• Published 8th Nov 2013
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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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3- Manehatten Rock

The Friendship express pulled into the station at Grand Central Hub, many ponies were bustling hither and yon to get where they had to be that night. Be it graveyard shifts or just fun, ponies were crowding the floor making it almost impossible for the seven newcomers who disembarked to weave to the front doors. The seven mares were busy scanning the crowds and occasionally stopping ponies asking if they had seen anypony that lacked a cutie mark and had a star shaped patch on the nape of their neck. All who were asked said no, much to the disappointment of the group. Eventually they exited to street level and were met with slightly crowded streets, though not as bad as the mob behind them, it was just as annoying.

Dash groaned in annoyance, “How are we going to find your family member in all of this,” she became agitated, “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Jonathan walked forward; he was garbed in a sleeveless navy blue shirt with dark brown shoulder guards attached to them, covering his lower body was a pair of black pants, courtesy of Rarity.

“It’s odd to say the least,” Jonathan gazed at the bustling city, “but this city…though immense is not unsearchable.”

Rarity was glancing at Jonathan with a bitten lip, “Jonathan I must ask why you requested fo such an ensemble? Forgive me, but it’s unbecoming of you.”

Jonathan smiled that warm smile, which turned Rarity’s legs to jelly, “It’s more or less out of…nostalgia.”

Rarity smiled back, “Well as long as you’re happy.”

Rainbow Dash made kissing noises behind her which caused the fashionista to glare fire at her.

Jonathan then became slightly troubled which Twilight noticed, “Jonathan is something wrong?”

“It’s…strange,” Jonathan looked around and glanced at his hoof, “My blood…it feels like something is calling to it. Like a proverbial magnetic force pulling me to its source.”

Twilight and the girls began walking, the princess pondering the statement, “Hm”

As they walked, they continued to search for more clues as to the whereabouts of the second Joestar. For many hours they continued to search and yielded little to no results, soon it was late into the evening and they decided to take a rest.

Fluttershy glanced around, “Oh, we’ve searched for almost the entire night. I’m so sorry that we haven’t found your family member Jonathan.”

Jonathan gave a small smile, “It’s not trouble Fluttershy, though to be frank, that feeling I mentioned before,” he narrowed his eyes in concentration, “it’s gotten stronger.”

Twilight nodded, “Jonathan, I think I might have a theory as to what this feeling of yours is,” Jonathan turned his attention to the alicorn as she paced, “Princess Celestia mentioned that an enchantment was placed on your bloodline, you being in the first to receive it. So I hypothesize that since you were the first one to receive the enchantment, you might be connected to your family more than you think.”

“But why now,” Jonathan stood, “why can I feel this connection?”

Twilight tapped her chin, “Maybe it’s because you and your family are in our world, closer to the source of the magic.”

Jonathan nodded, “Of course, which means that we are truly tied together through blood. Twilight, do you think you might be able to exploit this connection? Perhaps make some form of compass.”

Twilight smiled, “Easey Peasy! Just hold still.”

Twilight shut her eyes in concentration as her horn gave off a soft glow. Jonathan’s body was engulfed in the light which soon began to gather above his heart, Twilight smiled as her spell continued to reach its zenith. However her smile vanished as she felt something within Jonathan stir, it felt as though there were two spirits trying to push her away. Twilight became concerned but determined as she pushed back, all of a sudden the two presences vanished. Immediately after that, an immeasurable amount of raw power burst forth. Blue electrical bolts arched from Jonathan’s body and surged into Twilight’s horn hurling the alicorn to the ground. Jonathan was at her side immediately.


The alicorns eyes opened as she groggily replied, “Bu princess I don wanna hav a dey ov.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, “Great, she’s broken.”

Jonathan sighed, “Forgive me for what I’m about to do.”

Jonathan quickly approached Applejack, took her hat with a quick sorry and filled it with water from a nearby fountain. He then trotted back to Twilight and turned the hat over on her head.

Twilight shook herself back to her senses, “What was that? Something zapped me!”

Jonathan blushed in embarrassment, “Well, you see, there is a reason for that. I possess a very powerful and unique ability called Hamon or The Ripple. I suppose it doesn’t mesh well with magic.”

Twilight groaned as she stood up, “Well regardless of that…minor setback. I got what I needed.”

Twilight’s horn flared for a moment and an arrow appeared in the air. It immediately rocketed off.

Applejack fixed her hat back upon her head, “After it!”

The mares and stallion chased the arrow as it weaved in between buildings and side streets. Dash was keeping pace with it better than the rest as it pulled a sharp U-turn around an apartment building. Dash yelled something they didn’t catch as she followed it, and then both vanished from view entirely. The girls came to a massive cross street and looked around for any sign of Rainbow Dash, none could be found. All groaned in exhaustion and defeat, but regained themselves when Dash rounded a bend.

“Girls…*pant* I found where the other Joestar is…,” she shook her head and pointed from where she had just come from, “but you have to see this.”


The group was standing outside of a local bar in shock. The front window which looked out onto the street was shattered and a table was lying broken on the street. Two stallions were laying atop it out cold as Jonathan approached the bar.

“A member of the family Joestar did this?”

Applejack glanced around and whistled, “Whoowee, looks like somepony went buck wild.”

Jonathan narrowed his eyes as he walked into the wrecked bar. What he saw within only added fuel to his fire of honor. Several patrons were laying on wrecked tables, chairs, even one was passed out on the pool table. Twilight and the girls made a move to enter but a stern stare from the gentlemen Joestar stopped them. He glanced around and noticed the bartender frozen in fear in the far corner was a dark green coated stallion. What ignited a hurt fury within Jonathan was that he bore the same mark on his neck.

