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Ponyville: Seven.

Crystal Empire: Four.

Canterlot: Two.

Thirteen loyal, and herself, against all of Equestria, and her own traitorous brood.

Chrysalis can work with that.

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Well, this might be interesting.

Excellent use of the finale's loose ends. Though really, trying to destroy intelligence on changelings is kind of a moot point with the majority of them playing for the other team. And if they think burning books will make Twilight Sparkle want to kill them less...

Yeah, this is not going to be enjoyable for these 'lings, to say nothing of the two who were supposed to be moving the sun and moon. I can only imagine what they're going through. Still, this should be a very compelling read.

The last of Chrysalis' loyalists. She's going from a queen, to the leader of a gang of brigands.

"We are the last true Zentradi!"- Khyron,

Good chap, but gotta question the changeling method of burning books if equestria can talk to the rest of the hive, then not only would it be pointless, Twilight would hunt them down like dogs. then again it seem only chrysalis knows napoleon famous saying 'An Army Marches on it stomach." since it heavily implied she purposely kept them starve to make them more controllable.

man. i wish i could read this. but i just can't read or watch dark things. or thrillers. they give me ulcers.

I wonder how the Changelings that infliltrated the Crystal Empire are doing. They are the furthest away.

And the two that took the places of Celestia and Luna... how exactly where they going to manage the whole "raising the sun and the moon" thing I wonder?

7665714 People seem to forget that unicorns used to raise and lower the sun and moon. Two changelings supercharged with love from adoring ponies could likely do it, especially if it's in tandem with the others.

Also going to follow this story. I have a feeling Chrysalis' little group is going to go pretty barbaric later on.

7665768 Or they just send the love to Chrissy, and she does it. Which seems more likely to me, as she's most likely better able to handle that much power, and she probably wouldn't want someone else storing up enough juice, as then they could challenge her...

Uh... there are only three Lings' in the Empire, aren't there?

7665069 I was going to say, yeah.

Then again, even though there's no -good- reason to piss Twilight off this way, spite often doesn't need one of -those-.


Dose this mean something?
or is it a typo?
or is it a name?

According to Thorax yes, Impersonating the royal family there.

And two more in Canterlot, impersonating Celestia and Luna.

7668819 So... 7 in Ponyville, 2 in Canterlot, and 3 in the Empire...

That's 12...

7668822 Four in the Crystal Empire.

7669920 But they only took Cadance, Shining and Flurry Heart

No, they also took Sunburst. At least that's what Thorax said. The total at the Crystal Empire is 4.

A good start to this fic. I look forward to more of the adventures of these loyalist lings.

7672816 Thorax said Sunburst sent him to Ponyville to get Twilight's help

"Back up the plumbing," Rainbow suggested. "It won't stop them, but it will make them more irritable.

First burning Twilight's books, then that. She will skin you alive...

A moment later, the only creature in the room was the dead black beetle on the table.


Go, changelings, save your brethren and restore your kind's glory!

To be honest, brainwashing would explain why all those changelings suddenly decided to betray their mother who led and cared for them for centuries, without a moment's hesitation.

It's not actually stated that Sunburst was kidnapped, and indeed, when the kidnappees are all freed at the end of the finale, Sunburst is not among them. So whoever the mysterious "fourth" kidnappee might be, I highly doubt its Sunburst. But then that leaves me at a loss as to who it could be...unless one of the changelings took the place of Thorax after he left the Empire, just to insure the crystal ponies don't get too suspicious.

Or the fourth didn't replace anybody, and was just there as an "extra" to help pull off the infiltration...

7674848 Except Thorax doesn't have that ability, and even if he did, he couldn't have brainwashed the entire hive in the space of a few seconds.

7760013 We don't know whether he does or doesn't have it and then the other explanation is that they are all traitorous bastards who change allegiance on a moment's notice.

7760551 They changed allegiances because they didn't want to be starving any more. Chrysalis couldn't give that to them.

Interesting premise.

Of course Chrysalis would use deception and lies to keep her remaining subjects on a leash.

It's not gonna be pleasant for them; surrounded by the enemy, 'ling and pone alike... and constantly watching eachother for signs of betrayal...

...You know, I wonder how all those classic changeling fanfiction setups ("Changeling falls in love with a pony", "X is secretly a changeling / X is turned into a changeling") would play out now, after the season 6 finale. :rainbowderp:

I doubt Thorax was the only changeling to ever leave the Hive. Just the most successful one.

And... wouldn't anyling who fell in love with a pony already have metamorphosized on the spot, possibly even before Thorax ascended?

If so, Bonbon must've already become a Queen long ago. :trollestia:

7760624 But she just gave them that. They were in total control, they had the Princess of Food and her progeny.

7822521 Did you miss the part about how they were perpetually starving? Stealing love couldn't quell their hunger. Sharing it did the trick. But Chrysalis didn't even consider that an option.

Hmm. You know, out of curiosity... would you per chance have any idea how your typical classic "one of the mane 6 is secretly a changeling" stories would play out now, in light of season 6 canon and the season 6 finale?

It just feels like... that sort of story wouldn't work anymore. :derpyderp2:

And I am still hoping to be proven wrong. :derpyderp1:

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