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Everything is as it appears. Do not question the backstory behind the curtain.


Ponies are like those weird experimental dishes my broodmother sometimes makes: really interesting and probably good for a story, but never the type of thing I’d want to poke, for fear it might take off my hoof. I already learned my lesson the first time something I ate came back to haunt me. Sure, they're flavorful, but I’d like to be a bit more discerning when I’m trying to distinguish “edible” and “by-the-queen-it’s-looking-at-me.”

C-can I please leave the table?

I’m Nymph, and I'm now a changeling infiltrator.

Special shout-out to Georg for giving my chapters a final passover before publication! He is equal parts terrible and wonderful, and I am thankful for every bit of it.

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Even though I've suspected Overwatch of being a changeling snice the first Twiny story, for some reason I never considered that she wasn't the original. Very interested to see where this goes.

7292943 oh thank God I was afraid she was going to forcibly take Overwatch's place but that going to be easier for her from here I can't wait to see what happens next :pinkiesmile:

Looking good. Been hoping for some background on Overwatch for a long time now.

Ditto, I always knew she had to be a changeling. I still love her though ^^

Can't wait to see Overwatch's experiences with life in the guard and if her hive gets wiped out leaving her a solitary ling isolated from the rest.


Yep, she's been a ling since ages ago. I had a sort of story sitting in my mind for a while (which is not really a while considering that Twiny started in 2013), and it's what I've been using to characterize Overwatch in the regular series. It's been a heck of a long time before I decided to finally write it out, but I've been amusing myself with prodding the fanbase with teasers about her changeling nature.

Just a bit of trivia, but I'm sure nearly everyone missed it since there weren't any comments on it, but there was exactly one spot where I alluded to the color of her magic. How many of you remember this quote?

“Cake?” Overwatch asked, causing Celestia to jump. The guard levitated a large piece of cake in front of her, and though Celestia would have jumped at it earlier, all she could see now was green.

Oh geeze! I never even thought I thought *if i'm thinking of the right scene* Tia was just feeling sick to her stomach after having eaten Twilight

Tia was feeling sick. That's why it was the best spot to put that little hint.


I found this story disappointing. There was no clothing worn by sheep at all in this story, so the title is misleading. In fact the Changeling(?) is wearing a scarf. Sheep don't wear scarves.

I feel cheated. I went into this hoping for sheep in clothes. I left feeling lied to.

0 / 10 for this story.

But the writing was decent at least so... 7 / 10

You lose three points for lying about the sheep's clothing. .

Chrysalis seems to have forgoten the rules of "evil" overlords (I will be honest. It's almost like rules of leadership).
Evil Overlord always die in a painful and ironic way because they forgot the rules.

congrats on the feature. :pinkiehappy:

I did catch that her magic was green way back when. From the moment she said something about a taste, I was sure she was a Ling :p I've got plenty of Ling OCs of my own, though I didn't expect her to be part of Chryssi's hive... Hoping she won't be hurt in the main story when Bug Queen shows up.

Keep going dude ^_^

Interesting story :twilightsmile: Looking forward for what else is in store next! :pinkiehappy:

Man, I've been suspicious of Overwatch being a changeling since that first discussion about how the illusion magic on the armor didn't effect her. Waaaaaaaaaay back when she was first introduced, iIrc. And the nods about her enjoying other pony's emotions, and her magic colour, and literally dozens of other little clues did everything just shy of actually confirming it via word of god. And now we 'mostly' have that.

For someone watching closely, she basically jumped up and down and said 'look, I'm a changeling! LOOK AT ME!'

I like how the title refrences the classical " A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Maybe it won't be that bad...

I basically just put this story in my tracking, and voila! New chapter!

I see a distinct lack of sheeps. You lied to me!

On a serious note. Love the story.
I'm currently reading it like standalone story and not related to any other universe...Mainly because I don't know much to begin with.

7294839 I'd go with the assessments of actual changelings. Overwatch probably isn't the most qualified at distinguishing between male and female changelings, if they even have any obvious physical differences.

are... are you linking Celestia's tiny student this way? cause... so far, it would be a stroke of genius.

love it,, also, this chapter strikes me as a sad one. because of the dangers of copying the memories of another to yourself.


I'm fairly sure Nymph is a female, though only the author can state for sure.

Huh... Ok. I'm gonna just say that this situation is a lot like one I RP'd put back less than a month after the airing of A Canterlot Wedding... A friend of mine's character turned out to be a changeling that had merged with a dieing young mare, coping her memories, emotions, and life experiences in to a perfect, permanent transformation of that mare... The changeling was a Princess Tier changeling from a different hive than Chrysalis'... One based in southern Equina (South America for us).

The idea was the Queen of that hive always tested her potential heirs by making them spend 1 year each as 5 different hive positions: harvester, builder, scout, warrior, nurse. She was in her third year, scout, when she came across a mare dieing from a deep and severe pendulum blade trap in a white tent in an archeologist's camp , sampled her emotions, spoke with her for three days, and on the last day, was begged by the mare to find a way to not hurt her mentor/professor/boss (my character), who she loved...

