were treated with a surprising sight. The courtyard was littered with chunks of stone that had indent marks on them, as if a pony repeatedly punched them then ripped what was left off. Jonathan inspected the marks; whatever caused it had tremendous strength.

Jonathan glanced at Twilight who was busy scanning the marks, “It’s odd. Though the indents involve force, there’s no physical echo of a pony making contact.”

Jonathan tapped his chin, “Maybe some form of magic then?”

Twilight nodded, “Possibly.”

Joseph rolled his eyes, “Who cares, I’m going in,” he then rushed forward…and yelled out in fright.

The yell got further away until a loud thud was heard.

All the ponies noticed that right behind the door, there was an open hole that led into darkness.

Jonathan yelled down, “Joseph, are you alright?!”

There was silence for a moment before a neutral sounding Joseph answered, “It’s really smelly down here…”

All the ponies exhaled in relief but stopped when they heard Joseph again, “Hey, there’s someone else down here. I SEE A LIGHT!”

The ponies were teleported to the bottom and noticed that they were in a massive cube shaped room. At the far wall was a massive hallway that led toward a light source at its end. The ponies cautiously ventured forth until they arrived in a small dome chamber. In the middle of it was small fire pit, sitting around it was an earth pony stallion and…Daring Do.

Both looked up as Rainbow Dash squeaked and fainted.

Daring looked at the fainted mare, “What’s her problem?”

Twilight fainted as well.

Joseph rolled his eyes, “Great, they’re dropping left and right.”

The earth stallion stood up and approached them, “If you’re here to help, I hate to say it, but it’s useless. We’ve been stuck down here for a full day.”

Fluttershy squinted and noticed the familiar star mark on his neck, “Oh! Jonathan, Joseph it’s him!”

Jonathan noticed the mark and smiled, “So my blood wasn’t wrong, for a moment I thought the miss over there was my next family member.”

The stallion looked with surprise at both stallions, “Jonathan? Joseph? Wait a minute, what the hell is this?”

Joseph and Jonathan showed their marks to him.

Jonathan raised a hoof, “Jonathan Joestar, at your service.”

Joseph smirked, “Joseph Joestar, nice to meetcha.”

The stallion was even more surprised than before, “Did you say…,” he looked to the side, “that’s impossible, though, this entire situation is impossible.”

Joseph stomped his hoof, “Hey! It’s rude not to tell your name to people who’ve told you there’s!”

The stallion sighed, “Jotaro Kujo.”

Joseph raised an eyebrow, “Kujo? Like the dog from that book?”

Jotaro glared at the stallion, “it’s my family name, you got a problem with that?”

Joseph butted heads with Jotaro, “Maybe I do now, why? You want to do something about it smart guy?”

The wall behind Jotaro exploded inward in a crater shocking everypony as Jotaro spoke ominously, “You really do not want to piss me off.”

Jonathan stepped between the two, “Enough! Joseph, go sit over there.”

Joseph looked at his grandfather who glared warningly at him, “Fine…”

Jonathan nodded, “Jotaro my lad, we need to talk.”


And it was for close to an hour, after reviving the fainted ponies that Jotaro was told of why he had ended up in Equestria. After the explanation, Daring Do stared with awe at three stallions. Never before had she heard of such a tale, she immediately started writing it down.

Jotaro nodded, “So we’re supposed to fight an evil force…hm. What a pain, I beat Dio now I have to do this.”

Jonathan stood fast, “Dio?! You defeated him?”

Jotaro nodded, “Yeah. I sent that bastard to hell where he belonged, Old man.”

Joseph smirked at a flustered looking Jonathan, “So. Using the process of elimination then, does that mean you’re my grandson?”

Jotaro snorted and nodded as Joseph laughed.

Rainbow was sitting next to Daring, not wanting to disturb her hero.

Pinkie Pie smiled, “Wowie! So Joseph and you are the best of friends now huh?”

Jotaro glared at Joseph who innocently smiled, “Don’t make me laugh; just looking at him makes me angry.”

Joseph stood up, “WHAT WAS THAT ASSHOLE!?”

Jotaro ignored the yell as Twilight piped up, “HEY!”

Everypony glanced at Twilight who gestured around them, “Shouldn’t we figure a way out of here first?”

Jotaro stood up and leaned against a wall, “I already said it’s useless. Judging by the design, this was a corpse hole.”

Fluttershy was now scared of the shadows themselves, “C-corpse hole?!”

Rarity scrunched her noise, “That would explain the smell.”

Twilight then began to pace, “Hm…there has to be a way,” she then noticed something as Jotaro moved toward the fire, “Hold on, Jotaro, move back to where you were. Slowly.”

Jotaro obeyed with confusion. As he moved back Twilight raised her hoof to stop him, Jotaro raised an eyebrow. But then he blinked as he felt…a cool breeze.

Daring stood up as she raised her hoof, she quickly trotted to the indent in the wall and placed her face near it, “I feel a breeze and I hear rushing water!”

Jotaro smiled in victory, “At last, a way out!”

Daring smiled as she gestured, “Would you do the honors Jojo?”

Jotaro nodded, “Stand back,” he looked at the group, “all of you.”

Jotaro approached the indent and narrowed his eyes, Twilight’s eyes widened in fright and fascination at what she saw next. Seemingly originating from Jotaro’s body was another stallion. This stallion was the same in height and build, though its features looked more experienced and hardened. It had a light blue coat and the same green eyes as Jotaro. Its mane and tail were jet black long, and wildly untamed. Keeping its mane upright was a gold head band with an oval gem in the center, covering it’s joints were gold metal circles and on its shoulders were square gold armor plates. Covering its lower section was a white loin cloth garment, and finally on its fore hooves were dark blue gloves that had solid gold horse shoes.

Twilight blinked, “What in Equestria?”

The creature then reared its fore hoof back and brought it toward the wall with sickening speed and force as it yelled out in a mighty deep voice, “ORA!”

The thing vanished immediately after the wall collapsed forward.

All the ponies gazed into the area before them; the opening was overlooking a sheer drop into a massively deep water pool below.

Daring glanced around, “Looks like the drop was farther then we thought, it seems to be an underground cave network or grotto.”

Joseph then smirked evilly. He then howled inhumanly and rushed the group who all yelled in unison. They all lost their footing and dropped backward; several splashes were heard soon accompanied by angry yells.


The stallion laughed hard before jumping down to join in the watery fun.

Rainbow slugged him in both anger and respect, “Nice one. Don’t do it again!”

Jotaro looked around and saw that the water lead off down the ways and seemed to become more shallow, “This way.”

All the ponies began to swim; unaware that something was watching them from the shadows, silently following them through a network of caverns.