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Fusion Fool the 3rd

The self-appointed leader of the Twilight Sparkle Fan Club - Netherworld Branch (Please don't tell Titania, dood)


I, Fusion Fool the Third, as well as 4 accomplises, have discovered a way to enter Equestria, dood.

Lots of hard work later, and now we are here to stay so that Lady Sparkle will treat us better then the demons we once served under, dood.

I shall document this historic event with my own flippers, dood!

NEW as of April 11th 2012! Next Episode segments form the Disgaea games have been included to ALL chapters and any future chapters, If I get off my lazy butt.

Safe Warning: this was written for giggles, so the sentence structure may be lacking, dood.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 194 )

Poor rarity prinny
Id help clean but i'll just let the AJ prinnies do that.:moustache:

hey dood, dood.:derpytongue2:
I'll be tracking it dood.

Oh dear lord, the lost souls of the neather world entering equestria... You...You have my attention.

Wonder what Etna is up too?

I love it :twilightsmile: i'm a fan of Disgaea and frankly i would like to see more crossovers like this.


...this could work.

ha! haha! I approve of this good sir! I approve with this with full shenanigans!

Sweet Celestia, it has 10 comments already dood?
331798 I smile everytime someone does, dood.
331806 I take it it doesn't go well with your tea, dood?
331810 Don't worry too much, :ajsmug: prinnies do that sort of thing all the time, as for the one :raritywink: prinny, he is better now, too bad he's lv. 1 again, dood.
332005 Hey dood, You gave me a third peg-leg by doing that dood.
332021 I admire your passion dood.
332112 Not a single thing could go wrong with just 5 prinnies, could it? and Etna can suck it cause I serve Lord Valvatorez:ajsmug:, but i'd rather serve Twilight, dood.
332251 I thank you and NIS for your comment dood.
332340 That sums up what I thought when I finished writing the whole chapter dood, and when I overuse the word 'dood' despite the fact that I have to, dood.
332524 I hope it does, dood.
332533 Bah, no shenanigans, dood, we prinnies will serve Twilight Sparkle as if she was paying us TWO sardines per 20 hours.

That was more fun then I thought, dood.

332624 you haven't overused the word dood.
Prinny rule #1 all prinnies must say dood at least once in each of their sentences

332628 I hate that rule, dood, I spent 5 years cleaning toilets because of that rule. :twilightangry2:
332742 I hear ya, dood. :twilightsheepish:

C'mon, dood, it can't possibly be that easy for these doods to get out of everything, dood.

DOOD! Way to go to you my Penguin shaped friends. I'm happy to say you have this Chocobo's full support in your endeavors. Oh and by the way you might want to ask Miss Sparkle to fire proof you if your going to work with spike. Because he's a you know dragon and can breathe fire.

332624 the bad grammar blew my mind. Are you a troll? :(

This is probably the most epic thing I'll read in a while, Twilight Sparkle with an entourage of Prinnies! I wonder how long it'll be before she discovers the event of Prinny explosions...

333231 No, he's talking IN CHARACTER.

332819 Prinny's are second best escape artists, second after Pinkie Pie.
332821 Oh crap, Spike and Rainbow Dash, we are going to get tossed :raritydespair:
333231 No troll, dood. Just a Prinny. fyi, We prinny gotta say dood, or we get to clean toilets for a LONG TIME, dood.
333235 For our sake, dood. never.
333298 I am the character, What'chu talkin' about, dood?

Alright dood lets get ready for epic adventure dood and partys dood know what im saying dood

I shed manly tears too... Dood.

Duude, dood. I don't know about those pony dudes, dood, but the prinny doods are in for a ride, dood.

Twi's first lesson, dood?


I dood'ed all over my dood-o-meter. Buck this, I'm gonna go do an item run.

Cant wait for the next chapter dood!

333488 Oh, I know what your saying, dood. Shit will get real. I haven't figured out when though, dood.
333495 Many manly tears were shed in the making of that chapter, in the story and in reality, dood.
333590 Twilight strikes me as the kind of pony that respects the rules of others, so I think the 'dood' rule is going to stay, no prinny wants to scrub toilets cause thier pony master doesn't like the fact they gotta say 'dood' all the time.
333696 Indeed, dood:moustache: all the ponies dig that magical amarecan booty, even though i'm caneighdian, dood.
335006 My story made you dood'ed all over your dood-o-meter? Damn I'm impressive, dood, good luck on your item run, and here's hoping that I can keep this story from becoming bad, dood.