One forbidden memory and essence transfer spell cast using the mare's emotions as a battery later and the two were one... The new Terraluna disposed of the body and took her place, later marrying my character.

Scary how similar yours is XD

Oh no, people have expectations now. :twilightoops:

I'm honestly surprised the title wasn't taken already within MLP fanfiction. I'd been using it as a placeholder for a super long time because I was certain someone would have already used it, but a quick search on FiMFiction and Google turned up nothing. It seems like it would be the perfect title for any changeling fic.

This is, in fact, semi-canon to Celestia's Tiny Student, but I reserve the right to make stupid decisions to drive this fic off the road.


And there's also another element in there that resembles something in my general plans for this fic.

:pinkiegasp: Does this mean I have to put an "all similarities purely coincidental" disclaimer on this thing?

7295343 7294839
Technically, they've never seen Nymph out of disguise. All wording on that front is completely intentional.

I made an audio reading of this. I hope you don't mind. I'm also uploading it to my youtube channel. I'm not experienced in doing fanfiction readings. I simply needed a distraction from my depression...

Here's the soundcloud link... https://soundcloud.com/user-731386981/kydios-in-sheeps-clothing-0-prologue-dirge

Don't worry about it! I'm super okay with stuff like this. :heart:

I just thought I was supposed to be super popular before things like this happened. :rainbowhuh:

7294767 I think this is the tiny Twilight continuity. Which had good elements intermixed with some really problematic fetishistic bollocks. I remember Overwatch and Steel Blade being part of the good elements, so I'm gonna follow this for now.

7295762 Here's the link to my YouTube I made for it.

I'm happy you don't mind. I'm loving the fic so far. Already prereading chapter 2. Chapter one is rendering now.

I like how this one tastes... and you're correctly splitting the drones and workers, too!

nope nope! Just means it's a nice catch for me, since we've got a similar idea playing off here ^_^ hell, if I can help at all, I'd love to assist. Maybe throw a few ideas or proof read it for you?

I love the story so far!

And as a side note, I love the Nami-Tee profile icon you are rocking, Kydois. :twilightsmile:

Wait... he? The rangers are drones? What?


I'm honestly surprised the title wasn't taken already within MLP fanfiction. I'd been using it as a placeholder for a super long time because I was certain someone would have already used it, but a quick search on FiMFiction and Google turned up nothing. It seems like it would be the perfect title for any changeling fic.

Actually, there is this one.

Though admittedly google couldn't find it either - I just was 90% sure I'd seen a similar titled story before, and went looking through my favorites folder.

Please explain, no other stories are under this author's account.
Is this related to the Tiny Twilight series?
Is this an alt account by the same author?

After some Google-fu, it looks like this is a prequel of Celestia’s Tiny Student—would I need to read that as well to enjoy this story?

Also, this chapter reminds me of the plot of Flitter and Winds of Change. Interesting to see how an idea is used in different ways.

7294466 Nice to see you here.

And yet, even as I stared at him like a cornered rabbit […]
“Something wrong? You look like a cornered rabbit. You sure you’re alright?”

Great minds think alike.

7296991 From this blog post by CommanderX5 (author of Tiny Twilight series), it looks like this story is a prequel by CommanderX5’s editor, Kydois.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Kydois’s comment above, which confirms it as semi-canon (i.e. canon until the author decides it’s not).


Oh no, people have expectations now. :twilightoops:

Don’t worry about it—it’s going great so far.

Also, (this is unrelated to the story) I’ve heard that users only get notifications if you reply on the same chapter that they commented on. Thought you might want to know that.


After some Google-fu, it looks like this is a prequel of Celestia’s Tiny Student—would I need to read that as well to enjoy this story?

Absolutely not. I intentionally kept that off the record here because as big as that story became, I didn't want people believing that they needed to read that one first before they could read this one. As a "prequel", I'm allowed a lot more freedom in what I decide to do and where I decide I want to screw canon and do what I want.

That, and spin-off/sequels/prequels of stories almost never seem to grow as big as the main story itself, and I didn't want that limiting who could read my stuff.

Your description did its job of showcasing what your story was about (as well as what your writing looks like), and now I'm here, reading your fic. Seems like good stuff so far, and this felt like part of a larger universe to the point that I was looking for prequels. Good job on the world-building and on writing believable character relationships so far. I'm looking forward to reading more.

7295762 Here is chapter 2

I really enjoy this story.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

If you shine it up enough and make it sparkle, you can make glass look more like diamonds than diamonds do.

Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds, because it has more to prove. :)

You just got a thumbs up and a tracking!:pinkiehappy: And a favorite.:twilightsmile: ... And... a read later...:twilightblush: Because having those categories be different sizes irks me for some unknown reason.:rainbowderp:

Well. I now find myself deeply invested in Nymph's story.

Still looking forward to more!

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