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Family is a complicated thing, it comes with all sorts of expectations, hopes, and unsolicited advice.

It also implies an abundance of drama, this time involving a Changeling Queen, an unlucky messenger and, at least tangentially, a rubber duck.

Cover art used with the permission of the awesome Kp-ShadowSquirrel.

For editing, pre-reading, and enduring me, in no particular order, thanks to: Carabas, Themaskedferret,
MrNumbers, Fenton, FamousLastWords and Aeluna.

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Okay then.
*thinks about it*
You know what? This is good. Have a star.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't this, and I liked it! :rainbowlaugh:

That ending sold it for me !

I'm glad you liked it, warms the dead and shriveled husk in my chest:twilightsmile:

I'm eager to surprise:pinkiehappy:

She will have words with the designers. It may also involve denying pudding privileges for a week or so, just to show how serious she is.

I don't remember helping with this one, but that's probably my failing mind.
I like the new additions, they fit perfectly.

I should've known I was in for a treat at "the usual six dimensions." This was fantastic! Easily the best interpretation of Chrysalis I've ever seen. I especially love "enough sugar to kill a pony" as a hyperbolic metaphor, and the perils of underrehearsing the wedding. Thank you very much for this.

Oh, and for those wondering, the 6534th prime is 65419.

You helped indeed. You went over the first rewrite.

Glad you liked it, I had a lot of fun with this. Enough to start working on a prequel:twilightsmile:

I have absolutely no idea what just happened.

The only thing I know for certain is that this needs the Random-tag.

Have my upvote.

I have to admit I'm not too fond of the Random tag, but I will consider it.

And thanks for the upvote

"We pulled it off, let's celebrate that." And just a bit of malice. "But first, bring me the 'lings responsible for the new design, we shall have words."


Chrisalis has an eldritch mother who she needs to fool. Ergo, the failed wedding invasion and other seemingly stupid behavior.

Her sense of style was deeply offended. It complained all the night about it, and Chrysalis had to eat it in the morning to get some rest. Now she is growing a new one, but is considering to keep it sheltered for a while. A trauma in the early stages of development could hurt it.

I enjoy this concept. It not only explains WHY she is so incompetent, but also why she remains the only Villian to not reform after 4 Episodes. Nightmare Moon reformed after 2, Discord 3, Trixie 2, Sombra has only had 2 Episodes, only Chrysalis has not felt the magic of Friendship.

It put a smile on my face and I am sad it took me this long to read it.

A Sequel where its all explained to Twilight would be amusing....especially since it would be after the "Final Assault."

Glad I made you smile, that means actually quite a lot to me:pinkiehappy:

A prequel is in the works, but will take a lot of time (I?m slow and full of ideas). As for a sequel, I have something there, but I'm not sure if I will append it here o if I should make it a short story of its own. Still, it should be something that will see the light of the day soonish (a month or two, I hope).

This was insanely great stuff! I'm a huge mark for Chrysalis anyway.....

Glad you liked it.

I'm a huge mark for Chrysalis anyway.....

She is quite the huggable bug, isn't she? Or at least she is once you put a cork on that wicked horn of hers.

Denied pudding?!


Also, this was funny. Have a moustache! :moustache:

Snrk, oh, that was great. And explains so much.

You should totally write more about this version of Chryssie. Eldritch rebellious teenager. XD

Why yes, tubby wubby bug horse waifu is my favourite character.

Have you seen the design? Chryssi has been magnanimous, as it would require something even worse, like, no Karaoke night for two weeks.

She has her moments, and a couple of pretty good speechwriters and choreographers.

"It's a wonder we sold the current situation already, with all the stories about needing spawn pools."

I was wondering why this sentence seemed so familiar, when I realised that I was mentally replacing 'spawn pools' with 'overlords'.
"Spawn more overlords!"

Nice way of creating Zµʁʁ!ʞʇʇ's name with the reversed/flipped characters. Very refreshing.


I was wondering why this sentence seemed so familiar, when I realised that I was mentally replacing 'spawn pools' with 'overlords'.
"Spawn more overlords!"

Well, it's more or less the same thing, just with more cuddling and cake.

Glad you liked it:pinkiehappy:

What an interesting and unexpected take on how Chrysalis and the changelings work.

Okay, this was definitely unexpected. Chrysalis and her hive, playing the part of villain for the fun and for the good of all?
It sorta makes sense. And Celestia really does have a thing for excessive drama. Rarity has nothing on the Big Marshmallow! :trollestia:

I had to find a good reason why she pulled off perfect plans and fumbled the final phases.

If we consider Thorax's betrayal, one can apply the Canterlot rule:
Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is friendship in action.:trollestia:


It sorta makes sense. And Celestia reallydoeshave a thing for excessive drama. Rarity has nothing on the Big Marshmallow!:trollestia:

You don't improvise 2000 years of being hammy. That's dedication and hard work. Now, if she only improved her acting...

I have that old, silly Toys-R-Us jingle stuck in my head now...

I don't want to grow up!
I'm an Elder God mare!
I don't want to eat this universe
I wish to live there!

I didn't know that jingle.

It's... it's just perfect.

Who's an adorable eldritch abomination!

Man, Celestia and Luna have been trolling ponies so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

This isn't a chapter, ya dingus! :rainbowwild:

True, but in my obnubilated mind it was the easiest way to notify people that there is a kind-of-not-really-sequel.

But they trolled them for the greater good. Or that's the story they are sticking to.

Surprisingly good. Too bad the nature of the character limits the story.

I'm glad you liked it.

Too bad the nature of the character limits the story.

How so?


If the story is "chrysalis is actually an eldritch horror" then the story has to focus on someone else or cannot be described to the audience.

Oh, well, yes, I agree that telling a story in first person with her would be, saying it euphemistically, challenging. But, considering the genre and other workarounds, I'm confident of being able to get something more out of the setting.

8529468 I would wager Tirek will never reform either.

He not only rejected friendship, he rejected his own family. His entire personality is about power and domination. Much like Chrysalis, in fact. And Sombra.

"Luna will come for the Gorefest?"

Isn't that the Gorbfest, where they devour ponies alive and absorb their souls or something like that? :pinkiesick:

No, no, it's the Gorefest. It involves trashy Grifonian exploitation movies and tons of junk-food.

8667273 So, basically a gathering of nerds watching horror movies? :rainbowlaugh:

No, it's the Gorefest.

It sounds more cultural.

It explores a niche of the cinematic art.

Shut up:fluttershbad:

8668672 Hmph. I'm part of a much more refined and dignified social clique.



i can't help but think of that silly old fan-comic "when villain win" by Vavacung:
especially that line "i can't be a good villain if i win!"

I didn't know that comic. Now I do and am happier for it. Thank you!

How have I not seen this wonderful, glorious, marvelous work before now?!? It requires up-doots and faves!:rainbowlaugh:

Well now. I read Bug on a Stick before this, and this is quite fun. I'm kinda scared to imagine one of Chrysi's siblings showing up, though.

And since she is really an eldritch being, I'm kinda scared of what'd happen given the...wrong mental state, and her outlasting people she rather likes.

Or as Changeling Space Program puts it, A Really Bad Day.

Well, it was all done to avoid a Really Bad Day, and up until now it's working:twilightsmile:

And, realistically, every new day on which existence continues is a little victory.

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