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The Star's Fall To Equestria - CrypticMetaphor

The Joestar's through the ages and space decend on Equestria to save it

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7- Twilight Express

The ponies sat on the train as Rarity picked cobwebs from her mane, Jonathan assisting the annoying endeavor. Rarity was grateful for the assistance though she insisted she could handle the rest of it. Jonathan true to form would hear none of it and insisted back that it was his duty to assist her since it was at his expense that she had acquired the unwanted webbing.

“Jonathan though I don’t appreciate the assistance,” Rarity glanced at him, “I really don’t see how this is your fault in anyway.”

Jonathan sighed, “I swore I would protect you all on my honor, the mere fact that you were almost devoured shows that I must be more diligent.”

Jotaro glanced over, “Got to give you some credit, you don’t know when to take no for an answer,” the stallion then glanced out the window, “This world is like something out of a child’s drawing book.”

Jonathan didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or as an insult. Merely shrugging he went back to his work; Joseph was sitting in a corner with AJ and RD as they played cards. Cadance on the other hoof was sitting with Twilight and discussing the circumstances surrounding the stallion known as Josuke.

“He claimed he was merely minding his own business when the quote unquote,” she made a gesture with her hooves, “Bastards’, threatened him. He was just defending himself.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “From the sound of things he overreacted.”

Cadance sighed, “You should see the stallions in question,” she shivered, “their faces are just….I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.”

Twilight glanced at Jotaro and her thoughts turned back to when he had summoned that…creature that saved them from the spider. She couldn’t get over the fact that when she had seen it, nopony else had noticed. At first she had thought nothing of it, but further analysis was needed.

“Cadance, would you excuse me just for a minute,” Twilight glanced at Jotaro once more, “There’s something I have to find out.”

Cadance recognized the look in Twilight’s eyes and smiled, “Sure, besides,” her eyes fell on Daring Do who was writing stuff down furiously, “I REALLY want to talk to her! I’m such a fan of her works!”

Twilight slowly approached Jotaro who was still staring out the window.

“Was there a reason you were staring at me?”

Twilight froze as the stallion fixed her in his gaze, “It’s annoying, so knock it off.”

Twilight looked at the ground slightly hurt to which Jotaro rolled his eyes at, “Alright, sorry. I’m just a little agitated with the fact that I really don’t,” he glanced at his front hooves, “Have hands anymore.”

Twilight sat across from him, “I wanted to ask you about that creature that came from you when you fought that spider. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Jotaro raised an eyebrow, “You shouldn’t have seen it to begin with.”

“Well would you care to explain?”

Jotaro sighed, “God…alright. What I used was called a Stand, a power that few people I come from possess. It’s the embodiment of one’s spirit and each one has an innate power and set of abilities,” the Stand in question then appeared above Jotaro and stared into Twilight’s soul, “Mine is known as Star Platinum and as you can plainly see, it’s quite strong. But there’s one thing, only other Stand users can see Stands.”

Star Platinum vanished as Twilight stared where it had been previously, “But why can I see it then?”

Jotaro shrugged as he turned his attention back to the window, “Beats me, it’s your world.”

Twilight trotted back to her seat and sat in contemplation. If what she heard was correct, then Star Platinum shouldn’t even have been seen by her in the first place. Then she thought of theory. Jotaro said that Stands were a manifestation of one’s spirit, if that was the case then there was a possible explanation. All races of ponies had magic connected to their spirit. This meant if Star Platinum was a manifestation of the spirit on Jotaro’s world. Then here on Equestria it was a massively powerful manifestation of his Earth Pony magic. So that would mean only alicorns or unicorns with strong magic could preserve Stands.

Twilight squeed slightly, “I HAVE to study this more when I get the chance!”

Soon the train arrived at the Crystal Empire. All the ponies disembarked and took in the sights of the empire and it’s buildings. Jotaro let out a whistle whereas Joseph and Jonathan stared on in awe.

“Oh my god,” Joseph looked to Cadance, “You live here?”

Cadance giggled slightly, “Impressed?”

Jonathan merely blinked when he noted the palace, “It’s like heaven itself came to earth.”

Jotaro noticed a clothes shop the same time Rarity did. The unicorn mare whispered to the Crystal Princess a request.

Cadance smiled, “Of course, use what you need.”

Rarity walked to Jotaro and slowly led him off, “Come along darling, it’s time for you to get fitted for your clothes. Whatever you want I’ll make.”

Jotaro gave a small smile as they entered town.

Cadance ushered the rest of the group to the palace as she explained the situation.

“It’s odd though,” she walked up the stairs into the main palace, “when we apprehended him he apologised and came willingly.”

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, “That’s weird.”

Jonathan thought on it, “Perhaps he was truthful and was merely defending himself.”

Joseph laughed, “More like he was just saving his own ass by appealing to you all.”

