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Orbiting Kettle

I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.


This story is a sequel to I Don't Want to Grow Up

Celestia was a filly living on an isolated farm with her sister and harboring dreams of greatness. Chrysalis was a black goo poured out from a screaming wound in the walls of reality, with a weak grasp on the appropriate amount of fangs one should have. Friendship was inevitable.

Image used with permission from miszasta

Editing by the wonderful Carabas and FanOfMostEverything

Pre-reading and suggestions by bloons3

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Your description for this fic is hilariously awesome, I'll have to watch this one!

A few editing notes: You have an incomplete HR partway through, and an extraneous 'and' in the description ("and with a ..")

Thanks for pointing that out, should be fixed now.

I swear it isn't any dangerous kind of animal you can think of.

I still love the technical truth of this statement.

Glad I've been able to help. Looking forward to more adorable young royal shenanigans.



Thanks for the plug on your blog. And for the help here:raritystarry:

More chapters are, slowly, on the way:twilightblush:

Delighted to see this published, and looking forward to what follows. :pinkiehappy:

Well this was absolutely cute.
Looking forward to more of filly-Celestia using the power of friendship to save Equestria before she even knows it's in danger.

Isn't that what this whole kerfuffle is about?

Celestia has a long road in front of her, it's good that she starts early on it.

This is amazing and I want need more.

A young Sisters adventure? YES PLEASE! Tracking this one for sure.

*Hiss* *Frrrpt* *Blarp*

I'm trying to poke the writing hamsters, maybe I can make them run a bit faster.

Glad i got your attention:pinkiehappy:

Loving that sisterly affection.

I fucking love this. All of it. Every single bit.

Does goo Chrysalis count as a loli?

It's the kind of affection that comes with bruises, bite marks, and honest love.

In a very roundabout sense, when looking at it from very far away with a broken binocular and somebody screaming blasphemous chants into your ear, yeah, we could maybe say that.:pinkiecrazy:

It's more that age and morphology are concepts that for the moment don't really make sense for it.

the old creeps can sniff quicksilver and rot their brains trying to summon Mares or Stallions of the Night which will do them no good at all anyway because they are old farts who don't even remember how a pony is made because they passed their time looking at dusty old tomes instead of simply going out and talk to others.

Hello fellow Prachett fan!

what if she's poisonous?

If Shogothalis is poisonous, then you should not bite her. If she is venomous then you should not let her bite you!

You can't keep that… Tia, why are you weird?

Luna gets her revenge later


Hello fellow Prachett fan!

Damn, he's onto me...

If Shogothalis ispoisonous, then you should not bite her. If she isvenomousthen you should not let her bite you!

The distinction is lost on her, for the moment.

Not that Celestia, once she learns about the difference, won't tease her for it.

Also, never underestimate the risk of poison in something capable of impersonating a pudding.

Luna gets her revenge later


and then they can stay out of everyponys mane and the sane ponies can do the jobs that have to be done while the old creeps can sniff quicksilver and rot their brains trying to summon Mares or Stallions of the Night which will do them no good at all anyway because they are old farts who don't even remember how a pony is made because they passed their time looking at dusty old tomes instead of simply going out and talk to others. And that Bog Witches are all proper mares because they dance naked under the moon."

This has to be a Discworld reference. Primarily from The Color of Magic, if I don't miss my guess.

This is all quite fantastic and wonderful so far. It is strange and amusing to see Luna being the less crazy one.

Also, I think Blep would make a lovely name for a female ooze.

Well, this promises to be... something.

I'd say I hope Celestia knows what she's getting into, but it's plain she doesn't.

I think it was actually Wyrd Sisters.


I'd say I hope Celestia knows what she's getting into, but it's plain she doesn't.

Isn't that the definition of growing up?

This (and the pre-sequel) are adorable.:rainbowkiss: Please continue.

Proto Chrysalis is an adorable Gribbly Thing from Beyond the Veil, isn't she?

It's strange to find a story that can be both somewhat horrifying and also adorable. But here it is.

A tear rolled down her cheek, then another one, and another one.

And then something soft and strangely warm wiped them away.

Celestia blinked.

In front of her was the — was Slimey, one thick tentacle extended and carefully patting her on the cheek, looking at her with those strange, malformed eyes.

That is the most heartwarmingly adorable thing involving an eldritch horror that I've ever seen.

Ah, cats. Nature's high-strung bastards that invited themselves in and are too cute to throw out.

