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It's been a long time coming but it was done. Twilight Sparkle had worked up the courage to ask out one of the most desirable mares in Ponyville, Aloe. Now can she pull it off and keep her or just screw it all up?

Proof-readCo-Authored by: Song Coyote

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This shipping is... As you might say rare. As a matter of fact I haven't found a story of these two in a relationship (apart from this one).

*sees new story by fusion fool*

Dis gun be good

*sees that it's rated teen*


I don't even... what?

All jokes aside, this looks fun and I shall read it shortly.

5474087 Oh Boy! My First Story to be approved by Twilight Sparkle, dood!

5474516 I gotta be honest, I do find it odd how no one really writes mushy romance about the Spa Ponies, most of them are just 'I'm gonna massage your back with my hooves and then massage your dick with my pussy if you get an erection for the back massage and I picked Twilight because it's me, dood.

5474883 I do that sometimes, dood. Have you seen My first fanfic on this site? it's just me trying to make Twilight great and failing at it with weak comedy and dead prinnies, dood... And a poorly made villain that I wanna promote but I still need to work on it. But I can see the surprise considering when people see 'Fusion Fool the Third' they expect to see Twilight eating cereal while Pinkie and/or Trixie are sucking her dick under the table and Applejack waiting patiently for her turn, dood.

I've decided to try some more innocent this time, dood. I hope you enjoy it.

5474907 FIRST ONE EVAR!?!?! :pinkiegasp: unacceptable you must have another. twilight is best pony

5476636 It's the first time I saw a stamp like that on one of my stories, dood.... though the comment section of my other stories are too long for me to track down, dood.

5476649 :rainbowlaugh: im not surprised lol you're stories are just too awesome

I think it was a really good story. Especially when she took care of the asshole... never mess with a pony who spends her days turning others into puddy. Seeing as it was from you I was kinda expecting an extra or two but I still like how it ended. More stuff like this would be nice to read.

5477488 Thanks, dood. Though I must ask about that 'extra', what do you mean from that, dood? I'm still not super into the know-how of the net, dood.

technically royalty through her brother’s marriage?

That's… not even close to how it works.

5479019 He's a bouncer, give him a break... as well as me because I'm that dumb to not know that... plus... ehh... MAGIC, dood!

It's a common thing I see, though admittedly I constantly get corrected on my usage or Majesty vs Highness.

Also, I am a little confused where this fits in re:time line. Twilight isn't an alicorn (i.e actually a princess herself) but she knows who Cheese Sandwich is. Or is this alt-universe where she never became an alicorn?

5479034 Cheese Sandwich was Post Alicornhood? (Looks it up) SHIT, you're right, dood!

I'll go change that, dood.

EDIT: I change Cheese Sandiwhc to Prince Blueblood because Blueblood is a joke, dood.

Dropping Cheese sandwich, or MA Larsoning this story :raritywink:

5479041 Easier to drop the sandwich, I'd have to edit a lot to show Twilight's wings, dood.

After all the porn I read from you I am a little surprised to find this.

Damn good surprise, it was hella sweet.

5479005 You are the king of Futa-Twi as far as I've read. It's a little anticipated when I see an update from you that Twilight's gonna be packing a dick. But even if she isn't that doesn't make this any less good. Still loved it. Stories like this makes the non-clop parts of Misadventures and House Sparkle shine brighter to me.

5479332 I think we're ALL surprised to see something that isn't clop come from me, dood.

5479585 OH, yeah... you can probably pretend that a week form the story's thing that they decide to have sex and Twilight's packing one, dood. I'm not gonna write it but I'm gonna think it loudly because it's me, dood.

Very nice story you have here, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Very nice work!

The first time I saw dood in this, or rather any time I see dood (not just your stories) I think of prinny...
I don't think I will ever forget them...

Oh and I loved this story ! It's amazing.
You do the spa twins story (every one wants to fuck them but not love them) and someone says do this story, and you, with help, make an amazing story that does the opposite of your story.

Keep up the amazing work, dood!

5992548 I figured even the Spa ponies need some love that isn't all lustful, dood. I just never really thought about it until it was mentioned.

And that's another person that knows what 'dood'; is without yelling at me for saying I spelt it wrong, dood.

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