Cadance led them down a set of stairs toward the dungeon, “Be that as it may, I’m willing to release him into your custody as long as you promise to keep a close eye in him while he’s here,” she glanced at the passing cells, “We did identify the stallions as two members of a gang that has recently popped up in Equestria. So I would prefer that no unfortunate business occurs while you are all here if you can help it.”

They all stopped at the cell where Josuke glanced up, “Hello.”

“Josuke Higashikata, I am willing to grant you freedom on the condition that you are released into the custody,” she noticed the star mark on his neck as she smiled, “relatives.”

Josuke’s eyebrows shot up, “Relatives?”

Jonathon smiled, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you in person Josuke. I’m Jonathan.”

“How’s it going. Joseph at your service,” Joseph raised a hoof.

Josuke noticed the marks, “Okay someone better start explaining.”

“I think Twilight can help with that.”

All turned and beheld Jotaro who was now dressed. He wore black pants and a dark purple sleeveless shirt. Over that he wore a long black trench coat, and atop his head was a black hat. Adorning his coat was a gold chain and on his hat was a gold crest that depicted a hand on a shield.

Josuke recognized him immediately, “Jotaro?”

Jotaro was greatly surprised as the cell was opened. But everypony became even more surprised when Josuke stood in front of Joseph and gazed at him. Then he spoke five words that caused everypony to become silent.

“Long time no see Dad.”

Joseph’s eyes bugged out of his head, “DAD?!”

Everypony spoke in unison, “DAD?!”

Pinkie Pie then jumped in, “Nooooooooooooooooo! I mean, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!”

Everypony just stared at her.

Author's Note:

Legit stuff is goin DOWN!

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*snerks* And this is where the timey-wimeyness of the whole situation gets fun. Given how ticked off Jotaro was to find out his grandfather had an illegitimate kid at the start of Diamond is Crash, it's going to be a blast seeing how he, Josuke and Joseph all get along. Especially since Joseph hasn't actually DONE the thing Jotaro would be mad about yet.

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So it looks like Jotaro ISN'T the one we saw at the end of the original six series then...dear lord when they get to Jolyne it's gonna be hilarious!

Jolyne: Hi Dad.
Josuke: At least he MARRIED her mother dad.
Joseph: Wait, WHAT?!
Johnathan: Joseph...I am disappoint...it seems I must teach you what it means to be a gentleman.
Jotaro:...Yare-Yare Daze...

Also, will Joseph be awakening Hermit Purple over the course of the adventure? And what of Johnathan?

Josephs getting that feelin so complicated.

3895449 "The way I see it, if I fix up your wounds first, I wouldn't really be "bullying the weak", would I?"

This is just GREATO!!! Can't wait for more, but I'll wait anyway.
I know you're busy with other fanfics, so I wish you luck.
(ps. Johnny better be in Appleoosa. Slow Dancer is an Appaloosa, after all)

I have one question if you bring Giorno Giovanna will he have Gold experience requiem or Gold Experience. cause let's face it Gio is the most broken thing story-wise.

Why didn't you include JoJolion with the other Joestars?

Not finished yet and wouldn't work in what I have planned

Can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

If they come from post-part (or death), then Johnny may or may not have a bit more trouble adapting to his new legs

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When are you going to be updating this story?

Hm.....when I hammer many things out. But it will be updated

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Hey uh... I really don't mean to be THAT guy... but... I really like this fic, is it gonna be updated soon, perhaps...?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off as rude, I'll leave now...

I really hope you can get back to this story. You still need to introduce the most fabulous and OP of Jojos!

Bracing for Alicorn Stand User.

(Yeah, I see the alternate explanation, but I can't help but apply JoJo plot logic to it instead.)

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I hope this continues too

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Dude, he stood in front of Joseph

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KO PLEASE continue this story it so Awesome and I want to see more Jojo's and to see this great evil, also to know wat will happen to them in the end of the Adventure.

KO please say this story isn't dead it's so beyond awesomeness.

It's not dead, it's on hiatus

Ko that's good to know so when will the next chapter come this story is extremely awesome I and every pony else wants to know what happens next.

Ko so when's the next chapter of this awesome story.

Let the mindf-king begin!

So that would mean only alicorns or unicorns with strong magic could preserve Stands.

Speciest comment. Jotaro just proved that an earth pony can preserve Stands as well.

6366787 KO PLEASE say that the next chapter is coming SOON, I can't take the waiting any longer. To see all the Jojo's united and fight the evil they must defeat. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:


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I hope not


We're talking about a world where ponies can talk, mythical creatures are real, where individuals can have jobs where the weather is physically managed, where the Power of love is capable of knocking a whole army of shapshifters across the literal continent, and where mirrors can lead to alternate dimensions. Twilight seeing stands dosn't seem too far fetched if you take into account of the type of forces that run the land of equestria and the world it lies on.

I give no fucks that it is cancelled this story has earned its way onto my favorites bookshelf on the execution thus far.

There is also the possibility that she has a dormant stand.

....there is a Hiatus status for stories.... You.... DID know that right?

It'd be pretty epic if you came back bro.

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