“You there, sir,” the stallion glanced to look at an even Jonathan who inhaled to calm himself, “did you do all of this?”

The stallion narrowed his eyes, “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me right now. Really I’m offended,” the stallion put on a smug expression, “maybe if you ask politely I’ll answer you, otherwise your just asking for me to come over there and show you how offended I am.”

Jonathan shook his head, “You speak like a street urchin yet you bear the mark of the Joestars. Are you an imposter?”

The stallion hopped off his stool and snorted, “Hey, hey, hey! No one insults my family. Insulting my family is about the same as insulting my grandfather, and you REALLY do not want to do that! Wanna know what happened to the last guy who insulted my family, no less my grandfather? I almost kicked his ass to the moon,” he stepped forward challenging this new individual, “Don’t think I won’t do the same to you.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow as his fury subsided, “You speak highly of your family and grandfather, why?”

The stallion snorted impetuously, “Like I’ll fucking tell you.”

Jonathan smirked, “Tell me what your name is?”

The stallion beat his chest, “Joseph Joestar,” Joseph’s body crackled with a fiery spirit which Jonathan acknowledged with a firm nod; the boy truly was a Joestar.

Jonathan then got into a stance as best he could with his new form, “Prove to me the conviction you hold toward your family, defend their honor against me,” he smiled challengingly, “if you can.”

Joseph smirked as he scraped his hoof on the ground, “Bring it fucker.”

Both Joestar’s then charged each other.


The girls sat outside munching on cupcakes.

Rainbow Dash turned her head, “How do you think it’s going in there?”

A massive smashing sound followed by the breaking of wood answered her as Rainbow Dash turned to see a Jonathan fly out of the broken window and onto the street.

Pinkie smiled, “oooh, looks like it’s going well.”

Jonathan stood as the girls moved forward, “All of you stay back this is not your fight. This is a duel between two men.”

Joseph landed on the street with another smirk, “Is that the best you got?”

Jonathan stood and tightened his muscles as he got back on guard, his mane now wild looking, “Do not lower your guard Joseph.”

Joseph became angered at this, “Now you’re scolding me as we fight? Oh I’m going to enjoy this!”

Joseph stood on his hind legs and rushed forward before delivering a swift kick to Jonathan who in turn caught it in mid-flight. Jonathan threw Joseph into a nearby bench and remained still as the fiery youth stood up with an angered snort.

“You reek of alcohol,” Jonathan shook his head, “your judgement is impaired and your moves uncoordinated. This is why the duel is in my favor.”

Joseph pointed as he wiped some blood from his muzzle, “Next you’re going to say-“

Jonathan cut him off, “That you lost before we began. Yes I was in fact.”

Joseph was shaken to his core as Jonathan surged toward him faster than before. Joseph narrowed his eyes as blue electrical bolts surged along his fore hooves. Jonathan went for a swift jab, but Joseph caught it and smiled in victory as his Ripple surged up Jonathan. The Ripple Joseph sent out had the intention to weaken Jonathan’s body by getting into his muscles and numbing them, effectively giving him the advantage. Jonathan looked at The Ripple energy as it traveled up him and smiled not only with amusement but with respect.

“Your grandfather, what was his name?”

Joseph blinked but then smiled, “Jonathan Joestar, I respect the guy as a person for being a friend with Speedwagon and my grandmother.”

Jonathan nodded as The Ripple energy engulfed him, “Admirable reasoning, but do you want to know something about him that you most likely don’t?”

Joseph became confused as he felt Jonathan push back against him, “He was a master of The Ripple, and the gentlemen that you now have the honor of fighting.”

“What are you spouting?”

Jonathan smiled warmly as The Ripple energy was discharged, “Hello grandson.”

Joseph was taken aback by the statement long enough for goldish yellow Ripple energy to surge onto Jonathan who brought one of his hooves back, “Which makes this more painful to do,” he then yelled, “YELLOW OVERDRIVE!”

Jonathan punched Joseph in the barrel as the young stallion flew a foot in the air then fell onto his back.

The girls came to his side as Joseph shakily got to his hooves, “You could have killed me you bastard!”

Jonathan raised a hoof, “Ah but I didn’t. For you see,” he showed Joseph his neck, “Why ever would I kill a family member?”

Joseph’s eyes widened, “Son of a bitch….you were telling the truth.”

Jonathan nodded but became serious, “There is a reason we are here Joseph, I am afraid we have been burdened with great purpose.”


Jonathan nodded, “All of our family that have come here have.”

Joseph sat on his rear and looked at him confused, “Okay…I’m lost.”

Twilight walked toward him, “Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for,” she waved a hoof to her friends, “Mister?”

Joseph stood and robotically replied with, “Joseph.”

Twilight nodded, “Well it’s nice to meet you Joseph, but we need to be heading back to my home of Ponyville, because we need to talk.”

Joseph snapped out of his stupor, “Wait, did you say Ponyville?”

Applejack nodded, “Yeah she did, there a problem with that?”

Joseph then broke down into a fit of uncontrollable laughter as Rainbow Dash came to Jonathan’s side, “He’s your grandson?”

Jonathan nodded, “Truthfully, I’m having second thoughts on it as well.”

Soon they all departed Manehatten as stories of a wild stallion tearing up the REO Bar reached city official’s ears.