Cats are wonderful. If you want to learn how to be a properly arrogant bastard, follow their example. They can teach dignity and grace with just a step.

Plus, anything that considers claws as a diplomatic tool can't be too wrong.

Yay, Griffies!

D'awwww, that was just adorable. And creepy. But mostly adorable.

Ah, yes, cats, nature's bastards.

'A bucket floated up behind here.' - her

Not the mousies!

That conversation with Donna Copper Horn may have saved the entire universe if it's what leads Celestia to being able to continue developing the friendship, what with its accompanying effect on Chrysalis' future outlook on things.

More or less, yes.

That means I 've done my job correctly.

The cuddle-factor of unearthly horrors is vastly underestimated.

Any creature that can face-plant and then walk away like it was all planned deserves some kind of admiration.

Thanks for the catch.

At the end of history, it's the little things that make us what we are.

Despite Disney et al's portrayal, mice are destructive, vicious beasties. A good mouser/mousers could spell the difference between life and death on a rural farm, preventing swarms of mice and rats from devouring all the crops and stored food and spreading disease and parasites. If Shogothalis could be trained to hunt and eat rats and mice in a humane fashion, I would imagine Copper Horn would welcome her with open hooves as the proverbial better mousetrap...


Nature's high-strung bastards that invited themselves in and are too cute to throw out.

See there is your problem. You are labouring under the mistaken delusion that you own the house rather than acting as a majordomo for the true lord or lady of the domicile. Your presence is only suffered because your owner has not figured out how to operate a can opener with paws...

My goodness, that was the most adorable moment with a tentacle blob (and minotaur!) I've ever seen.

this universe, so far, has the best explanation for everything changeling-related and how Chrysalis came to be that I have read, to date

also, definitely would love to read more from proto-chrysalis's perspective
and what's this "prison of dead meat" that's been referenced twice now, and why does chryssi think celestia imprisoned her in it?

Don't forget that mice in Equestria also behave more harmoniously, by not eating too much and not carrying diseases when they can avoid it))

8652948 Iz wudden bukket! Hiss! Iz evilsz! Hard to gets out! Swing bak and fourth, make dizzie!

The Great Cheddar Agreement, which finally established peace between mice and Farmers, would only be signed centuries later, and after long (multi-generational on the mice's side) talks. It would be the dawn of the Golden Age for the rodents, and of retirement for cats who had fought a long and bitter war before.

It also created the base for the employment of mice as intelligence assets, a role they still cover today for ceremonial reasons, as it was soon discovered that they were exceptional in discovering the contents of the pantries of their targets. Other kinds of information tended to be lackluster and of dubious quality.

I'm trying:raritywink:

What Georg said.

You expressed it beautifully:raritystarry:

Yay, blob!Chrysalis is learning feelings and sympathy and stuff!

It's strange how a story set in a sugarbowl world of happy ponies has a better understanding of omnivorism than some of the students at my university (you know the ones). Humans evolved with the capacity to eat meat, which is the best single source of all essential amino acids (not to mention it tastes really good). I can enjoy a hamburger or a pulled pork sandwich with a clear conscience, and no vegan SJW is gonna stop me. The prosecution rests.

What an adorable eldritch abomination.

There are actually important ethical arguments for veganism, vegetarianism and for the responsible consumption of meat (not the same arguments for all three of this propositions, obviously), but I somehow doubt that the comment section about a filly and her fanged blob is the proper venue where to discuss them:twilightsmile:

She is, isn't she?

The is the cutest story that I've ever read :)


Such unqualified praise seems a bit exaggerated:twilightblush:

If my calculations are correct, then this chapter should go up just in time for breakfast on the East Coast.

So this whole story is implying that the gooey thing is chrysalis, right?


Yizz, Slimey iz goin too b Chrizzy

Also did she just become a tree?

To cute not to have more :yay:

What 8660552 said.

Answers will come, I promise it.

Thanks, and it's in the works.

"so stupid it beggars believe"
"so stupid it beggars belief"?

"subsequent dust-cloud didn't much to dampen it"
"subsequent dust-cloud didn't do much to dampen it" or "subsequent dust-cloud didn't much dampen it"?

"For an instant, the plateau knew peace in immobility"
I'm not sure what you mean by "plateau" there.

Thanks for the catches.

Plateau was intended as a scene, and it came from me messing up words in different languages and then going for something unrelated:facehoof:

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