336163 Heh, It didn't work. My team got poon-jobbied by a bad Geo spawn on the nineteenth floor. :facehoof:

Ponies and Prinnies? You have my attention, sir.

336189 Ouch, lame story dood. :fluttershysad:
342623 That just tells me I am doing somehting right, dood. :twilightsmile:
342740 I'm procrastinating as fast as my flippers can, dood :raritycry:
342921 I take it, you like it, dood? :yay:

So instead of Humans in Equestria (HiE) we have Prinnies in Equestria (PiE)? I approve.

343394 Good news, I went back in, and brought my pringer. I managed to get my knuckles up eight levels before having to return home. Woot!

I'm seriously digging this by the way, you should procrastinate more, or...You know, send Etna some pudding or something.

Anyway, I have some free time, and uh... Well, would you like for me to go over your spelling n junk? I can send you a revised version through IM. It may help...

343550 I don't dig the whole Humans in Equestria scene, dood. Except that one where it's human Twilight in Equestria avoiding her ponyself in fear of a universe destroying paradox.
343589 Congratz dood, I made the idiot choice of reincarnating the only toon I had that knew Big Bang so i can get Teir 6, I are dumb, that sad part was she was my highest at 4.5k, I lack the patience to get anything to 9999:fluttershysad:

This is without any doubt the twenty-third most random thing I have ever read.


346789 All that tells me is that I got competition, dood.
Boy, I'll never surpass them, dood.:derpyderp1:

OMG I'M LATE DOOD, SO TARDY :twilightoops:

Story by the end of the day, dood, I promosie.

Heh... I started reading this a few hours ago and it updated so soon after I finished. Nice timing on that I suppose.

A really interesting story. I think it'll be amusing when Twilight ends up getting some perspective on the fact that Level 1000 is about ten times as much power as you'd need to solo the story mode of most of the Disgaea Games. "You knocked that marauding dragon through a mountain!" "I had a baseball bat." "A MOUNTAIN!"


OMG I am SORRY, dood. My computer went out to the shitter, and I just fixed it it, went out once and I may have to buy a new tower :raritycry:

Dood, you are the god dood! (no pun intended dood) you should, make more dood!:trollestia::moustache:

Dood, I think Lady Sparkle acknowledged the existence of human brony's dude! Also, how are you sure that none of the doods that followed us are pegasisters dood?

416636 If I were god, dood, we are all screwed.
421165 I think the human thing went over her head, and there is suspicion that Super Pal is, but nah, all 5 of us dangle, dood.

sorry i never played Disgaea so i have a question. is it normal that the next episode-parts have nothing to do with the next episode?

454974 That happens alot dood and its also quite funny... to Master Etna and usually not the others dood... *gets whacked by Fusion fool the 3rd*

Huh. It serious Prinny balls to call the Princess "Molestia" to her face dood.

Fusion Fool: The Mac Attack has gone beserk, He is now after Rarity, who will safe her, dood?

Twilight Sparkle: I want a answer to my question.

Pinkie Pie: Wow, gotta say, neat how Twilight went from space detective to private investigator to dmensional super hero in the course of 3 chapters, but thats probably why we love our Mary-Sue!

I was a grammar Nazi while I was alive dood.
1. Its berserk and a full stop (.) dood, not a comma dood.
2. Its an awnser dood.
3. Its dimensional dood.

I will be scouring for more mistakes dood, beware.:trollestia:

Rainbow Dash: Can we draft some Rainbow Dash Fan-Prinnies from Hades, aswell?

1. You for got the space there dood.

Grammar nazi strikes again dood:trollestia:

Pinkie Pie: Alright, aslong as Twilight lets me be on top every once in awhile.

1. Spacing dood, spacing makes everpony happy dood.

I'm so pathetic dood *cries*:raritycry:

Twilight: Me? and the Princess? That can't happen at all, First she is a princess and I'm just her student.

Fusion Fool: Champion of Harmony and Knight of Magic, Twilight Sparkle, arrives on scene to smite the wicked Nightmare Moon back to the barren wasteland of the moon, dood

Princess Celestia: And you accuse me of being 'Molestia'

1. It should be 'Me and the Princess?' dood.
2 & 3. You forgot your fullstops (.) at the ends dood.
4. I am evil dood.:trollestia:

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